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Meet Nahid LaCiura of Naturaholic

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nahid LaCiura.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Nahid. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Growing up in Iran, it was typical to visit an apothecary (herbal medicine shop/doctor) for all our health issues. I was always fascinated by the aroma, texture and color of the herbs and ingredients from nature. Fast forward a few decades, after I moved to the US, I was shocked and terrified at the rate of cancer, immune deficiency diseases and serious health issues in people I knew and I worked with. I realized that modern, fast-pace life is like a curse…robbing our precious health and killing us slowly but surely. I remember reading a research article that showed over 90% of cancers are caused by lifestyle factors, including toxic carcinogens in products we use everyday.

My very first job in the United States was working for Estee Lauder which triggered my passion for skin and beauty. At the same time, I was shocked to discover how unregulated the beauty industry was and is to this day. In fact, the cosmetic and beauty industry is self-regulated so there is no organization or agency looking out for consumers and their safety. There are over 1300 dangerous chemical ingredients outlawed in Europe and Canada but in the U.S, only 11 of those have been banned so far and the remaining 1,289 ingredients are still being used in personal care products. The more I tried to avoid harmful chemicals and cancer-causing toxins, the more I realized how impossible it is to avoid them because they are in every product and even in our food. That’s why I set to study and educate myself on herbal medicine, nutrition, healthy living, natural remedies and household chemicals and toxins.

That’s how Naturaholic was born. Over the years and through much research, I developed recipes for home-made beauty and personal care products to replace store-bought products that are full of harmful ingredients. I started by selling my natural products to friends and family who were also looking for safer skin care products and little by little, Naturaholic grew to be what it is today.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
It is always challenging when you are trying to be better than the majority in the industry. Naturaholic IS NOT a mass-produced, private label line of product like most store-bought brands. Most beauty brands often use cheaper chemical equivalents to replace the natural ingredients; without worrying about the side effects of these chemicals. That’s how they can afford to spend millions of dollars on marketing. At Naturaholic, all ingredients are natural botanicals and their nutrient-packed oils and extracts. Our main ingredients are purchased in small batches to ensure freshness. Most of our products are made-to-order to maximize shelf-life without having to use toxic preservatives. All these factors drive our cost per bottle high yet we want to stay competitive. Our products sometimes cost 5-10 times more to make than a non-natural, mass-produced, private label brand. The only way I can stay competitive is to cut out the middle-man and sell directly to the consumer without the added retailer markup. And as far as marketing, my budget is almost non-existent since I prefer to invest on high quality, organic ingredients rather than marketing at this point. But I have my wonderful customers to thank for. I heavily rely on word of mouth and my customers have proven to be the best in helping me get the word out.

Please tell us about Naturaholic.
Naturaholic is an artisanal line of hand-crafted apothecary. We believe in the healing power of nature and our motto is Quality, Simplicity and Freshness. We offer high quality, organic skincare and personal care products that are natural with no toxins and chemicals. Our products are all cruelty-free and vegan and they are never tested on animals. Our natural botanical formulas work without exposing you to a bevy of carcinogens. Most of our products are made-to-order so they are fresh and they can be customized based on each customer’s skin needs. unlike big brands who are driven by maximizing profit, hence, sacrificing quality, using cheap chemical ingredients and toxic preservatives to increase shelf-life; What sets us apart is that Naturaholic is a local community apothecary that thrives through word of mouth. Quality and Freshness is what Naturaholic was born for. Unlike big brands who are driven by maximizing profit and having to respond to the demands of a global market; hence, sacrificing quality, using cheap chemical ingredients and toxic preservatives to increase shelf-life.

We recently added a line of “Yoga Bracelets” made with semi-precious stone beads and gold filled or 925 silver accents. They make beautiful, thoughtful and meaningful gifts. Wearing a beautiful stone bracelet is the best way to harness the healing power and energy of these powerful stones and metals.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
I would have started this company much earlier. I would have spread the word and tried to raise awareness much sooner. Unfortunately, it is not always under good circumstances that new customers come to me. Many of my customers are those who have recently been diagnosed with serious illnesses like cancer or an auto-immune disease. When they are undergoing a harsh treatment or chemotherapy, they are advised by their doctors to stay clear of toxins in every way they can. In most cases that’s the first time, they realize that chemicals in their skin care are carcinogenic and might have had something to do with their condition. So, they are out looking for an alternative natural product. Since there is no agency and organization out there looking out for consumer in the beauty industry, the responsibility falls on each one of us to educate ourselves and each other.


  • Prices vary per product ranging from $5-$75

Contact Info:

  • Address: 1424 E. Mountain Street
  • Website:
  • Phone: 415-794-4894
  • Email:

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