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Meet Natalie Louise Town of Coffee With Natalie in The Valley

Today we’d like to introduce you to Natalie Louise Town.

So, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
After an internship in New York City, a summer job in LA and a diploma from Central Michigan University – I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my childhood dream of being a Disney Channel Star. I did adjust those dreams a bit and made them a little more vague; I came here to pursue acting as a whole – sitcom heavy to be specific.

When I moved to LA, I always promised myself that if and when I didn’t LOVE acting anymore, I wouldn’t do it, or I would at the very least take a step back and reevaluate.

After three years in LA my heart, soul and passion for this dream began to shift. While my heart still cherished making people laugh, I started to realize I could create on all sorts of levels and feel fulfilled.

For so long I guilted myself for losing a bit of my passion, but I had turned acting into a “have to” and not a “want to.” I stopped giving myself the creative freedom to explore other avenues, and even the time and space to enjoy much outside of the realm of this industry. I revolved my life around this career instead of the other way around.

So, I took a “break” and just began to live in LA, to enjoy it’s adventures and opportunities outside of Hollywood. I started traveling more and spending my extra money on experiences — I started to feel like I could breathe again.

I have found so much peace in the last year and through that came “Coffee With Natalie,” a blog dedicated to enjoying the little things in life.

Life cannot be planned ahead of time and I have finally learned to accept that, to appreciate it’s precious moments and the growth it brings.

So, where am I today?

Enjoying each day, appreciating each experience and finding the fun in the dream I had at eight years old once again.

Has it been a smooth road?
My life in LA has been far from a smooth road, just like any big city, it’s full of dreamers and a plethora of opportunities, and yes, I do believe there is room for everyone. I truly believe that if you work hard enough and make certain sacrifices and don’t give up you will accomplish every dream that you’ve ever had. If every day could be filled with acting classes, voice lessons, photoshoots and creating content for your reel, I am sure you would be motivated each and every day and the highway to success would be like the 101 during the Holidays.

Alas, this is not the case and this reality can be an unfortunate wake up call, and causes the question, is this dream worth it?

The biggest and most relevant struggle of “making it” in Hollywood is the juggle – juggling everything you must do in order to stay afloat. Working enough to pay for your bills, new headshots, and classes, but making sure you don’t work too much; you have to find a flexible job that works with the schedule of an actor – auditions at noon on a Tuesday and improv every Thursday evening, and rehearsals a few nights a week; it’s a never ending balance and an art in itself to perfect.

I felt that I was either short on money – barely scraping up the funds for rent – crying in my car because I had no idea when my next check would be coming in, or I was paying my bills, able to afford all the casting websites, new headshots, and classes but had absolutely no free time for auditions, accountability meetings or creating my own content. No matter what I felt absolutely exhausted with no motivation to do much else other than the bare minimum.

Of course some days were better than others, and some days were worse. I could strive off of the busy and chaotic schedule – working a shift as a tour guide at Warner Brothers, quick changing in the car and going over a script taped to my steering wheel. It was a rush and everything I imagined working toward this dream would look like, but I started to become so mentally and physically exhausted and that’s when I lost the fun, and soon after came the passion, and when you lose passion for one thing it’s so easy to lose it for everything.

Along with this, I started to feel that everything I did or was doing was either wrong or not good enough. Brand new headshots with one of the best headshot photographers? They didn’t stand out enough. Reaching out to hundreds of agents on more than one occasion? One response, but I didn’t have enough improv experience. Auditions, auditions, auditions. Silence, silence, silence. Taking the best classes, learning improv at the highest-rated school, another new set of headshots, a well-balanced job, a solid reel, a resume that finally took up a whole page and when I asked a well-respected woman in the industry what I could be doing wrong? Why wasn’t I getting opportunities? Why couldn’t I get representation? Her response was, “you’re not doing enough.” I was crushed, and I was tired.

I was tired of waking up on so many days feeling like there was a huge weight on my shoulders. I felt like my “to-do” list was never-ending, and no matter how long or hard I worked, it wouldn’t be enough and regardless of my efforts, in my eyes, I was “failing” because I wasn’t seeing results. I knew it wasn’t the most healthy mindset, so after a few highs and a lot of lows, I knew it was time to step back, to lift the weight off my shoulders and to tend to my mental health.

My word for 2019 was “peace,” and I feel that I have truly stuck by that word. Peace within myself, my career and my relationships. It is more than okay to take some time to be happy and content with you’re right here and right now. I feel with this mindset I have come to an incredibly happy and healthy place and I am looking for 2020 to be all about growth and moving forward with this permanent sense of peace.

Please tell us about Coffee With Natalie.
My heart and soul (sole) focus right now is my blog: Coffee With Natalie. Like I mentioned earlier, when I gave myself room to breathe and room to accept that making a change or exploring other passions didn’t mean I failed or gave up, I was able to invest in my blog, something I have wanted to pursue for years. In broader terms, I would love to excel in my entire online presence as a content creator! I am eager to grow my Instagram, blog and YouTube channel with an emphasis on sharing and spreading positivity, mental health awareness and loving the simple things in life.

I have learned so much about myself in these three years that I’ve lived in LA and I want to share the real and vulnerable experiences I’ve had in my twenties. I hope to inspire even just one person; whether that’s to hop in their car for a spontaneous road trip, to keep getting up every day and accepting and growing with every emotion that winds through them, knowing that everything will always be okay, or even to just try a new cup of coffee at their local coffee shop.

If this is the path that is meant for me, sooner or later it can become my career. My greatest “want” for the entertainment industry was just to inspire people to feel happy as many days out of the year as they could. I finally realized I can still accomplish this on so many other levels, so that’s what I am doing.

Coffee With Natalie is a lifestyle blog in simple terms. When you visit my site you’ll find the best places to get coffee in LA, a guide to traveling up the coast, and life lessons based off of my own person experiences. I would like my blog to be my main entity and Instagram and others socials to act as a platform to share quick updates on my life and hopefully encourage people to travel over to my blog for a more inside look.

As for what sets me apart, I think I am still discovering this. My blog has been such a prominent project that is helping me find my voice and my niche. I guess for now, I can’t quite pin down who I am as a writer, blogger, artist or what have you, but that’s so exciting to me! I love this new chapter of my life, this new passion and all the opportunities that it is opening up for me.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
Oh gosh, content creation is at its peak but in the best way. I think this world and this industry is at the greatest it’s been and is only going to get better. I feel like when Instagram, YouTube, Blogging, etc’ got “big” there was unfortunately a lot of comparison going on – between fellow content creators and those watching and subscribing. “Their life is better than mine,” “their clothes are nicer,” “they’re prettier,” etc. The same struggle we felt watching celebrities started to show up online too and you couldn’t get away from it.

However, recently, at least with the creators I follow, I am seeing so much vulnerability and honesty and I think that is what continued to draw me in. I LOVE that the people we look to for advice and admire are talking about and sharing their good and the bad days, it makes them real and relatable. One of my favorite creators is Rachel Hollis who wrote, “Girl, Wash Your Face,” and “Girl, Stop Apologizing.” She shares how to improve your life in all the best ways all the while sharing her own experiences and struggles, looking at where she is now and where she came from allows you to think, “Hey, I can do that too.” Rachel also reminds us that there is room for all of us, which is another reason why I love content creation – the internet is not running out of space and there are so many niches and corners you can fit into, and if you don’t fit in? Make your own.

So, I think this industry will keep growing, whether it is a full-time job or just a hobby for others, there’s room for everyone. I am excited to continue to see real lives and stories and am eager to continue getting comfortable and confident in sharing my own.

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