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Meet Mischa Pouyavand of Levitate LA in Venice

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mischa Pouyavand.

Mischa, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I started Levitate LA with the intention of spreading compassion amongst Los Angelenos, and hopefully the world. I would see street-people (homeless) sleeping in the parking lot where I worked as a graphic designer in Venice and it hurt my heart to know that no one cared enough to do something about it. But the root of the problem is not with us, but rather it lies beneath the surface of our ideals as a society, where we have been taught to value monetary commodities over the welfare of those who we consider “others.” The ability to feel how another feels is called compassion, or empathy. One’s ability to empathize how another feels is the fundamental objective and result in the practice of meditation. As a practitioner of meditation for 4 years, I have felt the depths of the “Oneness of Our Being” through my daily practice. I have also found it to calm the mind, relieve stress, and let go of “over-thinking” -resulting in greater inspiration, creativity, and productivity. So with all of these benefits, I thought why not bring meditation practice to everyone we can everywhere. So I brought together a team of mobile mindfulness guides. As a meditation guide, my objective is to assist in the process of thought-less-ness and into the cosmic vortex of Universal Consciousness.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Running a business by yourself as a yoga teacher with no business background, investors, or start-up capital, while investing every dollar you earn into the hope that you will land that meeting with Snapchat’s HR is no joke! The challenges of running a start-up business have been more difficult than anticipated to say the least. There have definitely been road-blocks and learning experiences that I do wish I could have traded, but sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Levitate LA story. Tell us more about the business.
Our team of mobile mindfulness guides bring meditation to public spaces, local businesses, educational institutions, and office environments throughout Los Angeles and to events around the world. We just did our first meditation retreat in Costa Rica this past August. As a collective of like-minded individuals, Levitate LA is more concerned with what we have in common rather than the things that set us apart. We believe the more people meditating the better, so whomever our competition is we love and support you!


  • $199/session for Group Meditations
  • $129/session for Private 1-on-1 Meditation
  • $1850 7-day Meditation Retreat in Tulum, Mexico (May 2017)

Contact Info:

  • Address: 1600 Main Street,
    Venice CA 90290
  • Website:
  • Phone: 310-691-1177
  • Email:
  • Instagram:
  • Facebook: @levitate.losangeles
  • Twitter: @levitatela
  • Yelp: Levitate LA

Image Credit:
Photography by Reto Halme & Morgan Lee

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