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Meet Michele Guzy of The Mind Coach in Woodland Hills

Today we’d like to introduce you to Michele Guzy.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
HYPNOSIS! There I said it. When I am asked what I do for a living, it is this “one-word answer” that has people stop dead in their tracks and stare at me with a curious wonder. It is my sound bite in Los Angeles.

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression therapy. For the past 26 years, I have used hypnosis and guided imagery in my clinic to help people achieve their personal and professional goals. Hypnotherapy is one of the most fascinating healing modalities in the world and it is what makes me different than other behavioral therapists, counselors or life coaches.

My life story starts in my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. The land of the midnight sun, glorious mountains and the most beautiful scenery on this planet. As a child, I was drawn to the forest and animals enjoying a deep connection with nature. I dreamed of being a Veterinarian, but my life path would take a different turn. For some reason, I was always aware of my surroundings, but never understood why. I also would dream in such a way that I could see into the future. It was like I had a 6th sense about things that were going to happen and I remember having many déjà-vu experiences – the feeling that I had been here before. I saw my first angel when I was 7 years old and didn’t tell a soul until I was much older.

Around the age of 9, my best friend Kelly and I found some metaphysical books on hypnosis and past lives. We were so enthralled with what we were reading that one day we decided to give it a try. We gathered up as many blankets and pillows as we could find, turned off the lights, lit some candles and began practicing our past life regression techniques. The hypnotic suggestions seemed to come so naturally to me and so familiar.

We found it extremely easy to relax our minds and journey back through time. We found ourselves in living in other countries, speaking foreign languages exploring new cultures and going back not just a few years, but many centuries ago! We were both male and female in these lifetimes and we were shown such detail in our past life experiences that we decided to keep a journal.

I was so excited with what I was seeing while under hypnosis that I started telling the other kids in school. I remember I would raise my hand in class when the teacher was giving a history lesson and inform her that the facts in the books were NOT true. Dumbfounded, my teacher would ask me why I would say such things. My answer usually was… “Because I was there in 1826! I lived in that tribe as an Indian Warrior and it did NOT happen that way.” Needless to say, I spent many afternoons in the school’s Principles office for making up lies and arguing in class.

In September 1986, my friend and I decided it was time to spread our wings and move to sunny California. A new city, smog and millions of people sitting in traffic on multi-lane freeways was not what we had in mind. The stress of it all had us contemplating a return home until one night, on January 18th, 1987, we turned on the TV.

Actress Shirley MacLaine was staring as herself in a TV Broadcast about her new book, “Out on a Limb.” A controversial, autobiography detailing her experiences with New Age spirituality, reincarnation, meditation, trance-channeling, and UFO’s. We were GLUED to the TV set! The next day we ran out and got our own copies of the book and I was amazed to learn that even Shirley MacLaine had her first past life experience around the age of 7! I was in the Psychic Eye book store and the Bodhi Tree each week reading everything I could get my hands on. (Little did I know, 30 years later I would meet my metaphysical role model at my own hypnotherapy office!)

One day I stumbled across an ad in the LA Weekly that said, “Are you a natural people helper? Become a Certified Hypnotherapist!” I could not believe my eyes! There actually was a school that could train me to do hypnosis as a career! So at the age of 23, I enrolled at HMI, the College of Hypnotherapy and from the first day of class I knew the course of my life would change forever. Graduating with honors, I became one of the youngest instructors and Hypnotherapists at the college and over the years mentored tens of thousands of Hypnotherapy students worldwide.

I expanded my knowledge with more in-depth training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Guided Imagery, Life Coaching, Reiki and of course, advanced Past Life Regression Methods. My TV debut was on a show called, “The Powers of the Paranormal” where I performed a past life regression on two subjects live on stage. The show also featured trance-medium James Van Praagh whom I later worked with on his own TV series. For the past 20 years, I been a frequent guest and Hypnosis Expert on numerous TV and radio talk shows.

As Motivational Speaker, I became internationally known as “The Mind Coach” and traveled the world with a public seminar company teaching full day programs on Communication, Conflict Management, Confidence Building and more.

Even though I did not become Veterinarian, my love for animals came full circle in 2006 when I started volunteering in animal rescue after meeting Karn Myers and Mark Dodge of Fixnation – a spay/neuter clinic. I never knew there were millions of abandoned cats and kittens living on the streets of L.A. I learned Animal Communication and established a 501 C3 Non Profit Adoption Group called “Krazy for Kats, Inc.” Working with animals paved the way for me to meet my other role model, Wayne Dyer, when I brought my 3-week old baby kitten to one of his seminars! He was so excited to see her and we talked about how animals are earth angels that are here to keep us grounded and feel loved.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Life is full of struggle and I find myself questioning why our world is still so full of chaos, illness and conflict. I have a hard time watching the news anymore. That is the most powerful form of hypnosis by the way. It causes so many of us to question our purpose on this planet. Self-realization is an interesting factor in personal growth, however, and it what I teach my hypnotherapy clients.

