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Meet Mina Bahadori of Mystical Mina in Highland Park

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mina Bahadori.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Some people hit rock bottom and keep sinking, but for whatever reason, I hit the bottom and kept rising. I’m not trying to suggest that the spiritual path is linear, there are a lot of screw-ups along the way, but they only add more depth and momentum to reemerging with our higher Self. I was a college student paralyzed by feelings of anxiety, low self-worth, and depression. Like many, I self-medicated with the drugs that exacerbated my declining mental health. On weekdays, it was adderall to bring me up and weed to bring me down, which mostly resulted in sleepless nights watching the dusk turn to dawn. On the weekends, there was the recreational use of weed, alcohol, Xanax, MDMA, and coke here and there. I grew up in a culture where darkness and edginess made you interesting, deep and cool. I willingly adopted the idea of being a misunderstood, nihilistic victim who was flirting with her mortality. I harbored anger, resentment, and confusion witnessing my parent’s traumatic relationship and I found drugs and alcohol to be the way to help make sense of things, feel a sense of community, have hard conversations and be vulnerable. I was extremely sensitive and empathic, so numbing was a huge motive. I also could not make it through a homework assignment without becoming overridden with emotion and feelings of not being enough. At the time, adderrall felt like the only logical way to shut off the part of my brain that thought “I can’t.”Plus, it was so prevalent. Everyone around me seemed to have misdiagnosed prescriptions from irresponsible psychiatrists and parents. It helped me to find success in my studies, which could appease my parents and the part of me that felt worthless, as well as compartmentalize myself. On one hand, I felt prolific in my passion of writing as I came up with prophetic thoughts and revelations.

On the other hand, I was being absolutely psychotic and careless with myself and others. Soon, what felt helpful about adderall turned into lying to everyone who loved me about how much I was taking and the frequency I was taking it. It also caused irritability, lashing out, chain-smoking, blacking out and full-blown, terrifying panic attacks. Not to mention, the comedowns that would follow any drugs made dying feel like it would be much easier. I know it sounds heavy— just so you know I didn’t have the guts to do anything with those feelings. I would just fantasize about it, thinking it was the only solution the make the cyclical thoughts stop. I was also taking adderall because it makes you lose your appetite and for whatever stupid reason this society makes women think that being thin means being “loved” and getting the validation we could not give ourselves. Unsurprisingly, I, like many others, had an eating disorder. On the weekdays I worked out like crazy and starved myself and on the weekends I would smoke weed and binge to the point of lying on the floor, holding my stomach in throbbing pain, smoking more weed to make it stop. I was bone thin, yet could not see how skinny I was because I developed body dysmorphia. The worst part is, everyone told me how good I looked. Everyone around me was stuck in the same destructive cycles. Thankfully, I had enough self-recognition to where I could finally look myself dead in the eyes, coked out in the mirror while my friend was projectile vomiting and think something was terribly wrong here and I can’t go on like this.

After a final panic attack in reaction to feeling unprepared for my math final, I surrendered. My brother had begun his own healing path and I went “all in,” whether I liked it or not. I would resist his advise initially and then I would give in to his suggestions, lived and breathed them. I read one self-help book, spiritual text and enlightening novel after the other. I fell asleep and I woke up to guided meditations. I started using positive affirmations. I journaled. I wrote messages to myself. I did mirror work. I began a consistent yoga practice. I watched inspiring talks. I interrupted every moment of anxiety with gratitude lists. I consumed anything and everything that might positively influence me and alter my way of thinking, transforming a victim mindset to one that felt as in control as one can be. The first promise to myself that I made was, “I’m going to be the most optimistic person that I know.” Now, I know there is some debate on positive thinking as some renowned spiritual teachers express sentiments about pushing positive thoughts only as toxic, but for the time being, it was astronomically helpful for me as a truly troubled thinker to become aware of my repetitive thought patterns and reshape my neuroses. Yes, it is incredibly important to sit with, acknowledge and take the time we need to work through our trauma, but we don’t want to stay there. Eventually, I would find the sweet spot between honoring my shadow and my light. But first, optimism. The underlying optimism that things could get better saved my life. It still does whenever things get tough.

Perhaps some will find this controversial, but I believe that psychedelics had a great impact on me, but let me predicate that by saying I used them responsibly, purely for medicine and not recreational use. I did them with those who I trusted with my life and gave myself the entire day to sit with my feelings and heal. I won’t tell you all the things I heard and saw, but I honestly looked at myself and my relationships. I visualized myself throwing my toxicity into the ocean. I vowed to forgive my parents and see them in a new light. I received extremely significant messages, some quite literally telling me that I am supported and taken care of, that I am not alone in a time where I felt extremely lonely. Some of the messages made me cry tears of joy, connection, and understanding. I also gained a ton of clarity on habits that I needed to let go of.

For one thing, I accredit healing my relationship to my body to those experiences, as I remember looking myself in the mirror and for the first time seeing someone I liked and wanted to take care of. It was then I realized that the world was actually full of magic, that there is more to it than just this limited third dimension, that it was not this big scary place that most people think it is. I felt the presence of guides and angels, and it was not just a hallucination, it was real. After that, every prescription and recreational drug I had used fell away one by one due to my shifted mindset and daily self-care.

