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Meet Maryam Ajayi of Indagba & Diversity in Wellness

Today we’d like to introduce you to Maryam Ajayi.

Maryam, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Half healer, half business woman—all in for changing the world. I’m an entrepreneur and energy healer who is committed to empowering the disadvantaged, fighting racism, toppling the patriarchy, and generally leaving things better than I found them.

Born in Nigeria, but raised primarily in Annapolis, MD I went to college in Virginia and, as an East Coast girl through and through at the time, moved to Washington, DC shortly after my graduation, where I spent seven very interesting years as a wannabe Republican lobbyist.

After taking a cold, hard look at the destructive path I was on (for society and myself), I made a commitment to paving a new one that would allow me to make meaningful change in the world. So I left politics and moved to NYC to work for a global impact FinTech scale-up.

Years later, I was moving closer and closer, “having it all.” I had changed in my life, set short and long term goals, and I was well on my way to achieving them. Yet, I still found myself disconnected from… well, myself. And it was, appropriately, one of the times I was feeling most myself—pizza in one hand, champagne in the other—that I stumbled into the world of healing.

Deepening my yoga practice helped ground me and led me to meditation. That led me to alternative medicine. Then, I discovered two of the most powerful modalities I’ve used: Reiki and Breathwork.

Before I knew it, I was practicing both and fulfilling my life’s purpose. And, after ten years in business and one of those years as both a healer and businesswoman, it became jarringly clear to me that we need more mindfulness in business. So, in early 2019, I left my job in tech and founded Indagba to wholly commit to helping truly socially conscious people and organizations grow into their full potential through mindful business strategy.

Always known for doing the most, I simultaneously founded Diversity in Wellness after the overwhelming response from my article about the lack of diversity and inclusion in the wellness industry. Rather than just keeping the conversation going, but create meaningful change, in February 2019, I launched the DIW.

What started off as a quarterly event, bringing together diverse and inclusive leaders within the industry for an open dialogue and discussion in order to create a plan of action for bringing more diversity to the wellness industry we are scaling our offerings in order to create deeper and further-reaching impact to those who often do not have access to healing and wellness as it has evolved today.

As a newly found digital entrepreneur, I found myself with a freedom I have never experienced in my life. I had agency over myself after stripping away so much of society’s conditioning. As a spirit lead business, I found myself in LA for a training and after a few weeks of sunshine and flow, I flew back to the East Coast, sold a majority of my belongings and came to LA with a suitcase and no expectations but to have as much fun and grow as much as possible.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
What does a smooth road feel like? JKJK. If I said it’s been a smooth road, I would be a bonafide liar.

A lot of my major moves have been because I have felt energetically pushed to my brink and forced to make a decision outside of my comfort zone. For example, my decision to become a nomad was because my lease was up and couldn’t find an apartment. At my last showing in NYC, a bird shit on my head. No matter what anyone says, it’s not good luck. It was gross. I’m privileged enough to have a family home I know I can always return to. So, I called my father and told him I was putting my belongings in storage and coming home for an undetermined amount of time. The universe gave me enough signs and I finally started paying attention even though I knew it wouldn’t be an easy road–no pun intended.

That’s when my life started to crumble apart for what felt like the millionth time in my life. I was experiencing new heights as a healer, working with incredible brands such as Nike and The Wing, yet at my tech company, I was dealing with extreme racism and sexism that was crushing me. But, I was able to have compassion for the White People in power for their perpetuation of institutional racism and their attacks on me. What I saw was incredibly unhealed people playing out their own trauma and self-limiting beliefs in the workplace. I had that AHA moment that comes to every entrepreneur. These people needed healing. Business aren’t going anywhere, so why not bring healing into businesses by teaching mindfulness in workplaces and how to apply that to their work. That’s how Indagba was born. Out of my own adversity and ultimately my resilience.

If I had not become my own boss and have the freedom of being anywhere in the world with a strong wifi connection, I wouldn’t have taken that trip out to LA that led to my move. So, it’s why I always try to embrace the rocky road, because they bring life’s greatest lessons–and at times its greatest gifts.

Please tell us about Indagba & Diversity in Wellness.
As a healer, I offer Reiki and Breathwork. I specialize in holding deep compassion space for people in partnership/collaboration vs. putting myself on a pedestal. I am human, just like my clients. I make mistakes, I am still growing, I don’t have all the answers. I talk about tacos and my love for high kicks on dancefloors–I’m not your average healer. My clients breath a little bit easier knowing I am not looking down on them, that I am not some superhuman sitting in high tower. That I can help them heal, give them resources to become their own healers and that will probably end up dancing the night away after a taco dinner one day.

Indagba, which translates to “in growth” in Yoruba – sits at the intersection of mindfulness and business growth strategy in order to help socially conscious people and companies grow into their full potential in order to not only change their lives but the world. We offer holistic awareness, accessible transformation for impact, and intentional strategy and in turn, people obtain true wellness for the greater good, purpose fueled passion and sustainable growth.

Again, in collaboration with my clients, I craft a process specifically to their mission—whether that’s setting a mindful strategy for long-term growth on an individual level, or businesses scaling demand for their product, navigating organizational change, relaunching or repositioning a brand, implementing smarter team structures, or pretty much anything that demands conscientious leadership through a dynamic environment. Together, I’ll combine strategy with mindfulness to clarify goals and create tactical implementation plans for people and companies to thrive.

There are healers who offer business strategy, but rarely do you see healers who actually come from the depth of corporate backgrounds that I have. I bring mindfulness, but also real strategy that businesses can utilize, which is what sets me apart.

DIW doesn’t bringing together diverse and inclusive leaders within the industry for an open dialogue and discussion, but we do so in order to create a plan of action for bringing more diversity to the wellness industry. Participants are encouraged to go beyond discussion and put their ideas into action amongst community, in order to not just talk about change but create it.

More than anything, I am proud of seeing people step into their own power in all three aspects of my businesses. Stepping into their power in order to be of service to the greater good and healing of the world. It’s truly magical.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
Not a damn thing. Everything in life is a puzzle piece to a masterpiece that is your life and your individual destiny.


  • I offer every healing for $150/hour, but offer sliding scale for BIPOC.
  • My individual Growth Strategy Advising ranges from $250 – $1000, but again I offer slinging scale for BIPOC.

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