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Meet Nikki Sammet of Leader of the Pax in Orange County

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nikki Sammet.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Nikki. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Something happened to me when I got my dog, Pax. My life flipped upside down and things that I use to hold myself back from just started to work their way to the forefront. I have always been passionate about photography, writing, creative design, and social engagement. And I haven’t always had the guts to put myself out there. Frankly, I felt I wasn’t good enough and there were so many other people doing the same thing what would make me special. I realized when I got Pax that it isn’t about what everyone else is doing, it’s about what truly makes me beam of happiness. Being an only child, I have dreamt of the day I would have sibling/best friend. Although Pax is my fur child rather than my sibling the love we share fills a piece of my heart that was always missing. He is my ultimate companion. When I am up late writing papers, he’s there. When I am curling my hair in the bathroom, he’s there. When I look down from my desk at work, he’s there. When I go to brunch with my girlfriends, he’s there.

When my husband and I decided to get a dog in 2017 we had to get prepared on bringing him home. Before Pax came home I collected blog posts, Pinterest pins, and googled endless pages about “bringing home your new puppy”. I purchased all the goods and toys before he got here and felt extremely prepared for his arrival. When Pax came home I had the fortune of working from home and was able to be heavily involved with his development. Pax has such a personality that I wanted to capture everything. Partly because my husband does not have a flexible job and I wanted him to experience what I was. So I started making videos and taking pictures of everything he would do. When I started his Instagram account, Paxthedood, I never in a million years imagined that 26,000 people would enjoy the process along with me! It continues to grow and evolve into more.

As the account grew, people asked me for advice. All of a sudden I was getting hundreds of messages about raising Pax and growing his account so quickly. I soon recognized that others would benefit from the research prior to getting him, my own life lessons while raising him and putting it all on one media platform. That’s when Leader of the Pax (LOTP) was born. It was a place where I could offer specialized coaching and education with my background in coaching, psychology, and social media.

The title, Leader of the Pax, has multiple meanings. Most of them are centered around the idea of peace as that is what his name means in Latin. Pax is peaceful being but more importantly the relationship between us created peace within myself. Leader of the Pax is truly about listening to our intuition and allowing ourselves to take the lead in our own lives. When we listen to our inner voice and follow our interests it will ultimately lead to more peace, confidence, and an overall more fulfilling life!

Once I started LOTP I marketed myself on Instagram live and through my Instagram posts. I had an opportunity to kick start and insta-live series with another woman owned company in my field and interact with the community on a larger scale. I developed my coaching program which is called, Paxology, and continue to use it with clients today.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
There is no such thing as a smooth road. It was years of me questioning my abilities, hating my jobs, feeling lost in terms of my career. I knew I wanted to be a coach and a business owner pretty much my entire life and after college I was left very unfulfilled in the corporate world. So, I ended up going to graduate school three separate times for a master’s in leadership development, another Master’s in Marriage and Family therapy, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology because I honestly thought I needed more credentials to get me to where I wanted to go. Although, extremely grateful for my education I decided this past year that being a marriage and family therapist was not in my career path. I am still finishing the PhD and will graduate in 2019. The things that came easy to me were never appreciated and the things that didn’t I considered myself less than perfect. It wasn’t until I reached my late twenties and turned thirty that I was truly able to embrace myself and all the skills I have. I believe that the biggest struggle I faced when starting Leader of the Pax was my own mindset. Once, I was able to embrace vulnerability and this was my path it all came together like it was meant to be. As I look back on my journey I am extremely grateful of the experiences such as being in two different graduate school programs while working full time as it taught me work ethic and discipline. I am grateful for the knowledge I gained in regards to working with people and developing stronger empathy and emotional intelligence. Before I started Leader of the Pax there were opportunities that I had a glimpse of what was to come, such as, starting a coaching company or a blog but never ended up following through. I realized now that it wasn’t the right time and that I needed to go through the struggles, hardships, late night study sessions, and sacrifice to prepare me for my career and own business.

Leader of the Pax – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
Leader of the Pax encourages women to discover the leader within themselves in order to find more peace within their lives. Leader of the Pax inspires, empowers, and educates women in life, business, puppy raising, and social media. What sets my coaching business apart is that I developed a specific type of coaching program. Paxology is a mix of psychology, coaching, and mindfulness. Pax which means peace in Latin is something we all aim to achieve in our lives. With my background in yoga instruction, coaching, psychology, leadership development, business development, and brand strategy, I have pulled together an eclectic approach to healing and growth in many areas of one’s life. Clients use our coaching services for different needs. Some are seeking career direction others are dealing with mental illness. The Paxology approach can benefit individuals in all different stages of life and all different needs. My favorite part of being a Paxology coach is hearing someone’s story, understanding their struggles, and collaborating on solutions to create the life they dream of.

In terms of social media, I teach influencers how to grow their Instagram accounts ranging from content creation, photo editing tips, caption writing, and how to raise one’s engagement and followers. Besides the technical aspect I educate my clients on brand identity and how to find their voice within their page. I offer one on one consulting, group coaching, and webinars. I also support small businesses with brand awareness and brand identity grow in both media and marketing. Business coaching can be done for individual business owners or teams.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
First, graduating with my master’s degree in Leadership Development was a pretty big deal as I never even thought I would even make it to college. I would say next was getting accepted into a PhD program in Clinical Psychology and truly excelling at school and enjoying my education.

In my last job I received the inspire award. This is a peer and leadership voted award and is handed out quarterly to one person. I received this award twice. First, was right when I started at the company and as of two days ago I was the recipient of the award again! What makes this second time so special is that my last day with the company was a month ago and I was chosen for the award (unknowingly) the same week I had put my notice in. I am very grateful to know that I have impacted my colleagues and leadership team at several stages of my career within that specific company.

Lastly, the proudest moment of my career was receiving my first check from my first LOTP client.

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