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Meet Marissa Robbins

Today we’d like to introduce you to Marissa Robbins.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
Never did I think I would be considered an artist. Growing up I was a confident little firecracker when it came to being strong-willed and independent. I was a larger kid and the Doctors favorite words every year for my physical were ” you are obese for your age.” This tore me down year after year, luckily I was raised by Amazon women as I like to call them. Women in my family who believe big boned is beautiful and that was nothing to be ashamed of. Although I was confident in my size and appearance when it came to creativity I always felt as if I wasn’t born to draw or have a creative mind. In elementary school, art class was not my jam. My projects were the ones only a Mother could love. I was always last chair in band and my imaginary friend was literally non-existent, meaning I didn’t believe in them. All these reasons made me doubt myself because all of the other kids had minds that soared. I decided in middle school I’m not creative so why try. I didn’t try doodling or making cool origami love letters as the kids once did, and I absolutely hated art class now. Out of all classes I just quit, and thought I was more corporate world material maybe a Lawyer or Sports Agent. So thats what I did I started working for the man at 15 and never looked back. Which brings us here, 2019 talking to you about how I ended up here. Young Marissa is now 25 and living in the big city of Los Angeles. A Texas girl who has never lived more than 25 minutes away from her entire family. Has literally packed up her and her boyfriends life and travelled 24 hours to a city I have visited no more than 40 days out of 4 years. I started to believe in my self. Once I turned 24 my creativity began to blossom in the most beautiful way. I found the love of being a Plus Size Influencer. As I grew older and began to love my body for what it is, it sparked my creativity. Turning me to photography, fashion, and body positivity which is my art.

Please tell us about your art.
Art can be a painting, a person or a sculpture. In my case art is me, art is peoples bodies and how they decide to dress them up but mainly just how they were created. For centuries sculptures were created of peoples bodies to signify something. I do not believe there is one correct significance; I believe art is beautiful because its main purpose is what does it mean to you as an individual. Everyone was built differently, and it is our duty to ourselves to love the skin we’re in. We are the million dollar sculptures, and we are presented to the world every day. My mission in life is to spread body positivity all over the world. To do this I create content for social media platforms to show women of all sizes you can wear that top, you can order that outfit online and not feel negative about it because ” Your positive its a waste of money and will not fit.” Being confident my whole life and never feeling ashamed to wear those daisy dukes every summer and neon green top that stands out too much led me to receive a lot of hate, stares, and love. Throughout all of the stares from other women who look down on me for being plus size or the men who sexualize me because I do have larger assets. I choose to only see love. Only seeing love allows me to connect with my audience and followers who do need that extra boost of confidence. Being able to influence someone who may have been the obese kid or the kid who got picked on means everything to me. I want to be that influencer who is their friend because I understand what they’re going through not because they like my filters. My photos are unapologetically me, fashion statements and bold in color.

Choosing a creative or artistic path comes with many financial challenges. Any advice for those struggling to focus on their artwork due to financial concerns?
Artistic careers are usually the ones where you have to constantly put your self out there and never be afraid of failing. Some see having a full-time job and schedule as a bad thing because you aren’t 110% committed to your artistic self. It’s hard to be that committed in a society where money controls all. Never be ashamed to work your full-time job and then go home and work on your dream. It all depends on how bad do you want it? This is a constant battle when you aren’t doing what you love. You have to remember Rome was not built in a day and your dream will not be either. Take your time and go at your own pace. There is always going to be a spot for you at the finish line when it is your passion. Set realistic goals for your self in your full time and dream career. This helps you reach each goal faster to ensure you are always taking the correct steps to reach your main goal. Never give up; you have a passion that was meant for you. Ultimately be your self and be wise, if you have to question to spend any funds you nine times out of 10 may not need it. You are in control of your finances and your dreams, no matter how big or financially unreasonable they are, always know where there is a will there is a way.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
My work can mainly be found on Instagram and Youtube. It is amazing what opportunities social media can open up for you. Being a Plus Size Influencer was never something I prolonged to be. It was more of an opportunity I saw I was being given, and I looked at all possible angles prior to jumping into this. On one side I am so grateful for my following and audience they push me every day to complete my 9 to 5 job and still continue to work on my passion of influencing the everyday working women. People can support me by being interactive on my page, asking questions if they have one or even just simply liking a photo. Most people do not realize the time it takes to take the photos and ensure they’re great quality to post. Another way would be to share my profile on to your social media platform, save a photo in your bookmarks and consistently show love on every post. It is easy to get lost in the algorithm of Instagram, so I always advise turning on your notification settings if you really love the content you see.

If you follow me I want to be your friend, a mentor, someone you see as a equal.

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