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Meet Nenah Bondi

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nenah Bondi.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
Ever since I was little, I’ve always been an artsy business-woman. From selling my drawings for a quarter at recess, to handmade four-leaf clover greeting cards at my dad’s coffee shop – I’ve always known how to create and share value. When college came around, my heart was drawn to the arts but I wanted financial freedom so I studied business instead. I became fascinated with marketing’s ability to shift beliefs and behaviors – but didn’t realize its full potential until being accepted into an experimental marketing program. This hands-on experience is where I fell in love with making business materials look beautiful.

Soon after, I landed an amazing marketing-design role in the partnerships department of a leading live events company. I grew such a deep appreciation there for the fruitfulness of genuine relationships, but also wasn’t a fan of many ‘big-name’ brands we partnered with. I came to understand how, through the lens of profit, it actually makes good business sense to partner with larger companies as opposed to ones that are local, family-owned, artist-owned, eco-friendly, or social justice-driven. This gave me an awareness that it is my responsibility, as an individual with full purchasing agency, to support these brands instead.

This expanded awareness was the first domino of multiple life-transitions ahead. First, I started putting intention into purchasing handmade, repairable, and socially progressive products. I also became plant-based and focused on eating the most nutritious and ethically grown food available within budget. In time, I was able to cut down on nearly all plastic from within my daily routine and began re-using containers and composting when I could. It wasn’t long before I also started becoming more conscious of my time and energy. Especially in light of our present tragedies, I could never shake the question – am I living up to my fullest potential here?

I experienced so much personal and spiritual growth right before taking ‘the leap’. I found that whenever I took time to care for myself, surround myself with positive people, and listen to the guidance which was flowing all around me – everything would fall into place. Leaving my corporate job filled me up with feelings of gratitude for all the ways in which I grew there, but I knew it was time to commit to new opportunities and step into a more expanded version of myself. Now I’m more focused than ever before. My dream is to go beyond sustainability and inspire a regenerative (rather than degenerative) culture. And even though it’s not always easy, I’ve finally reached a place of peace with ‘what is’, no matter what that might look like.

Please tell us about your art.
I offer photography, design, and motion services to purpose-driven brands. By integrating holistic approaches with intuitive abilities, I’m able to craft stimulating, effective and authentic visuals. My work is vibrant and captivating by nature. I love supporting a diverse range of local and remote clients, and feel most alive serving communities of artists, visionaries, healers, earth-lovers, and empowered women. I envision a new paradigm where we all work together to create and share new forms of wealth. To those who desperately want to help the planet, re-write the narrative, and put form to their vision – I’m at your service. I support you, believe in you, and I’d be honored to capture your magic.

As a multimedia artist, I play with a variety of mediums throughout my portfolio – but what connects everything together is a deep interest in exploring themes of consciousness. I now understand that pure consciousness cannot be truthfully defined – as it is something you must come to know through direct experience. But essentially, consciousness is an awareness of the interconnectedness, interrelatedness, and interdependence of all things. I believe broadening consciousness in all areas of life is key to awakening global change. And when aligned, conscious business is the most powerful force on Earth for creating prosperity and flourishing for all.

Do you have any advice for other artists? Any lessons you wished you learned earlier?
Sometimes it’s difficult to look to the future and experience paralysis. Not knowing where the money will come from. Not knowing who’s going to be supportive. Facing the shame and embarrassment of ‘failing’. But instead of trying to guess what the future will look like at all (it’s impossible), try to stay hyper-focused on the present. What does this moment require of me? What signs am I being shown? How do I feel? Remembering that your self worth doesn’t come from any title or accomplishment or even your talents, but comes simply by virtue of your existence. Remembering that the success is in trying, regardless of what happens. Being grateful if you have a choice in the first place, and being grateful to those who came before you and gave you the ability to choose. It’s now time to step into your power, not only individually but also collectively. Building real community means being vulnerable, asking for help, and relying on other people.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
There are many ways to support me!
• Hire Me 🙂 I am currently open to all new opportunities, so let’s co-create
• Tune into my experiences, insights, artwork, and upcoming events
• Purchase a photography print from me online or in-person
• Connect with me at a culture-shifting party around Los Angeles
• Commission me for multi-sensory pop-up installations
• Partner with me if you sell unique ethical products
• Send me a note of encouragement. Also open to pen-pals
• Hook me up with galleries, places to stay during travel, or art residencies
• Share my art and spread visions of a new world!
• Sign up for my newsletter (coming soon)
• If you enjoy spending free time outdoors and pondering the ultimate nature of reality, let’s just hang out!

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Nenah Bondi, Benjamin Gellinger

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