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Meet Michelle Savage of The Stylish Spirit

Today we’d like to introduce you to Michelle Savage.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why dont you give us some details about you and your story.

Aka “ShellyStyles”…Fashion lover, spiritual being, nurturer, insanely passionate, go-getter, girl boss entrepreneur. I’m totally a girl’s girl! My overall brand is all about empowering women to confidently own their style; and love themselves from the inside out! Everything I do is based around fashion, being an girl boss, supporting other women, and living an all-around mindful healthy lifestyle. My ultimate goal is to make women feel beautiful and confident in their daily lives.

As early as I can remember, fashion has always been a major part of my life. It was my first love! As a second grader, I was laying out my looks for the week lol. As I got older, I always helped my friends with their outfits. I would use my sewing machine (which my Grandma brought me) in the mornings before school altering my clothes and adding trims. In college, I majored in Business Marketing because I was too nervous to go to school for fashion because it wasn’t considered a “serious major”. Therefore, I would take the bus from Philly to New York to for all of my internships in the fashion industry. I was the most inspired while interning with Roc-A-Wear and sitting in meetings with Jay-Z, I was in awe with how hands-on he was with every aspect of his business and not just attaching his name to a clothing line. After graduating with a BS of Marketing, I realized my true calling and was ready to embark on a career in fashion. I moved to NYC to go back to school and attend the Fashion Institute of Technology for a specialized degree in fashion advertising and marketing.

While at FIT, I learned that true New York hustle and grind. Keep in mind this was all the before the conveniences of life like Uber lol. After FIT, I then moved to Atlanta and started a contemporary RTW collection, LatoiaMichelle, with my childhood friend LaToia Fitzgerald. Four years and a successful line later, I moved to LA to focus on Styling. LA had always been my happy place I was always at peace and my truest self every time I would visit. While styling and fully getting immersed into LA culture I also started an online boutique, Saturday Dreaming with my BFF Nafessa Williams. I wanted to explore the wholesale side of fast fashion but the designer in me felt a void and missed the creating and designing process. I also expanded my business and began helping other women pursue and build their own online fashion brands. Becoming a creative branding director was a natural transition for me. I have always helped other designers and businesswomen to see their vision into reality. Many of them wanted to become fashion entrepreneurs but didn’t have the time or creative savvy to do so themselves.


All of my brands have focused on women’s empowerment. I believe when you combine functionality and fashion; women can look and live their best lives. My brand helps to equip women so that everyday they step out to conquer the world they feel confident. Not only do I use fashion to express myself but I have the innate ability to inspire and motivate women through fashion. I call it “Manifesting beautiful souls through fashion” I believe it’s a gift God wants me to share with other women.

I believe you can use social media as a positive platform to empower others; showing women it is possible to be a successful entrepreneur without compromise. I strive to become the best version of myself daily while simultaneously accepting myself exactly as I am. I am always working on becoming my truest best self.

My mantra is “Follow your heart’s desires and through manifestation the possibilities are endless.” The right mindset has the power to change our reality. What we see in the physical does not have to determine the amazing outcomes our lives can have. I believe it’s already written we just have to believe. I encourage women to dream big and start living the life they have imagined, have blind faith, strength, believe and…Take a Leap!

After ten years in the fashion industry, I’ve found that most people focus on their exterior when in fact, the inner beauty, the soul is the most important aspect of all. Those who use their experiences and strengths to grow; knowing the true magic lives within themselves.

Spirituality plays such a major role in my life. The Stylish Spirit was birthed because I wanted mesh two things I love most; Style and Spirituality. After Styling for many years, I thought to myself what better thing to style than your spirit… and work on yourself from the inside out. There’s so much beauty that lies inside of all of us just waiting to be unleashed once we truly believe and we speak the things we want in life. I also noticed the outpouring of inquiries I would receive every time I would post my spiritual rituals (daily affirmations, meditating, burning intention candles, sound healing, etc.) So many women wanting to understand and better themselves through mindfulness and manifestation. I honestly sat on this idea for a while because I wanted to launch The Stylish Spirit perfectly. The Virgo in me wanted everything to be perfect. So, I kept waiting and waiting for this big investment to birth my idea. Until one day, I was having a conversation with a friend and she said “Shelly this is an amazing idea and it’s really needed in the world right now.” So just start where you can and grow from there! And at that moment I had an epiphany! I literately wasn’t living in my power and trusting that everything was gonna work out. What is the perfect business launch anyway?! I knew my heart was in the right place and I knew that my product would also help people better themselves which is my ultimate goal. So that’s what I did I literally just started! Yes, I told myself I would start here and I knew in my heart that my brand would grow to the grand vision in my head. And here I am almost a year later from launching The Stylish Spirit and business is going really well! Day by day it’s growing and I’m growing!

