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Meet Nixie Marie of Nixie Dust Cleaning in Topanga

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nixie Marie.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Nixie. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
If someone were to tell me five years ago that I would own and operate a green cleaning company, I would have laughed and never believed them. It wasn’t exactly my dream to be cleaning houses. My background and what I went to school for is Fashion Design. My dream in my early 20’s was to become the next big couture designer. It wasn’t until I got my feet wet in the Fashion industry that I realized how toxic the environment and culture was. Then, the documentary True Cost came out and that really shook me to my core. I had to ask myself if I wanted to participate in one of the worlds largest waste producing industries and killing underpaid hard-working individuals.

It was a tough one for me to stomach and at that time I was going through what most would call a spiritual awakening. I had moved to Los Angeles from Orange County to pursue a design career and was working for a conscious lifestyle brand called Aliign Movement. My move to LA quickly became the catalyst for me into exploring a world beyond the veils of the matrix. Growing up in a dogmatic environment, I wanted nothing more to rebel and was drawn to anything outside of mainstream culture. I began studying Witchcraft, meditation, Feng Shui, and other healing modalities. I went on a soul searching journey with the understanding that there was so much more available to this reality than what I was taught growing up. This all led me to the discovery my true devotion lies to the great almighty Goddess, Mother Earth, Pachamama, Gaia, whatever you want to call her. I now identify as a Witch, one who communes and lives in harmony with nature.

In 2015, I began my first attempt at Entrepreneurship launching my first clothing line inspired by the ancient Goddess studies that I had explored called Goddess Jumper. This business didn’t go very far and failed going into its second year. In spite of this failure, I needed to find a way to support myself so I began cleaning homes and Airbnb’s. From what I thought to be my biggest failure in life, led me to what ultimately would be my true calling. I found joy in focusing out and being in service. I quickly realized that I could manipulate the energy in homes to clean and clear the space and provide a magical high vibe sanctuary. My clientele base started to expand and grow involving many other spiritually inclined individuals that appreciated my approach to cleaning. I began making my own organic natural cleaning products that would leave homes not only feeling shifted but smelling amazing!

Thus, leading to the birth of Nixie Dust Cleaning in early 2017. We have now grown into a small team and I train my staff on the many different layers of cleaning from the energetic to the physical. We incorporate Feng Shui principles and offer a holistic and healthy approach to maintaining a clean environment for the Los Angeles community. Don’t even get me started on how cleaning relates to the path of the Witch… okay, I will give you a one-word hint… broomstick.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
If anyone answers this question and says yes, I would love to know what they are doing. The entrepreneurial road is not smooth sailing. It is a wild beast of an ocean filled with giant swells and unsettling seas. The beauty though is when you’ve been through the storm and the clouds start to part and you see the light of the sun begin to shine through painting the most magical sunset you’ve ever seen.

It has been a journey just like I described of many highs and lows. The biggest struggle I have experienced is finding a great team and training them to represent what we are all about. Especially in California, becoming an employer can be a very costly venture. I get to always have my eye on the finances because as anyone knows in business it is so easy to spend spend spend and think that you need all the things to take your business to the next level. I learned to become much more resourceful and rely on my network in the initial stages to make sure my expenses stayed low.

I have also struggled with stepping up into leadership and becoming a boss, one that I myself would want to work for and look up to. This is no easy task because it involves always looking at myself and striving to be the best version of me. I strongly believe in heart-centered leadership where we lead from the heart and less from the ego-mind. What that looks like to me involves vulnerability, authenticity, and empowering others. I’m a big fan of Brené Brown’s work and her perspective on leadership. Our world has been dominated by a patriarchal structure and one of the ways to dismantle this is by paving a new way and leading by example. This is why I believe we are seeing so many more women step into leadership roles!

Nixie Dust Cleaning – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
Nixie Dust cleaning is a conscious green cleaning company serving residential homes and rental properties. The purpose of Nixie Dust Cleaning is to bring peace, balance, and harmony to our community by cleansing and cleaning homes. Our mission is to not only provide a space for our community to thrive but for our planet as

At Nixie Dust Cleaning we believe that the earth is our medicine and we as a team are here to share some of her best kept secrets. We say NO to chemicals, and YES to the planet. We understand the philosophy that our inner worlds reflect our outer worlds, and our homes are a mirror reflection of who we are. The work we do at Nixie Dust Cleaning is labeled “conscious” because we bring awareness into our every move by our ways of being.

We are most proud of our very own non-toxic cleaning product line, CLARYTI, that will be launched to the public in early 2020!

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
I personally define success based on how I feel every day that I wake up. At times I have felt incredibly stressed and overwhelmed realizing I have neglected my self-care and ultimately if I don’t maintain healthy habits, then nothing is successful not even my business. If I am pressing the snooze button one too many times, then that is my key indicator that something is off and I need to spend more time nourishing myself. Also, if you truly get to do what you love then isn’t that the ultimate success? Living a life where I get to play, express myself, and be surrounded by amazing people is the type of success I am aiming for these days.

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