After a couple of years or so of consistently focusing on healing my mind and body from what one might consider labels of mental illness and addiction I connected with an energy healer who embodied every quality that I admired and wanted for myself. He was the perfect role model, a true earth angel. Our meeting ignited a huge fire in me that activated an inner knowing that I too possess these qualities of magnetism, intuition, consciousness, and magic and it was my mission to excavate and nurture them. The healing I received also altered my relationship with alcohol and propelled me much deeper into my path of awakening, so I soon would also be a teacher and a healer. I was sober and abstained from sex for two years to clear up mental fog, confusion and truly go forward into my path. It was also just before that time I transitioned from pescatarian to vegan which was instrumental in my waking up, causing me to feel much more in tune with my soul’s essence which at the core is compassion, peace, purity, innocence, joy, and harmony. The spiritual teachers and healers I attracted seemed like they possessed superpowers, but I was soon shocked to understand that I too could cultivate such abilities. Psychedelics clued me into the idea that we are all in fact tapped in and the third eye is a muscle like anything else, but using psychedelics was the only time I heard and felt messages. My teachers encouraged the notion that we are all intuitive by nature and that we don’t need to rely on any external forces to access intuition; we just need to work at it. I was told that learning these modalities is more like remembering than learning.

Underneath all the social conditioning, the coping mechanisms, the masks and the programs we adopted from our family and peers is our soul, and our soul knows. It has the codes for who we are, why we are here, what we are here to do, and how to do it. It’s more about pulling the veils of illusion rather than adopting anything new. My mind was blown, everything clicked into place and I wanted to know everything there was to know about the esoteric, the spiritual and the mystic. I began a journey into Reiki energy healing training with Julie Furlong and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga West 2015-2016. I continued my education in the mystical arts learning Crystal Healing with Sat Devbir Singh and Intuitive Reading and Healing with Kathryn Schiff. My training will not stop there. I believe we attract the information we need when we are ready and open to receive it. Just writing about this makes me fall in love all over again. I never finished a formal education in college, yet I am lifelong student who is immensely passionate about growing my consciousness, expanding and evolving every day.

Now similar to my game-changing spiritual teachers, my passion resides in being the catalyst for people to remember who they are at the depth of their being. I find yoga and meditation practices to be underestimated for how powerful they are, but then again, people also underestimate how powerful they themselves are, too. I think it takes a long while of feeling shitty and getting so bloody tired of it until one actually desires something as elevating and transformative as a consistent practice and lifestyle to wake them up. You have to be willing to accept that there is more than what you perceive, that you do not have all the answers. You have to be willing to stay open, to be receptive, to release attachments, to be honest, to reassess, to fail, to keep going and to be wrong. My mission is to reach those who are ready to explore themselves and empower them to step into the role of their own teacher and healer. Yes, an external being is a conduit, an activator, an expander, but ultimately, the truth is already within us. We are all just trying to remind each other of who we really are.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
It has not been smooth! I have had to truly lean into patience and surrender to the flow of things, which are slow and sometimes painful. I’ve had to confront issues of a “scarcity mindset,” meaning an underlying belief that there is not enough to go around, that other people have more than me and are more worthy than I am. However, the more I am doing my inner work and being of service to others, the more I feel tapped into my inner knowing and everything makes sense. I have started to realize my non-negotiable, things I absolutely need to do every day to keep me in divine alignment. I’ve had to find a balance of putting in great effort and being okay with it not being received immediately. I have to continuously pump myself up and know that I am magnetic when I am doing my work and walking the path even if I don’t see the results.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
I am a teacher and healer of a myriad of modalities that continue to deepen and evolve. I facilitate guided visualization meditation, reiki healing, crystal healing, sound healing, intuitive reading, and intuitive healing. I also teach kundalini yoga and meditation. I usually combine meditation and the healing modalities together in a single private session or workshop because I love the way they complement each other. I also love that interweaving modalities keeps the session multidimensional and sets me apart from others. I am most proud of maintaining integrity, purity, innocence, and compassion in my business. Connecting people in this way fills me up with overwhelming joy. On the side, I advocate for animal rights. My healing work and animal activism balance each other out because I am reminded of the goodness of humanity and our ability to influence a ripple effect of change.

What were you like growing up?
My parents always called me sensitive, moody and emotional growing up., which I find hilarious now. I was also super silly, girly, adventurous and creative. My dad is a fashion designer so as a child I also spent a ton of time painting, creating jewelry and sketching clothes. Everyone thought I was going to become a designer too, and hey I guess this is the only beginning. Who knows where life will take us. Being sensitive used to seem like an insult and now I realize it is a superpower. In yoga and meditation practice, we actually want to develop sensitivity to subtlety because that grows our awareness and means we are paying attention. I honor the emotional parts of me and can often speak from more of a place of neutrality now that I am aware of how to manage them. I am increasingly more in tune with my inner child who imagines herself to be a frilly little fairy frolicking around while humming a tune. I actually think my inner child has been coming out more since starting kundalini because there is so much chanting and singing, which allows you to let loose and own who you really are. I always tell my students not to hold back because I think the amount of times we are told to be quiet and appropriate as children totally crushed our unique, authentic spirits.


  • Signature Healing (60 min): $100
  • Signature Healing (90 min): $125
  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Private (90 min): $125
  • Phone Intuitive Healing and Reading (30 min): $45
  • Guided Visualization Meditation (30 min): $45

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Image holding up the crystal in my hand on the bridge is by Samantha Watzek. All other photos are by Haley Busch.

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