Great, so lets dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges youve had to overcome?

The road has totally not been smooth at all but I believe obstacles are the beauty of life. How else would we have experiences to learn from if it wasn’t for struggle and mistakes. I have learned and am still learning so much about myself and building a successful business along my journey.

The greatest challenge I’ve had to overcome. I would say was stepping out on faith and out of my comfort zone. I always knew that Philly didn’t really have much to offer me but, it became even clearer that I wouldn’t reach my full potential if I stayed there. I yearned for more! More opportunity, more culture, more experiences…

A lot of my struggle has come from me not fully trusting the process and worrying about perfectionism and endless tweaks which prolongs the process. Instead of just releasing my gift and having the confidence everything will be well received.

Fully learning the business aspects were also a struggle because I am such a creative that I would focus majority of my time on the creative process that the business side would sometimes get neglected. And although I have a business background crunching numbers and figuring out the logistics just isn’t my strong suit. I believe that’s where building a team comes into play so that I can focus on my strengths and it wouldn’t be at the expense of the business.

When establishing a new business there’s so much to learn and a lot of highs and lows. The highs would be getting to do something you love everyday. But, the lows would be not initially making much money because it all has to go back into the business….. All while still trying to maintain my usual lifestyle and make it look fabulous, lol.

Understanding that being an entrepreneur isn’t as glamorous as it seems. It requires a lot of work and long hours with little to no pay in the beginning. I don’t believe there is a formula… Heck, I’m still figuring it out myself. But I would say you have to LOVE what you do and always stay true to your brand and what it is you represent.

Creating structure was a struggle once Covid hit. I had to restructure my business operations. Also, knowing the success of my business is solely up to what I put in. Unlike a 9 to 5, your work hours never really end.

Having Faith has got me through the struggle!!! And right before I feel like I want to quit (because those moments will happen) I DONT because I know I’m right there…One step closer to truly being successful!

Alright – so lets talk business. Tell us about The Stylish Spirit – what should we know?

The Stylish Spirit is an energy-based brand all about “Styling yourself from the Inside Out” through daily manifesting, chakra alignment, and understanding the magic/power we all have within. Through intention candles, daily affirmations, crystals, sage, palo santo, feminine nicknacks, and clothing to make women feel beautiful.

Again, The Stylish Spirit was birthed because I wanted mesh two things I love most; Style and Spirituality. After Styling for many years, I thought to myself what better thing to style than your spirit… and work on yourself from the inside out.

We specialize in helping mainly women unleash their true potential by developing daily routines to help them become their truest highest self. And we are most proud of being to help them along life’s journey.

We are also proud to be launching The Stylish Spirit Home Collection this December right in time for the holidays. We believe the home is truly yours safe haven; where you go to have peace and tranquillity. The collection was created in honor of that. It will feature a women’s loungewear collection designed by me! Luxurious hand-poured candles, Coffee mugs, feminine incense burners, wall art, handmade coasters, handmade ashtrays and more.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?

Authenticity , Resilience, Passion, Hardworking, and being a Light to others. I believe people naturally gravitate towards me for those reasons and in turn, they are supporters of my business which I am eternally grateful for the love and support I receive. The biggest compliment I always receive is that I am more beautiful on the inside. Thats means the world to me because growing up, I was always taught that I had to be more than pretty. Education and humility was a priority in our home. I am now able to display those attributes through The Stylish Spirit


  • Spiritual Boxes $60
  • Intention Candles $20

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