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Meet Margie Hanson of Communicating – Today’s Way in Westside of LA

Today we’d like to introduce you to Margie Hanson.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Margie. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
My path has been an eclectic one and one in which I took giant steps into the unknown more than once to move forward. Beginning with a one way ticket to Hawaii and less than $100 cash the day after my graduation from U Mass. Amherst; to returning to Boston 4 months later and taking a teaching job (never having been with kids in my life ) because I wanted lots of vacations to travel; to after 5 years, hopping into my car and driving from my home in Boston to Vail, Colorado to live without knowing anyone upon arrival; to 4 years later landing in Los Angeles with only 25 cents to my name but ready to find a career that would make the world turn not vacations! So many stories… so many adventures… so many risks that made me who I am today!

Hawaii taught me that the world is out there on a platter. All we have to do and reach out and take what we want. Teaching taught me that kids and adults are just people and because of my Hawaii adventure, I was able to give some derelict kids the confidence that they could buy a subway token and get themselves out of the gutter lives they were born into and make something of themselves. Vail taught me who I was, as I went there solo and whatever I accomplished I knew that “I” did it! An amazing 4 years of meeting amazing people and having Mother Nature be the key element for business success… so much happiness in Vail.

Los Angeles was this wide open field of opportunity and I was determined to find my way with no “professional” business experience. I took to the bars to make the “who you know” rule kick in and it did! I learned of a tiny new company in Burbank that emerged from the deregulation of the phone equipment industry. The first computerized phone systems were being manufactured and with that came an ability to record call activity and manage the business phone as a business resource. It was a perfect match to my math and organizational skills and a great intro to this brand new telecommunications industry.

I loved everything about this industry and moved on to the selling of phone systems and when data networking entered the picture I was in my glee and moved on to all the new data networking solutions as they evolved with my last position (over a 20+ year tenure) being on the very first sales team for Cisco Systems! Sooooo lucky to have had a front row seat to all of the growth of this industry and of course the entry and development of the internet from its beginnings to where it is today! My take-away was discovering 3 major talents that I carry with me:
1) An innate talent for seeing pieces and connecting them and making bigger wholes.
2) A skill in turning complexity into simplicity. I was the “go to” for presenting huge networking presentation
3) A master at consultative communications i.e. selling.

It was a wonderful career that the craziness of the fast paced industry turned into a job that suffocated me and at the end of a fiscal year I did the unthinkable and resigned from Cisco Systems to start my own business. Living was more important to me than all the money that was coming in. It took a couple of years of experimentation to know what that business would be and realizing I missed the energy of the high tech industry, in 2000 Communicating – Today’s way opened as a web design business. I taught myself coding and off I went distinguishing myself from others by offering to work with their content and messaging. I would help them “sell” via their website Shortly thereafter, I added workshops on the effective use of 1 to 1 email and online newsletters, always with the focus being on content and messaging that would connect my clients to their buyers Now with the onslaught and acceptance of social media I could not be happier than where I am today Most of my work now is focused on helping business people with their messaging… so that they can connect to their buyers I work with entrepreneurs, established companies, community organizations, and I have a special love for the members of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. My passion is to simplify the internet, remove the complexity and make the opportunities within the internet visible and obtainable. I’ve recently incorporated some of my engineering models of connectivity to social media establishing a full proof way of creating strategies that will take users directly to their targets! It can pretty much be guaranteed if worked appropriately. I am very excited about this new offering.

My byline is Good Business is Good Communications and nothing makes me happier than to help businesses create “good communications” that will bring them profitable “good business” that is also helping others!

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
My journey had anything BUT a smooth road. But I was fortunate in that my mindset enabled me to see challenges as adventures. I also learned that if you put your all into where you are at., as one thing diminishes for whatever the reason, new doors open.

Probably the biggest struggle was that in the tech industry things are constantly changing. In my corporate life that meant companies I worked for would be bought or just go away and that usually meant finding a new job. In my own business, it means the focus of my offerings constantly change and what was a core source of income no more exists!

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Communicating – Today’s Way – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
My business is all about enabling businesses to “communicate” via the internet. That means enabling them to connect to their buyers via effective messaging & content and correct choices and use of online resources and mediums I do this via consulting, training and coaching. My preference is 1-to-1 coaching as I believe no two businesses are the same. Even if two business offer the same service or product, the communications can vary because of the human factor and other criteria. I take a very holistic approach to my training.

I am proud that my focus is on messaging and the successful communications of quality messaging. So many in the tech world are after a fast buck and the users don’t know what they don’t know and they get fooled. I again am proud that I stay away from all that and my success is their long term success.

I have created a signature A-Z LinkedIn training that I offer quarterly it is designed to let people know ALL their options within the multiple free platforms of LinkedIn. It is not a system… it enable users to create their own system. I show them and teach them technical and strategic abilities via LinkedIn and users decide if it is workable tor their purposes. I am also there to help them know how an ability might be adaptable to their businesses. Registration six weekly sessions, recordings, lifetime membership in LinkedIn support private Facebook group, free entry to 3 sequential quarterly trainings.

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
I have a book in the works on the layers of connectivity and I am excited to finish it. It will be a guide for laying out the layers of connectivity within all types of communications in life! A speaking tour would be a dream come true!

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