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Meet Meghan MacRae

Today we’d like to introduce you to Meghan MacRae.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I was born in Long Beach, CA, and raised in a close-knit family environment. Being the deep thinking, emotional kid that I was, I learned early on the importance of connection, communication, and the beautiful feeling that comes when we give back to our environment and those in need. I have had the pleasure of spending time with artists, healers, politicians, doctors, musicians, lawyers, athletes, teachers, wanderers… and even a president of the United States. The lesson I have learned and the inspiration I have received from all these people and experiences is this – People are people. No matter who we are, what we believe in, or where we come from, we are all seeking love and we all want to feel safe living on this planet.

Sports, and being a competitive athlete, provided me with a lot of structure and security during my early years up through high school. It wasn’t until my senior year that I decided to switch gears and transition from the role of ‘athlete’ to simply being Me. I went and got a job at the one and only ‘Polly’s Gourmet Coffee’ in Long Beach. It felt wonderful to make my own money and learn new skills, however, I also started to realize that I had no clue who I was without sports in my life. During the summer of 2003, I left Long Beach and drove up to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to start my college journey. Still feeling a bit clueless and lost, I turned to yoga and meditation to help me center and ground myself. Meditation has been one of the most powerful tools ever gifted to me and was first introduced to me by my 3rd-grade teacher! I highly doubt she realized, at the time, what an impact her teaching style would have on my adult years and future choices.

In 2007 I left Cal Poly SLO with a degree in Broadcast, Journalism and secured a position at Fox network’s FUEL TV. My experience in television was unique and special, though it didn’t provide the long-term fulfillment I had hoped for. By 2009 I was embracing some of my natural healing abilities and learning about reiki among other natural healing modalities. It wasn’t until 2010 that I felt it was time to move on from television. I had come across an opportunity to stay in the Peruvian jungle for about 3 months, to learn about the natural healing techniques and plant life down there. My work crew was extremely supportive. They gave me the go-ahead to accept the trip and said that a job would be waiting for me, if I wanted it, upon my return. To be gifted with this level of support and kindness, at a time when I needed it most, was amazing.

I, as you may have guessed, did not return to the same job upon my return from Peru.

Instead, I embarked on my next chapter. I became certified as a yoga instructor as well as a Reiki instructor, and I continued to deepen my own personal self-care practice. My intention moving forward was an evolution of my childhood awareness. I always knew I wanted to bring people together, spread love, and lead the way for positive change, but how? I was now entering a place in my life where I could more clearly see my purpose, and it all boiled down to fear and love. Fear is manifested from stress tipping us into that worst case scenario, negative thinking mode. When we are in a state of fear our solutions are limited, our creativity is dim, and we are more likely to encounter frustration and conflict.

Love, on the other hand, is manifested when we are no longer resisting our truth when we are no longer trapped by fear and are feeling full of faith and possibility. Love provides a gateway to creativity, kindness, empathy and unlimited solutions. I have personally experienced both sides of the coin and I am aware of which practices can bring me from a stressed out, fear-based state to a more coherent, loving state. This awareness led me to my intention of moving forward. My intention being to help people manage their own stress levels, to continue managing my own stress levels, to spread and inspire as much love as possible, and to eventually bring self-care and wellness to the stressed-out corporate world. I was ready to take the abstract practices and ideas I was learning about and make them practical and easily digestible, for everyday people.

After years of education and practice, it wasn’t until 2017 that the opportunity I was looking for arrived. Daniel Hitzke, the managing partner of the law firm Hitzke & Ferran, brought me in to support his team. I was able to take all that I had learned – from meditation and stress management to leadership and communication – and apply it to this one firm. After almost a year and a half in, my work at the law firm continues and so does my mission to give back. I have offered my services to senior level management at UPS, to Cal State Long Beach women’s volleyball, along with other local businesses, individuals and athletes. It is always an honor to share my gifts with others, because, really, we are all in this together!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
My path has been amazing and beautiful, and it has also been a road full of lessons and struggle. While my passion is helping others reduce stress and rise above fear, that also means I need to rise above my own fears. My inner work has been a journey in and of itself. I strive to turn my fears into something beautiful, and then once I have a breakthrough I do my best to coherently articulate my path and process to others.

Being a mirror for others, supporting others, sharing my inner journey and process with others… it’s like one continued risk and leap of faith after the other. Sometimes I am the punching bag, sometimes I am appreciated, sometimes I am ignored.

Everything I go through, in my work and personal life, helps me to refine me and become a more aware, mindful and compassionate person. I will add, I have an amazing team of friends, family, mentors and coaches. Nothing that I have created or accomplished has been done alone. I am very blessed and grateful.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Meghan MacRae – what should we know?
A big part of my role at the law firm Hitzke & Ferran, and my overall intention when speaking with other individuals and teams, is to inspire people to take good care of themselves. Meditation, yoga, breathing and guided relaxation are among the tools and techniques I draw from when helping people.

If you, your family members or your teammates are feeling stressed and uneasy, this will reflect in your/their attitude, communication and overall energy that is brought to the home or office. When we learn to take better care of ourselves, understand and meet our own needs, manage our own stress levels, have more mastery over our emotional reactions, and make more choices and decisions that feel good… we naturally feel happier and more at ease. When working or living with people that feel at ease, that feel good, it makes our work and home lives a much more inspiring, productive, safe and enjoyable experience.

Whether I offer my skill set to an innovative organization or an individual, my focus is to help those who are ready to rise above fear-based stress and negativity, and transition into a more aware, compassionate, mindful state of being. I am a part of the present, and up and coming group of leaders, who are focused on fostering work/life balance, increasing awareness and empathy, improving communication, and brainstorming ways to enhance dedication, motivation, and a sense of deeper purpose in the daily individual and team goals.

We are living during a time where faith in leadership is needed more than ever. The potential ROI (Return on Investment) of investing in self-aware, compassionate, growth-minded leaders can be limitless!

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
Kindness is everything! Kindness doesn’t hurt people, it nurtures people.

A little side note: When I am feeling depleted or rundown, it’s my community + self-care routine that helps me to choose kindness. Kindness can quickly get thrown out the door when we are feeling rundown, tired, or depleted.

When I get to this point, myself, I know it’s time to turn up my self-care game and spend more time with loving, kind people.

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