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Meet Miguel Amodio of Rapid Reelz

Today we’d like to introduce you to Miguel Amodio.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Rapid Reelz started as a way for my friends and me to make creative content on a regular basis between professional freelance jobs while providing a service that actors so desperately needed.

For me, it was all about creating content and growing as a filmmaker. After 9 years Rapid Reelz is still the premiere demo reel /content creation house in Los Angeles and my team and I still learn something new from every scene we shoot. We have shot well over 3,000 scenes at this point and in a multitude of styles and genres. The work is well below our standard freelance rates, but everyone wants to be there.

Mostly because where else can an actor and filmmaker shoot a comedy, drama and action scenes all within a six-hour period.

Rapid Reelz has really become a creative hub for us to vet up-and-coming filmmakers as well as emerging actors. Many larger productions I have been hired to work on, is a result of the experiences I have gained over the past 9 years of creating content. My team would like to agree they have grown as a result as well.

My belief from the outset was to make the script king. Other companies were selling actors on the “tech” (4k resolutions, RED cameras etc) as though that would be the thing to get them to work. Some would charge for scene partners, or color correction, sound design, etc. From our perspective that didn’t make sense.

It takes a team to make a movie so we wanted to make sure any and all key departments (including a scene partner they can act off of) was included in one cost. Adopting the Apple model of “keeping it simple” was a better choice. We seldom market ourselves, a majority of our bookings come from word of mouth recommendations. We like it that way. My team and I work outside of Rapid Reelz often, so it really helps to be a boutique company.

Has it been a smooth road?
It was definitely not a smooth road the first 3 years. We started the company near the middle of 2010. At that time DVD’s were still very much a thing and Dropbox was in beta.

Acting reels still ran about 3 to 4 minutes in length and casting directors (CD’s) hated the idea of companies like ours. There was hardly any competitors in those early days which was great for us but we knew early on we wanted to go digital asap. Not only would it lower our overhead it was just more futuristic and our statement about where we saw the industry heading.

We were early adopters of Dropbox as soon as it was out of beta and it was (and still is) a fantastic way to send our clients their completed scenes and demos in future-proof digital formats.

Another big challenge was figuring out how to create the scenes so they were not cookie cutter for an actors reel. We had noticed that one of the few Reel Companies, that existed at the time, created the content and put the entire clip into the actor’s edited reel. It felt artificial and fake to us. Mostly because we noticed ”working actors” reels were not cut that way. If you had content from a TV show or film, you were typically given just a clip that didn’t have a nice neat open or close, It just came into the middle of a situation.

Realizing this, my partner and I set out to create scenes that allowed the actor to ebb and flow with the performance. I would edit the content together as full 1 or 2-minute scenes, with the intention of chopping it down to the best 15 or 20 seconds for the client’s reel. The best part for us, however, was giving the actor the full scene and letting them do whatever they wanted with it.

After those first 3 years, it was smooth sailing.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Rapid Reelz – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
Rapid Reelz believes that now is the time for Actors to produce for themselves. This is why we have gathered experienced and creative filmmakers to help others create and produce professional projects with a strong backbone in story, character, and production.

Actors no longer need to feel limited to only performing in genres that they’re “good” for but can now take control of their careers by showcasing a range of characters they wish to portray. From custom scene creation to voice-over recordings to video demo reel editing Rapid Reelz is dedicated to helping artists accomplish their goals in the entertainment industry.

We have an extensive group of talented writers that specialize in all different genres and on the production side, use a variety of high-quality HDR cameras, lighting, audio recorders, and microphones. We also use state of the art editing systems to edit, mix and color-grade your final footage.

We are mostly known for our Mini-Scene creation. What sets us apart is the number of moving parts we have for productions of this type. Other companies create scenes as well, but none that we have seen, have the resources of the crew, cast, and tech to get the job done.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
I love Los Angeles. I love Burbank. The Valley is where most of the major studios are situated so it’s nice to be near that energy. It’s not as hot as I was told it would be when I first moved to LA and the parking is free in Burbank. Total plus. There are so many restaurants and bars that are really fantastic and just as good as something you would find on the west side without the cost.

The arts district in North Hollywood has also been coming up these past few years, with some great eateries and is a lot cooler than when I first moved to that area. It’s also quieter than downtown or Hollywood. I dig quiet.

What do I like least? Traffic, but then again… who doesn’t.

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