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Meet Milan Bell-Watts

Today we’d like to introduce you to Milan Bell-Watts.

Can you briefly walk us through your story and how you got to where you are today.
It has definitely been a journey to becoming the woman I am today, I moved to L.A just last year and whenever I actually stop to think on how much I’ve created in just that time frame, I”m like, “Damn, You a Whole Queen, Queen!!” Lol!

Within this time frame, I’ve been and have become a doula, yoga teacher, workshop host/guest, crystal healer, energy worker, business owner, international traveler, international retreat hostess and an extreme manifester of the divine!

It has truly given mi that platform to understand universal energies and that Intention is everything. So now, I’ve got a whole book full of em!

Growing up in Philly gave me the soul, the edge, the love and the grit I needed to navigate this world. 4 years in Atlanta gave mi all the life! It was an experience of black excellence and the best twerk I’ve ever managed to conjure up! A year in Paris gave me the desire to be of service to women and now LA has allowed me to understand my power and to know my own direction. It has given me the push I needed to fly but when rent is in the mid to high 4 figures a month, you either figure it out or fall your ass all the way back home, so I told myself, let’s get it and figure it out!

Please tell us about your work.
I am a host of the divine feminine bringing to you Yoga,Yoni Yoga, crystal healings, Thai yoga massage, Doula Services and so much more.

As a Doula, my purpose is to create emotional support, evidence-based facts and physical comfort to mom without anything medicine. I’m also present for your partner because it’s a family unit, you are both welcoming life, so I do what I can to make this journey and transition easier and more enjoyable.

As a crystal healer and energy worker, I work with crystals to cultivate healing and positive changes in the mind, spirit, and body. Crystals carry vibrations that can lift the vibrational energy in our physical and spiritual bodies.
A crystal healing session may combine the use of reiki and the energy of the stones. The combination of crystals with reiki aims to keep your chakras aligned.

Thai Yoga Massage will get you stretched flipped and dipped but I only currently offer this for pregnant, postpartum, and mommies who have endured miscarriage.

Yoni Yoga?!
This is the art and distinction of the different muscles in your Yoni to relate a healthy environment for said Yoni, your spirit and connection with self.
I choose each asana carefully based on the benefits to your reproductive health organs and then we finesse the pose with Yoni exercises usually to an amazing playlist. Yoni Yoga Benefits all women
A few good things you may receive from Yoni Yoga are easier birth and postpartum -flexibility -improved sex -increased confidence

Golden Goddess Getaways
A retreat company started by my business partner Shonna Chiles (@hippyhighheals) and I to connect women to their true form and live in love, fun and ownership for those five days with dance, yoga, meditation and workshops so that they can bring it home and live it every day of life!

All of these different and collective modalities of work allow us to connect to the energy bodies which help ourselves heal. Once you know and understand the most intimate parts of your body on a physical and spiritual connection, life can become much less scary and you’ll be amazed and in awe with yourself. The goal is for you to live in your true Goddess form!

How do you, personally, define success? What’s your criteria, the markers you’re looking out for, etc?
I have such a clear definition of success it’s almost scary. Success, for mi, is when you have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want to with whoever has high vibe energy and is down for it. Sometimes it’ll only be you and the best part about that is, there’s more time to love and dedicate energy to yourself.

Self-love, intention, dedication, creation and relaxation is at the base of my journey of success.
Make sure you set goals for yourself and do them.
I said:
I’m going to Clark Atlanta University… received acceptance.
I’m going to live in Paris, get an apartment, a boyfriend and get an agency… had 3 apartments, had a boyfriend with a beautiful body and signed with the agency the Face. Did that… (and on the way picked up a not so well behaved little boy I used to nanny… hahaha!)
I chose to have doula training by the women who trained Erykah Badu… received Personal one on one Sessions
I’m moving to Cali… settled into my own place in Long Beach (Thanks Nae).
and the manifestations continue to go on.

The creation of a solid foundation through the love of work and intention.
Do what you love and the universe will open all doors for you to have this success.

How or where can people learn more about you? How can people support your work?
1. Have a baby!! (but call me first)
2. Take a vacation from that baby! Lol, I’m just kidding!! (seriously, only kidding, lol!)
But when you do take that vacay, allow my business partner Shonna Chiles and I to be your host of Sensual dance, Yoni yoga, healing workshops and a host of the divine feminine.
3. Contact me through my website: or on IG @urbandoula or @goldengoddessgetaways for private sessions, crystal healings, or to have mi host a workshop.
4. Plan a photoshoot (did I mention I model too, that’s why I lived in Paris).
5. Visit a farmers market, I’ll probably be there walking while doing my Kegels :). Don’t forget your Kegels ladies and you too gentleman, Kegels are good for everyone!
6. Look out for my workshops or classes on IG around the city soon.

Confession: I haven’t been the best at keeping up with IG or social media but I’m becoming better and better (I think!… lol!) so just come and join mi on my journey, you’re bound to receive inspiration and most importantly, have a laugh or a 3.


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