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Meet Nohely Olvera of Beyond Unstoppable in Long Beach

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nohely Olvera.

Nohely, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My story starts as long as I can remember my childhood, I was born in Paramount, CA and I was raised in Mexico for the first half of my infancy. I was introduced to a whole new world by my parents and it was the happiest time and the most loving memories I have. From learning how to write and speak fluently in Spanish to learning about my culture and my roots to again discovering a whole new world back to where I was born. It has been one of the most difficult times I had to experience growing up; going to school as the new girl was already terrifying but being “the new girl” that didn’t know how to communicate in English was even worse! I was in third grade but I still remember the feelings, and I have a crystal clear vision in mind of how it was for me going through that phase in my life. Feeling anxious to learn English to be able to communicate the way that I wanted to express every single feeling that I felt and owning my power to just speak my mind in my own way!! Seeing how my mommy (as I call her) started from scratch to give my siblings and myself a new way of growing up was everything to me.

Even though I didn’t really understand how and why our lives changed so drastically I went with the flow and just trusted my mother, I trusted our process and more importantly I trusted my own process and myself. Jumping from school to school and place to place, meeting different teachers and classmates I slowly but surely started to get in my zone and not only was I understanding this new way of living but also English, by the time I was in fifth grade we had moved once again; but that was my chance to start fresh! To challenge myself and do this thing I saw as an opportunity to commit to myself that I was going to speak the way that I wanted and that I was not going to tell anyone that I didn’t know how to fully speak English (funny I know) but at that time it was life changing for me. I learned that I can really set myself up for success and so I did. I was just really tired of my previous classmates having to translate everything for me.

I was tired of kids making fun of me for not knowing how to speak proper English, and that just pushed me harder to learn and grow! I confidently started speaking English and bring my hidden greatness from within, I had the heaviest accent you can think of but I didn’t care, and I wasn’t aware. My fifth grade teacher (Mrs. Wilson) would always compliment me for it and so I learned to embrace it- and just like that I went on to middle school and high school owning my inner power, and I quickly learned that speaking was one of my greatest assets; that speaking is my strongest tool and gift that I have.

I now understand why it was so important for me to use the opportunity I had, I went from never having to translate anything to my mom to translating way more than I thought I could. I turned out to be my mother’s guidance in English and to always being asked for help when she needed me to translate anything she couldn’t. It made me feel great! I was giving back a little of everything she had done for me.

As I currently stand here today I know all possible experience I have been through has shaped me and my character, it has proven to me that every single thing that can be seen as a low point is just a turning point to more opportunities, lessons, and growth. I’m able to utilize my voice as a tool of empowerment, as a true asset to speak up for my beliefs, my deepest thoughts, perspective, and it gives me the power to translate my true passion through other women.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Nowhere close to being a smooth road, but I’m grateful it hasn’t been terrible. I am a true believer that every rocky road leads to amazing destinations and every struggle leads to amazing results and oh boy, have I learned! Asides from adapting myself with two completely different worlds as part of my childhood, I also discovered a drastic change in my life at 14 years old. I had been diagnosed with Lupus; a chronic autoimmune disease that attacks your own tissues and organs like the joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain just to name a few. It was a very devastating phase in my life and I was in a state of mind filled with doubts and fear, it was filled with the most famous questions of “Why me?” “Why is this happening to me??” I was confused. I was losing my head and I was losing my hair (literally) and I had no idea how my life was evolving into the unknown, and how I had no choice than to just go with the flow and pretty much get used to it; as I thought at the time.

From my teenage years to adulthood I learned that every circumstance was defined by my perspective, self-awareness and more importantly my will and desire to change the pattern, specially going through a chronic illness that is mean to stay in your life to give you every symptom you can think of and to challenge you in every way possible. It took me years of desperation, loneliness, tears, sleepless nights, pain in every part of my body to make a decision for myself and simply detach myself from this illness as I prefer to call it- to take responsibility and start a new journey, a new beginning, and a new way of living, alongside with my fiancée Miroslava. A person who has helped me transform my life and whom has taught me to see life through a new lens, a healthier one. In this process of becoming the healthiest version of myself, health took a toll on my life once again! I was detected with two ovarian cysts in each ovary; I had never experienced so much pain as I did with these 6 cm cysts, it was excruciating pain and countless hospital visits. The biggest struggle I had was to depend on my fiancée to do ANYTHING from showering to putting my socks on.

It was extremely hard to cope with the simple fact that I didn’t have power over my situation than to just be patient, take Norco pills, and pray to God. As I look back, I truly see everything I have gone through as a lesson learned, but I see this painful phase in my life as a blessing in disguise. God gave me the opportunity to go through my lowest points in my life to appreciate the wonders of life, of my gift- my voice. Seeing my mother struggle as she did, deciding to be a single mother because she knew her worth because she knew my siblings and I were not a shoelace to tie her into a relationship was tremendously empowering to me. I always grew admiring that from her, as I grew into my early 20’s I knew I had a different perspective of life, relationships, and boundaries. It wasn’t always like this though, but I decided to challenge myself, I decided to be the voice many women need in their life, in their moments of desperation, in the same moments that I went through- and that I am still learning from myself and life.

I am still working on traumas I was unconsciously aware I had went through. The healing journey is a whole life process of its own. My advice to women and just anyone reading this really is to work hard on yourself first before you work hard on anything else, have the courage to follow your gift, your intuition, and have the will to transform your life with a new perspective, mindset, and awareness. God and life has allowed me to live my present in a new way of less pain, less symptoms, less doing what doesn’t move me and I have started to live my life with more of everything I actually do love to do, and I’ve learned to detach from the outside world and connect with myself more than ever before. I have been in remission for almost two years now, and I couldn’t be more grateful for life, my support system, and god almighty.

Please tell us about Beyond Unstoppable.
Throughout my self-discovery journey and truly finding out what I am passionate about, I came to a realization of using the podcast platform to speak and spread my message! This podcast birthed after going through so many struggles in my life; Beyond Unstoppable Podcast is for anyone but mainly focused on POC/WOC and the lovely LGBT community to Empower, Heal, and Conquer together! It’s meant to bring awareness and connect through our own unique experiences, to create a massive safe environment, and for anyone interested in self-development! Beyond Unstoppable Podcast varies from personal experiences, guest speakers, life perspective, motivation, tips, and sooo much more! I talk about what I never wanted to talk about- unfiltered in English and Spanish. I am also a Life and Relationship coach on a mission to guide and help wounded women to transform their mindset and perspective in life.

I am a firm believer that no matter what the circumstances are or have been, anyone can overcome them with a brand new mindset, perspective, strength, and will. I can say I am known for always speaking my mind and the way I see life and struggles, it’s not always how everyone else thinks or sees things but to it’s an advantage to be able to jump into someone else’s shoes to understand and listen in a way I can really help in a neutral mindset. I am beyond proud of what I have created so far with Beyond Unstoppable Podcast and my mission, it’s something that pushes me to keep going and keep growing as a person to be able to empower women starting from my 12 years old sister at home. I know there’s so much more to come, so much more room for growth and expansion. I’m proud to break the old cycles in my family and create new ones! I believe my passion and heart is what sets me apart in what I do.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
My favorite memory from childhood was when I was living in San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato, Mexico. It was truly amazing and so much fun to play outside with my siblings, cousins, and neighbors! So many great memories were made in Mexico, and let’s not forget about the Christmas season, it was a whole different experience, full of color, fireworks, tons of delicious food, and of course my ultimate favorite thing to do was decorating the famous Nacimiento under the Christmas tree.

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