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Meet Meg Stutz of Hustle & Bliss in Orange County

Today we’d like to introduce you to Meg Stutz.

Meg, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I have always loved being social and active, ask anyone who knows me. My family is athletic and competitive, so I was involved in sports from a young age. I knew health basics: train and practice hard, eat more veggies than junk food. I am tall and was never small, most of my life I wanted to be smaller. I struggled, never feeling full control over my body and how it looked. I was willing to try every fad diet; no matter how crazy, to try and be smaller.

I played softball through college and graduated with a Business Degree. Then moved back to California where I lived with my best friend. It was amazing. I was broke, ate a lot of cheese, drank a lot of happy hour beer, and we walked dogs for a living. My weight increased. I began working full time, and even trained and ran a half marathon, but still no weight loss. What I didn’t realize was it wasn’t just about my weight, my real problem was other things in my life I wasn’t feeling good about. I used food and going out to cover it up.

Over the next few years I started learning more about food and how it affects us. I started getting serious about losing the weight, found accountability partners, and paid attention to what I was eating. I lost 30+ pounds.

I kept the weight off, and continued a pretty intense fitness routine. One day it was brought to my attention my strict lifestyle was keeping me from enjoying life and being social. That’s when I started educating myself more about the food I was eating. This inspired my interest in cooking, and experimenting with ways to make my favorite foods, cocktails, and desserts in healthier ways using whole food ingredients.

My interest in health, fitness, and wellness deepend. I had a successful career in advertising sales and Cole (my now husband)  and I traveled all the time. I learned a lot about staying healthy and lots of great travel tips. I loved learning about local cultures, finding the freshest foods, and exploring by jogging around each new city we visited.

We bought a house, got married, worked hard, traveled often. It was on a four- day trek to Machu Picchu in 2016 I decided to quit my job and start my own business. I wanted to help other people feel good, and figure out what their bliss looks like. For me it is a life where we are free to travel and be together whenever we want, and to become our own boss. The business didn’t happen right away. It took about a year of me talking myself in and out of it.

Eventually, I became more focused on holistic health and signed up for school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Then, one of the biggest turning points happened at a Dr. checkup, and long story short, I was told I appeared to have PCOS. So, my options for getting pregnant were meds and getting shots. I did my research and realized I didn’t have many of the symptoms. That’s when I started looking into alternative options to heal my hormones.

I chose a Naturopathic doctor for a second opinion. After testing my hormones, she started me on supplements and eliminated foods that were causing inflammation. She also suggested I cut out any high stressors –  another sign to leave my corporate job and focus on my dream business.

While taking my classes at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was still working in corporate sales. I started teaching Lagree fitness classes and spin. This was when Hustle and Bliss (H&B) officially began, and I added Wellness Consultant for a large office complex to my resume. About six months later, I left my job and we celebrated with a trip to Costa Rica. When I got home, we found out we were pregnant!

This was it. I was hooked. I was a believer that food is medicine. That health isn’t just physical: it is mental, your relationships, career, creativity, and having a social life. True Holistic health is all-encompassing and when you feel good you want to eat in a way that fuels you.

I was able to work holistically to heal my body and get pregnant. This is what worked for me, but not necessarily for others. I’m an advocate of doing what is best for your individual body, and what feels right for you. Since graduating from IIN, I have been working with both corporate and individual clients. My favorite, super active, dude Hendrix was born in August 2018. Becoming a mother opened up a whole new health journey that has given me even more insight into all the ways our bodies change over time. Which brings us to today: I am learning to be a mom, working with clients, teaching Lagree Fitness classes, and being sure I nurture all facets of my and my family’s health.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Hardly. I think if you ask anyone who has started their own business it is a constant rollercoaster of emotions and never feeling like you are as far as you should be with things. My biggest challenge was getting out of my own way, and finally taking the leap. I struggled with the thought of leaving a well-paying position to set out on my own. Giving up the financial security for an opportunity to chase the life I wanted.

When I left my job, I was planning on going big and really putting all my energy into H&B. I had a whole plan laid out including starting on a second business opportunity with my husband. Then I got pregnant, which was amazing, but definitely changed our projected timeline. I am still working to get to where I want to be. However, if it were easy I would have probably already gotten bored with it!

Please tell us about Hustle & Bliss.
Hustle & Bliss provides Holistic Health & Wellness Consulting to the busy humans of the world. Large and small companies, CEOs, and heads of the household all have busy schedules in common. There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to give focus to everything you would like.

At Hustle & Bliss, we have a range of programs for individuals and corporate clients to best fit their needs. We help our clients achieve goals for health concerns like: more energy, digestive issues, weight loss, weight gain, dietary change due to medical condition, skin conditions, pre/post natal health, athletic performance, career performance, or keeping the family healthy and well.

We love and appreciate the hustle, and believe bliss lies within it. Busy or overwhelmed? No problem. We are here for YOU. Give yourself time to work on other things by allowing us to do the heavy lifting from researching your unique health concerns, crafting a customized lifestyle plan, optimizing your diet, creating a fitness routine, and more.

Corporate Clients: No matter if your team is large or small, employees on-site or remote, a strong wellness program shows you care about the people who make it all happen. When people feel supported, healthy, and happy they are able to perform at their highest potential. Services range from: event speaking engagements (in-person or virtual),  wellness workshops, event menu planning, office hours, and complete wellness programs (monthly, quarterly or yearly) that can include nutrition guidance, fitness challenges, team building, special events and more.

Our Specialty: Being a partner in reaching goals. We recognize the role of bio-individuality and create custom programs to educate each client to be empowered with the knowledge necessary to self-correct, reset, use food as medicine to eat intuitively, and live your best life without reservation or restriction. Giving more time to live your bliss.

Having real-life experience as an athlete, corporate sales, entrepreneur, wife, and mom allows me to connect with all types of clients. Sometimes you need an advocate, a partner and that’s where we come in. Educating yourself is key to being in control of your health and creating the life you want. I want my clients to feel excited to share/be open with me. We are here to be a partner, not to judge your choices/decisions. (hit me with it, I love TMI!).

I want everyone to have their KALE and eat CAKE too! No matter where you are in the journey, let’s make it fun.

We are proud of the time, research, and customization put into each of our clients. It isn’t just about giving a list of foods to eat and a workout. We want to help find root causes, not just treat an issue. We help find what works best for each unique person while educating and providing tools that fit into their lifestyle so they can be sustained. Continuing education through research, reading and events keeps me up to date health and wellness information in order to help with a broad spectrum of health topics

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
I honestly feel like I needed to go through the things in my life I did or I wouldn’t be who I am today, and Hustle & Bliss may have never happened.

Looking back, I would not have taken so long to get things going. I would have put myself out there more right from the start. I would have stopped waiting for the perfect graphic, post, or time to get out there to promote myself; especially wasting time comparing myself to others or feeling insecure. Getting out there and doing what you are passionate about keeps you motivated to continue working on the business, even if you don’t feel ready. Because the bottom line for me is, I want to help people feel good and be healthy so they can get out there, live their version of bliss and spread their knowledge of health to family and friends.


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