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Meet Marcus Eaton

Today we’d like to introduce you to Marcus Eaton.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Marcus. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I grew up in the rural mountains of Idaho. We only had one or two intermittent TV stations so my older brother and I had to be creative and find various ways to entertain ourselves. My dad is a singer-songwriter (my grandparents were also opera singers) and had a recording studio in our basement which was really rare at the time. His influence was very profound and we always had interesting musicians visiting to make recordings or write songs with my dad.

I fell in love with music and playing guitar but also with nature and painting, drawing and sculpting. Growing up in the mountains really helped me develop my creativity. When I was five or six, I began taking piano lessons from my grandmother (my father’s mom who was an opera singer and vocal coach.) I really loved playing the piano but then I discovered my dad’s guitar. I remember opening the case, strumming the strings and trying to figure out how it worked…it was too big for me to hold properly.

When my mom and dad saw that I was taking an interest they gave me a little nylon string guitar for Christmas. When I received it, I was so excited that I took it to my room and disappeared for a few hours even though there were still many presents to open! The interesting thing is that I already knew how to play it as if I had done it before. Thus began one of the most important relationships of my life: me and my guitar.

I think that music chooses you and when you are chosen, it is your job to follow the muse. So I remain true to my muse and follow my inspiration wherever it leads me.

I have always concentrated on my original music and my own albums but in 2010, I was invited to work with David Crosby on an album called ‘Croz’. It was his first solo album in twenty years and I played, sang and wrote for the album. We also toured together and it was quite amazing.

I just released my new album entitled ‘Invisible Lines” on May 22nd. It is my seventh studio album: it is my favorite recording to date for many reasons but I feel that my songwriting has reached new heights and the mixes and production really sound amazing.

The title ‘Invisible Lines’ refers to the physical and geographical boundaries that divide us which have now been erased by technology. The world is more connected than ever before yet we are still looking for connection. Ironically, I feel that every song from this album was written for the strange time we find ourselves in.

There are three acoustic tracks and three full-band tracks and I am really excited for everyone to hear the songs!

Also, last year, I did my first film score for a documentary about David Crosby entitled David Crosby: Remember My Name. The film was directed by my brother A.J. Eaton and it was our first project together.

The film premiered at Sundance and also received a Grammy nomination so it has been an amazing ride!

The score is also available online.

Has it been a smooth road?
Anyone artist will tell you that the music business (or any artistic endeavor) is full of struggle. We are inundated with so many things these days and we are constantly being marketed to. Everyone is looking for a piece of our attention and unfortunately, a lot of music gets lost in the shuffle.

I am very proud that I have remained completely true to my artistic vision but even this can cause some challenges. People are always trying to get you to create something that is more this or that, but they are really just saying; do something more commercial!

Album sales are nonexistent and streaming royalties are just insulting! Artists are the last people to get paid for any of the work they are doing and now touring is gone for the next year or so.

Despite all of this: music is magical and it can transform our emotions immediately and lift us to a higher place. I believe in the power of music and I always have. We are in a moment of enormous transition and, just like other difficult moments in history, I believe good music will emerge and change people for the better.

Challenges will always exist but some of those challenges are what make art so rewarding.

Can you give our readers some background on your music?
I am Marcus Eaton and I am a singer/songwriter/guitarist. I am known for my original music and my work with David Crosby. I am most proud of the fact that I have remained true to my artistic integrity. There are many things that set me apart from others but when you listen to my music or see my live, then you can decide what those qualities are. 🙂

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
That is a good question. I see two things happening at one time: on one hand, where you live makes less of a difference now than it used to and on the other, the community you surround yourself with can make or break you.

LA is FULL of incredibly talented people, there is no doubt about that. It is surely one of the most unique environments in the world. However, I have not personally found that this is necessarily the most supportive environment and it can lack some authenticity because everyone is trying to be someone and to make it. Even though Los Angeles is enormous, you still have to keep your eyes open for those gems because they are still rare! This is my personal experience and LA cannot be consolidated into a few sentences.

There are situations and groups of people that I have found myself in here that could not happen anywhere else in the world and for this, I am very grateful. I am still finding my way here and meeting new people so every day is an adventure!

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First Shot in Red Jacket: Andrew Macpherson Photography; Shot with crosby in Rome, Italy: Anjali Ram Photography

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