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Meet Mayly Tao of DK’s Donuts & Bakery in Santa Monica

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mayly Tao.

Mayly, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My story starts out as a little girl who not only wanted to make her parents proud, but to set LA on fire with my creative ideas and obsession with food. I started out learning all the tricks to the trade growing up in my family’s bakery. After attending UC San Diego with a degree in Communications, I found a calling to come back to Santa Monica to modernize and put my family’s bakery on the map. I’ve turned it from a local bakery to a worldwide sensation. Expanding our offerings to over 120 different types of donuts and pastries, I’ve turned DK’s Donuts & Bakery into any dessert lover’s dream. It has been a long journey to get where I am today, but my ambition never stops. I’ve successfully turned DK’s Donuts & Bakery into a Los Angeles staple and a brand leader in the quality and consistency of donuts.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Nothing worth having comes easily. I deal with issues and come up with solutions every single day. Waking up at 4 AM is one of my struggles, but the fuel of my passion for creating a unique experience always triumphs. It can be physically and mentally draining to be so committed to the attention of my supporters, but with every struggle, the reward is twice fold. I’m always searching to find a new way to do something a little bit more efficiently. I’m always trying to be better, every day. This takes patience and ambition, but any struggle can be overcome.

Please tell us about DK’s Donuts & Bakery.
DK’s Donuts & Bakery is a hotspot destination for locals and travelers alike. Serving high-quality donuts and pastries since 1981, we offer an array of good that appeals to anyone. This is a place you can take someone out for a date, where you can purchase donuts for a wedding, find another person just as passionate about food as you are, or have 24/7 breakfast when you’re hungover or visit if you have the midnight munchies. It’s somewhere you can go or order to have delivered that you know will be consistently delicious.

If you asked me what I do, I’d fire back with “What do I not do?” I’m the CEO, social media guru, PR representative, content creator, events coordinator, manager, HR director, and business strategist. As a small business owner, I handle everything from the front of the house to back of the house. I specialize in bringing happiness to anyone who steps into our shop, or anyone who orders delivery nationwide or locally 24/7. I’m known as the #donutprincess, and my mission is to make your experience a lasting and unforgettable one. I want to make your taste buds dance around so incredibly that you’ll have to tell your friends upon the little gem that you’ve discovered. I’m known for my genuine smile and my innovative, ambitious spirits. As a company, we’re proud on delivering a consistent and exquisite product, made with high-quality ingredients at the freshest capacity. We stand apart from others in our commitment to make you rethink your experience with donuts.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
If I had to start over, I probably would have written a book or a blog about the everyday toils I experienced to show how every single little building block of each day’s toils could result in success.


  • Donuts start at $1.10 to $3.95
  • Breakfast items are 24/7 and start as low as $3 Savory specialty donuts and ice cream stuffed donuts start at $4
  • Deli lunch sandwiches start at $5
  • Boba and fresh fruit smoothies start at $4

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Mayly Tao

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