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Meet Orange County Personal Fitness Trainer: Ellen Wragge

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ellen Wragge.

When Ellen moved from Montana to pursue her training for the Comprehensive Pilate Certification under the renowned Rael Isacowitz at B.A.S.I. (Body Arts and Science international), which is located in Costa Mesa she had no idea how she would establish herself in LA’s relatively saturated market, but she knew she wanted to stay small. A few gym based Pilates studios asked her to direct their in house studios but she wanted to make a break with the environment where bringing in numbers were more important than the quality of the client relationship with the trainer.

“I had sold everything – house and belongings – in Montana to make this change and I was determined to see it through, success or failure.Fortunately, as I worked out of my spare bedroom with a few clients another group of people with home studios started to refer me to their friends and my business took off.”
In 2008 Triad Yoga and Pilates in Irvine hired her to teach mat classes at their small privately owned studio. Mark Devenpeck, one of the owners showed encouragement for her teaching style and ability to communicate effectively with the students. Her next transition happened two years ago when she asked to rent a space for her business within the Triad studio as their visions have complimented each other for 8 years.

“My studio has transitioned from a spare bedroom to a beautiful, mirrored space where I have additional equipment and can train a growing clientele. I have had the fortune to train clients from all over the world and ex-athletes as well as those with chronic injuries. My practice is always solving the puzzle in front of me and thus is never boring. I believe that my gift, or strength, is the ability to weave all the facets of my work related past into my present situation. Plus, I never give up!”

We were really impressed by the fact that she has purchased ALL of her own equipment large and small without any assistance (no sponsors or investors). She shared that “this process has taken awhile but makes me value what a great setup I now have. I continue to renew my Personal Trainer certification with continuing education credits and this year completed a certificate as an orthopedic exercise specialist.”

Ellen isn’t just a fitness professional – she’s an inspiration to entrepreneurs in LA and elsewhere.


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