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Meet Malcolm Xavier of MAGICXSTUDIO in Koreatown

Today we’d like to introduce you to Malcolm Xavier.

Malcolm, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
– Born and raised in Baltimore, MD.
– Child of Dionne Ferrell and Michael Jones.
– Grew up pretty much a rebel to everything except my sleep cycle.
– Now, I fall asleep anywhere, just about.

– My parents had been together for maybe five, six, years before I came through the veil. (the womb) They broke up due to my fathers lifestyle choices and insufficient communication. He may not want to own up to them, but I got it from here my guy.

I watched the demise, and yes it was bewildering to see. My two favorite superheroes falling from grace over trivial matters. I was five… I cried my fucking soul out. I didn’t understand. But I wanted to fix it somehow, safe to say, my mother and myself began our journey.

Attended Beechfield Elementary School. Grades 1-2. Attended John Paul Regional Catholic School for Pre-K and Grades three – four.

My mother and I lived in the city, our own two bedroom townhouse in a cul-de-sac full of other wild kids. Funny, memories from that time are mix of joy and sadness, I always made friends easily just as I made enemies because of the ease in which I did. We would ride bikes around the circle-shaped, with an island of sorts in the middle, community. Luckily, I was gifted a Dyno bike for my birthday. Believe it’s one of the best trick bikes ever made. We would hold races all day in that place!! There was a total of maybe 12 kids living in the commune. All from different walks of life. I remember I had a friend, Freddy, whom was like a brother. Another kid had lied and said I had talked to the girl he liked or something, and crazy enough Freddy’s mom was moving so he was extra hurt behind this. We fought behind this lie, not too long because some guy appeared, stopped us and told us to reconcile. We did but my brother was gone a day later.

After that, I experienced a bit of bullying. Felt like mutiny.. Half the population is upset at you because of rumor. Something you can’t control, and only can respond to with truth and your actions following the initial waves. It started with the usual disrespect, names, spreading more dirt on my name, pretty much persuading others to not be my friend any longer.. it starts with the source, like an explosion, but then, the current switches then its usually from the smaller pawns, and little bit from the source, if at all. Like any person with a heart, and raised to be kind to other humans. You tolerate this behavior because it’s something thats still out of your hands and isn’t based in fact. Thoughts are usually, “Oh well. Whatever”…. But then once it crosses over into the physical, where the big kids are sending other kids to fight you. The shift happens. Important note: When bullied, you often think of the worst case scenario.. they’ll gang up on me and i”ll be doomed. Haaa. No, it’s one person to test you and then you battle that one. The others are gauging their moral code and waiting to become mindless. So it’s best to act fast. Handle that one and the tide will change.

Gratefully my path placed me around individuals of an elder caliber whom instilled a sense of warrior spirit within at a very young age. At that young age, I didn’t take too kindly to anyone besides my parents putting their hands on me. My mother tells a much funnier version of this story, she said heard some commotion outside and she decided to take a peak from her bedroom window on the second story, at what was going on. She had noticed all the other kids sort of semi-circled in my direction. As I walked back to the house… She hears me come upstairs to my room, then immediately head back outside. As I’m walking back to the battlegrounds, if you will, my mother notices that I now wield a plastic cap gun, ice cream man used to sell them to us kids whenever he would come to our neighborhood.

One of the other kids wanted to fight, one on one, while the others watch… Fishy, don’t you think? I watched Lion King plenty of times… I know how hyenas operate. Understanding how the stage was set. I was ready to fulfill my role as the muse for their darkness. Pay-Per-View Opportunity? Yes. As I approached, they all say their fair share of insults, and the kid whose desire to be the first gladiator of his wicked tribe laughs, hysterically as he notices the cap gun. Of course.. who takes a cap gun serious? No one except Malcolm. At that point, I rushed him, and began pistol whipping him with the cap gun. I didn’t stop and I wasn’t going to until I felt it was necessary to.  Here at this point, the tide has now changed, they were all there to help him in the beating of Malcolm, however, now their purpose was to help him in the beating from Malcolm. They stopped me and carried him away.  It was the last of bullying troubles in that neighborhood.  Then the cycle repeated, I started making new friends again.

I share that because I know it still goes on till this day. If some kid reads this and is going through it, let it be known that, you’re an extraordinary human and you have the power to cease your own suffering. You don’t have to become them to evade them. Stand and Act accordingly. Don’t initiate the drama, but the have awareness of how to finish it.

I have such rich memories of the Pokemon phase around that time, gameboy, red, yellow and blue versions. N64, Super Smash Bros… I could literally play that all day, and if I pick Fox. You’re not beating me, no ifs ands buts about. Had my best Christmas and best birthday in that time of this life.

My mother and I relocated to Columbia, MD after she found love again and getting married for the first time.  Columbia was the safest place in Maryland and had the best public schools, according to my mother at that time. Haha. We moved quite a bit after that. Through that marriage, My sister was born, Madison. At this point, I was 10. Being a big brother at young age, makes you a father by default. Not exactly, of course, but close to it.

