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Meet Mitchell Jones of 6105/NoCallSheet

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mitchell Jones.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Mitchell. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I was born and raised in South Georgia. A very small rural area where the entire population of the city, is close to the population of an area such as San Fernando Valley, California. Being born into a Farming/Agriculture family, it was a dream of mine to follow the footsteps of the two heroes that I admired the most. My Father and Grandfather. Both these gentlemen came from 2 generations of farming background and it was my desire to carry the family farm to a level of success that my forefathers would be proud of.

I would observe the true grit and work ethic that these two men would showcase. Their ability to lead the other farm handlers and make decisions for the benefit of the farm and staff are skills that I use today. Sitting with my dad and grandfather on numerous occasions, I would get life advice and absorbed knowledge through their experiences and self-education. They would often ask me what I would like to pursue as a career when the time comes to make that decision. My answer was obvious, as most young men want to be like his father and or grandfather, so my answer was to be a farmer like they were.

They would always tell me that although they have made an honest living from farming, they wanted me to pursue something that would be my own self-interest, and to use that same passion and desire that I had for farming, toward my pursuit into something I truly loved and wanted to do.

Pondering on the thought, I would often respond that, being in the middle of nowhere, in the rural area of South Georgia, my favorite past time was watching films, and at the end of some films, the editors/filmmakers would show the outtakes and bloopers of scenes, and to see those actors having laughs after laughs, I figured that if they were having that much fun, it could not be considered a job/work.

So, my parents, mentors, churchgoers, practically half the city started to support my dream to work on the big screen. So, after the completion of film school, in 2008, and after a quick 6 month stay at my father’s house to figure out the next step, I found myself interning at Michael Bay’s commercial production company in Venice, California. From Georgia to California in a matter of 6 months after graduation.

As an intern, I would result back to the behaviors and manners that my father and grandfather used on the farm. Be kind to everyone. Keep my attitude positive. Stay Determined, Driven, and Focused. My father and mentors would coach me from afar with positive reinforcement and motivational quotes and at the time, I was not aware of the long-term effects that it would have on me, as when the tough long filming days came, I had the stamina and mental discipline to help the film team accomplish their goal, successfully.

Now, I have been working in the commercial/entertainment industry for 10 years, with constant progress while setting and accomplishing new goals. I use the same skills and qualities that my forefathers used as they operated on the farm. Teamwork, strong communication, proper planning, and a positive attitude and it has played a huge part in my 10-year journey in the entertainment/commercial industry.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
It has been a smooth road. The road comes with bumps, slowdowns, speed ups, dips, twists, turns, sudden stops, but that is all apart of the journey in the filming industry or any journey for that matter.

Being a freelancer did take some getting used to, but I always put my head down and ran as hard and as fast as I could/can, so I always blame myself for not being where I think I should or shouldn’t be.

So, smooth road or not, I am traveling down that road, and eventually, I will find the lane that I want to be in. I always tell myself, I will either find a way or make a way, so the road that I am traveling is just a path to get started and where I finish is all on me.

6105/NoCallSheet – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
This current company that I am apart of is about finding ways to make the film industry better and evolve to a place where more and more quality films are produced. To help find solutions for crew members to find balance in the filming day and non-filming days.

We look for what needs improvement, whether that’s faster cards/media downloads, so the crew can film for more hours in their filming day, or ways to improve the filmmakers commuting times to and from filming locations, so the crew and cast can get ample rest and be with their families, to find balance.

We rent out picture vehicles for commercials and video shoots, we have electronic charging stations for video shoots, a sound stage, co-rent walkies for communication. We are known the team that wants to produce quality projects while pushing the envelope to newer heights for a quality, creative result. We are known for the friendly family atmosphere that we share as a team.

I am most proud of as a company the thought that each member of our team started with a dream, or an idea and definitely a love for the film industry, and with collaboration, artistic freedom and control, we are showing others that it is possible to have a sustaining, thriving company in the film industry, where we showcase teamwork, passion, and a desire to make the filming industry a better place, day in and day out.

Relationships sets us apart from others. We value relationships, with everyone. Everyone is treated with the same respect, from the creative leader all the way to the newest member or volunteer that is joining our team. At the end of the day or filming day, we value the quality of relationships that result in doing business with our team. Because we can accomplish any project or task with a solid team who has a great relationship with themselves as well as us.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
I define success by this… The minute that you are doing the idea, duty, or job that you set out on your journey to do, you are successful. How well you execute that idea, duty, or job will determine your results or outcome. That outcome can come in a number of rewards, and to add a reward for your execution, bring about ultimate success.

My criteria, is to do what is hard, and one will live easy, so I do whatever I feel is necessary to prepare myself the moment opportunity comes knocking. As when I answer the opportunity with my prepared actions, my outcome translates into success.

The markers that I look out for, is progress and growth. With progress and growth being the successful outcome, I continuously set myself up for repeat success.

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