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Meet Missy Arellano

Today we’d like to introduce you to Missy Arellano.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Missy. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Since I can remember I’ve always been tuned in to a greater power, a greater knowledge of the Universe. I was unaware of the gifts that I had. I didn’t realize that kindness, compassion, health & fitness were going to be my thang.

The first time I got into metaphysics and the healing arts I was in college. My mom had just finished treatment for breast cancer and I was so disturbed by how chemo and radiation treatments could be so hard on the human body. My mom was tough and so to see how those treatments took a toll on her, I knew it was

So I was determined to learn a better way to heal, stay healthy and care for her and myself. I wanted to learn how to live a healthy life and stress less. This is when I first was exposed to Deepak Chopra, Joseph Campbell and the Tao. The Deepak talks blew my mind wide open talking about cosmic conscious and infinite potentiality. Science meets spirituality! Wow! My world was rocked!

And then there was the book we were required to read for class, The Tao of Inner Peace, this book spoke to me. It filled me up with goodness, a new way of perceiving things and taught me how to better handle the world around me. It changed me forever.

This was one of those books you just can’t put down. I was hooked and finished reading it well before it was due to be finished in class. At that time I was studying Holistic health, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. I had no idea I was walking my spiritual path. I just thought I had signed up for health classes. Wow, in hindsight I was perfectly in alignment with my life’s purpose. So fast-forward a few years and my mom’s cancer had come back, this time way worse.

Stage 4 they said, it metastasized into her lungs, bone, and lymph nodes. We ended up doing home hospice and I was so grateful to be able to have been there for my mom in those last few months. I was by her side to care for her in just a fraction of the way she cared for me her entire life. I could never give back as much as my mom gave to me but I so thankful I was able to do something for her in the end.

Now, this is where my story takes a turn… I had turned all my attention to caring for mom. I had already been an ACE/AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for years and I still managed to neglect my normal routine of lifting weights, doing cardio workouts and yoga. I believe why I can help people so easily is because I understand what it’s like to be overweight, stressed out and toxic. I had allowed this crisis to bring on weight gain.

After mom left her body, transitioned to the next part of her journey I was so upset and distraught yet there was a part of me that said, “You cannot let this stop you from living.” I focused on grief recovery and was focused on growing from this sad time instead of getting stuck in depression. I knew I had a higher calling but I didn’t know what that was quite yet. I found myself very human again. Not perfect at all. Carrying an extra 25 lbs. of fat.

Things changed for me as I continued to be committed to growing spiritually. My sacred journey to Brazil changed everything for my – mind, body and soul. Back before I left to Brazil I was so stressed out, like the most stressed out ever from the move we made after my mother passed away. I had so many limiting thoughts and beliefs about not being able to find the right apartment. How could I ever find a place that would allow a dog like mine? Worry after worry, stress, stress, stress.

At this time I was also overtraining mostly because I was teaching so many classes and doing my own workouts. This all led to me spraining my own neck and eventually injuring my shoulder, BAD. I have to keep it real – I let that be my excuse to not exercise.

Without a fitness routine, I slacked off on the healthy eating too. I was so unmotivated to eat clean. I had been turned off to eating for weight loss as an unbalanced diet had made me toxic, acidic and miserable. And then… I went to Brazil. LIFE CHANGED FOREVER!

I went to go see John of God, the world famous healer and full trance medium. When I first signed up for the trip I was really just curious and I trusted the guides that were leading the trip. So I raised my hand and thought, “Hey I’ll take a healing.” I didn’t know what for, but soon stress had created more manifestations of illness in my body and by the time I got to Brazil there was plenty that needed healing.

I definitely had physical stuff to be healed. In my spiritual work, I hadn’t figured out what else needed to be healed from within. So I just asked to have healing for the surface stuff. I was having hair, skin and nail issues and of course the extra weight. I also asked and prayed for direction in my life and career.

The first miracle I experienced was that I sat and meditated for about 3 hours straight never getting up and never opening my eyes once. Before this trip, I had never sat in meditation for longer than 20 minutes! Keeping it real, the instantaneous healing I had was one of the heart. I never felt so much love in one place. And coming home I felt so light and I kept cultivating that love energy. It’s like the love goggles never came off. I was floating in bliss.

As far as the other stuff, I did not have an instant healing but the synchronicities did line up pretty quickly when I got home. My body continued to heal. The right and perfect people showed up to get me back into competing as a bodybuilder/figure competitor.

