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Meet Nathan Skyhorse of The Allsphyr in Malibu

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nathan Skyhorse.

Nathan, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I ended up in LA in 2007 after a first attempt to move here in 2006 from Chicago, when a friend bailed and left me hanging in LA in which I wasn’t prepared financially for a solo investment into a move here so I ended up at my relatives in Vegas where eventually had my car stolen and most of my material possessions gone with it. This was my big reset that sent me back home to Wisconsin and then to Ohio where I ended up running a job for a top world skate ramp builder who then hired me to build X-games in LA three weeks later.

This adventure really opened up my mind to see curvature in the invisible space to make custom skate ramps that flowed seamlessly together. Then in ‘08 building the ramps again one of the awesome bro workers invited me to BurningMan and that opened up a whole new level and to all sorts of artists and builders. I should mention I can build a house from start to finish and fix pretty much anything mechanical. So I was in a new realm of possibilities. I ended up building for a bamboo company then eventually built temples and structures using raw materials for festivals and I still do this from time to time. Working with the flexibility of bamboo and nature showed me flow and how I could manipulate matter into what my mind’s eye could see. And up sprouted the geometry I discovered call The Allsphyr. Flowing, balanced structure without the use of any straight lines conventional geometry contains. Truly the geometry of Nature.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had my car stolen with all possessions in it, I’ve gone from making bank in Chicago designing and building women’s boutiques. I’ve nearly flown off a cliff in Santa Cruz, I’ve lived in the Golden Gate Park, and I’ve been without a vehicle for four years at one point living in Topanga years ago. The universe always took care of me and still does. Even at times when I have to spend all of my money on investing in supplies and have just enough money for bills, the universe has taught me to trust and know I will always be taken care of. Keep persevering and have patience as the best things in life take focus and determination. And I’m still charging forward with my evolution. Ups and downs, big waves, sometimes big crashes, always an epic ride. I would say collaborative efforts are the means to really expanding. Its not been easy going at it solo. And so many amazing peoples talents can be harmonized together for way bigger and better creations. Thats the direction I’m going.

Please tell us more about your business.
My business is Sacred Geometry and how to utilize the building blocks of the universe to bring about the positive impact and well being into peoples lives through understanding and integrating that which nature is already infinitely utilizing. I have created a geometry which I consider the mother of all geometry, The Allsphyr, curved, flowing circles and spirals, tho also containing all platonic solids, ancient symbols, patterns, and is the morphogenetic geometry which expands and contracts fractally and infinitely in all directions throughout the Universe. The structures of everything we know of: The shape of planets, spores, pollens, plants, carbon, and animals is all geometrically held together by energy and that is what The Allsphyr is.

I create more and more detailed and visually appealing sculptures all based on this geometry and it has so many different facets to how they look and feel. My work is completely unique from all other art and there is nothing else quite like what I create. The sculptures and live projections I create leave people mesmerized and feeling amazing. I am blessed and happy to not only share this visual, energetic uplifting art, I also get to teach all I have learned about it and about how it interconnects us to each other and nature. The Allsphyr is All-inclusive as it literally contains every religious, cultural, and spiritual symbol known to man and every pattern from Nature. We are truly all one.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
I would say going fishing by myself in a very secluded lake with beavers and lots of big fish to catch. It was rare to see another boat and it was truly my sanctuary to be surrounded by nature on the water. When i have the energetic space to be in stillness to quiet my mind and let creativity flow and grow.


  • Large installation sculptures are available to rent. (Prices vary)
  • Allsphyr jewelry ranges from $50 to $1000’s depending on materials and having gemstones added.
  • Sculptures range from $240 up to infinity. I can custom build any style or size to fit peoples desires.

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photos of all art: Nathan Skyhorse
photo credit of image of me: Trieyah Gaya Photography

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