I believe we all have a “knowing” of who we are on a cellular, soul level. We live by an unconscious code to survive. We all struggle to find happiness and success, but living in L.A. definitely has its perks. I love that we have so many healing modalities and classes available to us!

One of my favorite sayings is, “When opportunity knocks on your door – let it in”. I have opened many doors and by doing so I have met the most fascinating people. Many of whom have introduced me to higher avenues of self-exploration. I have traveled to sacred places around the world and worked with shamans to learn more about being a “spiritual being in a human body.” I think this is a concept that people have the most difficulty with.

Maybe Shakespeare was right when he wrote; “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” I think my work with Hypnosis and Past Life Regression has helped myself and my clients to tap into life’s possibilities. When you are new to the therapy field, you have such a strong urge to want to fix people and their problems. I thought that I could just snap my fingers and hypnotize it all away for them. But my 26 years in this profession has taught me that people really do not need to be fixed. they sometimes just need a caring soul to listen. I believe we all know exactly what we want in our life and what we need to do to achieve it, I love helping clients find their own perspective in life and help them open as many doors possible to get there.

I often say to my clients, “Maybe you are like me and you have traveled to a distant city and felt like you were finally “home,” or you have stared into the universe wanting to know if there is other life out there? Maybe you are like me and seek to find the answers to the many questions about our soul’s purpose and why we are here… again. Maybe you are like me and you have struggled in achieving your dreams and goals.” It keeps it real in my therapy office and as Wayne Dyer once told me, it keeps you humble when share your experiences with others because people like to know that there is no such thing as perfect.

The Mind Coach – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
My company is called MindCoach, Inc. and my motto is: “All answers lie deep within the mind – you just have to be willing to look inside.

I work with children, teens and adults in my private Hypnotherapy practice and help people increase their confidence, release negative habits, overcome fears, develop peak performance in their artistic or athletic skills and enjoy success, happiness and prosperity in their lives. I work alongside my husband and past life soulmate, Jeff Burr of Tattoo’d Spirit at our Hypnosis clinic in Woodland Hills and we hold motivational seminars and retreats around the world.

I am known for being L.A.’s Top Past Life Regression Therapist. Clients come to me when they have an “a-ha moment” or a “realization” about their life and want to learn more about who they are. We also explore Future Life Progression, Soul Connections and Life in Between Life Spiritual Journeys. I find it fascinating that even though hypnotism has been used in therapeutic and medical interventions for centuries, it is still a mystery to most people.

I think that people get stuck on the word “Hypnosis” and it holds them back from opening those doors of opportunity. It is so important to understand that hypnosis is just a heightened state of suggestibility that allows conscious communication with the subconscious mind. I tell my clients to just throw away the word and think of it as a “focused stated of awareness in which the body is very relaxed and the mind is in a positive state of receptivity.”

Hypnosis is such a natural state that we go into it every single day of our life! When you drive down the freeway and miss your exit because you are thinking of something else, that is hypnosis! When you’re watching a movie, day dreaming, listening to music or getting stuck on Facebook for hours – that is hypnosis! Nothing mysterious or magical about it. It is just a neurological process of the mind which acts very much like a computer. This is why I am known as “The Mind Coach.” I coach people to be in charge of their life and teach them how to program their mind to achieve their desired goals.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
Success is NOT an accident! Whether or not you succeed in achieving goals in life is actually determined by how effectively your subconscious mind fulfills your mental programming. Your subconscious makes up 90% of your mind power and stores all of your learned behaviors, associations, experiences and memories – some even say from the beginning of time – and more.

Your mind is basically like a computer. It runs on programs (beliefs) that have been installed from family, school and society etc. You may consciously want that new house, a million dollars or a healthy relationship, but if it’s not in your mental library, your mind will have a tendency to resist it. In hypnotherapy, we call this “homeostatsis”. Your mind’s innate desire to stay the same and be safe with what you already “know” to be true.

I feel that if you truly believe that you will succeed and you are willing to put the time, effort and action into it – you can do anything you set your mind to do. It may not come easy. It may take longer than you thought. But success will come in one shape of another. I believe we are all guided to fulfill our life’s purpose – whatever that may be.

Some people may also think success is about luck. They say you are lucky when you win the lottery, get picked out of 1000’s of people auditioning for an acting role, or get that sought-after promotion at work. But to me, luck is what happens “seemingly” by chance. Remember, your subconscious mind calls the shots. When I get a call from a new client for hypnotherapy sessions, to do a TV show or give a speech, it is not by chance. It is because I have programmed my mind for success in my career, and I am confident that I can be of service to others. That is what I admire in successful people. They are the ones that are willing to go beyond their old subconscious programming to make their dreams a reality.

They say the two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you finally discover the reason why you are here. You may know the day you are born, but have you ever taken the time to do a little soul searching to find out why you are here? What makes you truly happy in life? This year I say take the time to open those doors of opportunity with The Mind Coach and realize your soul’s true potential.

Contact Info:

  • Address: The Mind Bar
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    Suite 219,
    Woodland Hills, CA 91364
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