Like, they came to me; I hadn’t even started to think about how I was going to get back in shape. That was just one of the requests I had for healing in Brazil. See, but miracles are real. I mean people go to Brazil to have cancer removed from their bodies and I have a whole book backed by scientific research that documents many such healings. For me, the healings have been a gradual unfoldment of miracles.

I was empowered to follow divine guidance to see my spiritual teacher Gabrielle Bernstein in New York the following September. Again, this was another life-altering event that was pleasant and not so pleasant. Yet the beauty is in learning from it all, accepting the past, embracing the NOW and trusting I am healed.

I even went on to compete in a figure competition in December of that same year. Who does that anyway?! I signed up to compete the same month I was leaving on vacation to New York, London and France! How do you lose weight on vacation? I did. I knew I couldn’t fail. I had been healed. So I exercised just as much as I could while traveling. I ate sensibly and I was ready to compete that December.

My life has been forever changed from my experiences at the Casa de Dom Inácio and with John of God. My heart is forever expanding to love more and the courage to share this has been magnified with each visit. Since that first trip I have been approved as a Casa guide and with my next visit, intuition said next time to come back and bring your own group. So here we are. I have been to Brazil now 5 times, twice as a guide of the Casa. Currently, I’m prepping my group of heart-centered seekers for my next trip!

So that’s how I have been led to combine fitness and spiritually into helping people become happy, healthy and strong. With all my coaching, fitness certifications and spiritual practitioner license, I am living out my life’s purpose to serve the highest good of all. I use many healing modalities and embrace all faiths and religions. Everyone can use these tools to achieve their goals.

It’s all love and light over here. So it could meditation, prayer, exercise, dance, yoga, crystal light therapy, chakra cleansing and much more but all of that aides in the healing of my clients. I am so grateful to have been helped and now I give back using all my gifts and talents to help others reduce stress, get healthy and fit and live a joyful purposeful life!

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I would say the main obstacle was that I did not know how I was going to help people beyond fitness. As I continued on my own healing journey from stress, injuries and unhealthy habits it became clear that beyond the physical there was always a better way, there was always a spiritual solution.

Through using my spiritual tools of yoga, meditation and studying metaphysics I healed and I knew I had to help others in this way too. Sacred trips to Brazil changed my life and health forever. I brought home a chakra healing crystal bed from Brazil. This therapy worked for me and now I use it with my clients.

It’s like every bump I’ve hit and every health challenge I’ve had and even through loss/grief, I have become stronger and wiser. Like breaking up from a 10-year marriage right before a trip to Brazil. I was in the middle of promoting this trip and gathering clients and making arrangements and then that huge event. I made it through the crisis.

I trusted my heart. I stayed in my heart and went to my spiritual tools first, forgiveness is the biggest, most important one. When friends were telling me to go after my ex I said nope I’m going to practice what I preach and trust what I believe to be true about life, the Universe and karma. And it all worked out.

And so now after I launch my online program to help people get fit in a holistic way I am taking on the big F-word. Forgiveness! And I will be helping a woman learn how to heal from a broken heart and find JOY again.

So yes, every struggle I’ve been through has been a gift that caused me to go deeper into my spiritual practices and look closer within to really understand myself and love myself more. Today I honor myself and my gifts and I am sharing them with the world!

Missy Arellano – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
I’m really excited about working with spiritual tools and science t0 help people reach their fitness and weight goals in a whole new way. My style is a full mind/body practice that covers: spirituality, physical workouts and coaching too.

In the physical fitness realm, I work with all levels from high intensity (HIIT and Bootcamp styles) to more mindfulness workouts (like mat pilates, yoga and dance).

When it comes to my coaching my experience and tools range from health, spiritual, and neural linguistics. I really don’t see anyone else out there right now offering all that I do to help you reach your maximum health and fitness wellness.

Spiritually I use crystal therapy, prayer, meditation, energy healing, visioning and sacred adventure tours. These Spiritual travel tours & retreats are all part of Spiritual Fitness Training.

It’s a holistic approach to wellness. Mind-Body-Spirit. Seriously, I am the only all-in-one spiritual fitness coach.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
Success is living a happy healthy life. If I’m doing this consistently on the daily then I’m winning. If I feel free in my everyday affairs I am winning. Making a sustainable living doing what I love, being creative, serving others and being in joy while doing all that, to me, is success.


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