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Meet MinhTam Nguyen

Today we’d like to introduce you to MinhTam Nguyen.

MinhTam, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today? 
I remember watching ” Sex in the city” when I was younger and I became OBSESSED with Carrie. I wanted her life. Someone who was a writer, always overdressed, over educated and a hopeless romantic. That was me. I knew I wanted to find a price charming and move to the big city. I would keep a diary, writing things about myself, hoping someone in my family would find it so they could ” know” me… but no one ever came looking. But it didn’t stop me from writing. I wrote about everything.  But as I got older, I started looking for my prince charming, who was very similar to Big. Someone charming, tall and handsome… Just like Carrie, I had to fight hard for my Big. As my relationship with Big… Johnathan grew, my passion for writing started to fade. Fashion and acting came and it came fast. At age 16, growing up with strict parents, they weren’t very open minded with “following your dreams”, but I had to. So I found a cousin who I never met before, who lived in LA and I asked her if I could stay with her. She agreed, only if I could watch her kids and take care of my own responsibilities. After 3 months past, I got absolutely nowhere. I got scammed thousands. I cried because no one supported me. I was too afraid to come home, but mostly ashamed. I know I was only 16 but I always felt older. So there I was, further back than I began. Back to school and my life. I still continue to take acting classes and take my outfits of the day on Myspace. A few years passed by and I did it again.. this time in NYC. I think this part of my life was a little too dark to tell. But its definitely a life lesson. I felt like time was going by so fast. I was taking care of my family, and working as a server in Orlando. I realized I needed to take care of myself. I told my mom I was going to LA in 2 years and just like that, 2 years passed by. I never told my boyfriend because I wanted him to finish school and make live his life. He took care of me for so many years (you’ll find out more later), so the last thing I needed was follow me to chase my foolish dreams. I told him 2 weeks before my departure date so that way he wouldnt have a choice, but he found a way. He came, by my side. So that’s pretty much my story of getting here. But just the beginning. It was such a struggle. The rent, the gas price, tax, eeverything. I feared for our relationship. I have this thing where, instead of telling someone I need them, I push them away to see how long/hard they’d fight for me. And of course, he never even moved. We both took crappy jobs and had dark days. One day I saw a casting call for Fear Factor and we applied and we got it! We didnt win, landed 2nd place but that small experience gave us a small fan base, and it just went up from there. It went to Buzzfeed, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Netflix, and many other commercials. I also helped produce a movie last year, which will be forever in my heart. Today, I have almost 20 k followers on my personal Instagram and 12 k on the Instagram I share with John. The Instagram we share, I plan to relaunch in July, promoting restaurants (prices below). Fast forward 2 years, I work for myself. I am a freelance stylist, actress and a Instagram influencer.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path rall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome? 
The road was never easy. I don’t think I’ve ever publicly told anyone but I have a condition where it holds me back from alot of things. I have epilepsy. There isn’t enough awareness of it because its it’s when someone have seizures and only medication can stop it. I was diagnosed when I was 17 years old. I grew a tumor on the left side of my brain from all stress and depression. I had my first seizure in high school, where kids can be mean… but I was brought home, everyone thought it was a one time thing but after the 3rd one, I ended up in a coma for a few months. And guess what? John, he never left my side. He visited me at the hospital whenever he could. This is 14 years ago, so times were a little difficult. We didnt have cars, money or cellphones.. but the hardest part was my parents not wanting their daughter to be with an African American man. When I woke up, half bald, not able to walk, he was there for the next 6 weeks at the hospital. Every single day, taking the city bus from one side of the town to the other. Instead of worrying about school or football.. I guess you can say my parents love John more than they love me. But having epilepsy is hard with my career choice because, each time I have a seizure,I have to wait a whole year to drive again, or I need a few days for my mind to wake up and remember things. So yes, remembering lines can be hard.  Don’t even get me started on the cost of the medication or the hospital bills. These are challenges that I have overcame, but still recurring but growing stronger than ever. Yes there was days I cry. Alot. Asking myself why me, but I genuinely feel like it’s made me the person I am today. Strong, humble, strong and BOLD.

Please tell us about Minh Tam Nguyen. 
Actor. Freelance stylist. Model. Restaurant promoter. Instagram influencer.

I don’t promote something I don’t believe in. Also, if you take a look at my feed, it never says ad or promotion because it’s from my experience and it’s no longer an ad. It’s now a relationship that I’ve built with that brand/person. But I also continue to support them even after the check comes. That’s how I’ve always been. Money isn’t everything. Relationships are priceless. You will still find me spamming the brand/person account with alot of love!

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood? 
I miss being a kid. I miss not having to think about money. I actually really miss crying to my mom because I got a cut from being outdoors. I miss getting beat up by my brothers. I miss getting the famous Asian bowl haircut. I miss not being in as much trouble as my brothers because I was a girl.  All of those fun times, being foolish dreamers. Now I’m nothing but foolishly dreaming.


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