Started taking an interest in the medium of acting around the age of ten. My teacher at the time was Ms. Best, (wow… I forgot the name of the school… I think its Cradlerock Elementary) who had asked the class who wanted to be in the school play as the lead… No one raised their hand. So I did. Boom, bitten like Peter Parker.

Fast forward four years and I’m taking a drama class in Oakland Mills High School, Freshman Year, and truth be told, I was only taking the class because my ex-girlfriend said she was taking the class, and I just wanted to get back wit her. So I was plotting.

However, upon entering the class, she was nowhere to be found.  I needed an art credit to graduate, so I decided to stick it out and stay in the class.

Over the course of time, and after doing a lot of scene work. My teacher Mrs. Stephens pulled me to the side and said “You can really do this.” I said, ” I’m just having fun.” “No you can really do this, and well, I want to go for the school play.” So I went out for it, and got the role of Donald in “You Can’t Take It With You.”

My first stage play. The stage became my new home. I yearned for it. I became obsessed, and it delivered with it a whole portal of freedom. I loved to perform, but I will admit to. At times arrogance got me in trouble a few times. But that usually got nipped in the bud once I realized how serious this was for everyone else around me.

It was fun for me, and for some people, it was their life. Respect. Awareness is key. I did one play in that school and my sophomore year, I didn’t know how to sing properly, so I avoided the musicals they created that year. I “felt” like i couldn’t do it. I had given up my goals of playing basketball, especially after being cut from the JV team of my school because I was also in the play, at the same time and they felt like I needed to focus on one or the other. So there it was. Another shift..

My mother was extremely upset at the fact, I had brought a girl I was dating home on my off day from school. So she pretty much said, “Go to your father’s house.” Next thing you know, I moving to Baltimore County with my father.. way, way, way out in the sticks. My father had moved to Westminster, MD.

Which is pretty much just a bunch of open land a few communities sprinkled in between. Big house, large yard, front, and back. As I saw that, I could see myself cutting grass. Sigh… the simplicity of an apartment.

Went to Franklin High School for the 11th and 12th grade. There I performed in two productions Comedy Of Errors as the Duke (who has like an eight-ten page monologue to open the play.. I literally memorized in one night. Insane) and Grease as Kenickie. You might be able to find it on YouTube. Did my first musical, and I sang! To the best of my ability or should I say confidence?

After graduating from Franklin High… I wasn’t sure what was next for my life. Traditional college seemed foolish choice, plus I knew I didn’t care to fill my brain with useless information. That summer I worked as a lifeguard, and one day I came home to a packet from The American Musical Dramatic Academy.

At the time, never even heard of the school nor did I understand how they got my address. Never knew there was a school like it, one that was strictly for arts of acting, singing, and dancing. After receiving that… I knew this was my calling. Literally. They gave the option of auditioning in DC or NYC. Luckily, I read a book on the zodiac signs and in it, it said for the Aries.. places of success would be in large cities such as New York or LA.

So I auditioned in NYC based on my alignment with the stars. Did the most potent monologue I knew at the time, the Dagger speech from Macbeth. I got in. We may need to do this in a video lol!  Met some of the most incredible artists and humans ever in the world during my time in AMDA and NYC. Studied the Studio Program . It’s an arduous, grueling curriculum and I loved every bit of it. That combined with New York living, and the growth of yourself as a human in NYC was something I’ll never forget unless I get an amnesia.  Graduated in 2011 from AMDA. Since then, hit the ground running.

Found a manager the old fashioned way… Cold calls! Literally heard 100 no’s then one person said yes. Aligned my first audition for a Hasbro Commercial. Three callbacks later.. Booked my first commercial. After that, we were locked in!

Went on to do a ton of work that I’m forever grateful for. Wow. It was rather explosive in hindsight. From one project to the next, I floated. Don’t get me wrong, some details are being missed.

Life happens in between these amazing projects. Everything from relocating all over NYC like an army kid, getting fired from all the 9-5’s I tried to hold, to almost having a child. Yeah, and I was ready, to be transparent.

If she wanted to, I was all for it. At first, I was scared out of my mind… Like what in the world have I done? Then after a month… I became very excited to prepare a kingdom for my family. And I mean just those two: her and our physical fruition of love. Our beautiful little accident of passion conceived on its father’s bday. I was ready.

It’s a lot honestly… I would love to list all the projects, but I only have your attention until your phone rings. Hahaha!

Fast forward to 2018, just landed in Los Angeles on April 3rd, 2018. Moved into the beautiful Koreatown. Where excellent food is available at almost any time of the day. Except after 3 am.Did quite a number of projects as soon as I landed. From extra work to feature films, voiceover work, commercials. I’d like to say thank you to every company, individual who hired my talent and services. I’m super grateful for your love, faith, and trust! Thank you to Greg S, Audrey, Jourdan, Philip, Alex, and Bryan! And all the commercials completed within a span of a couple months.

During that time, my ambition began to grow an insatiable appetite. I had an idea for a clothing line around May/June. At that time, it was just formulating in the pineal. I began taking a lot more pictures of Los Angeles for inspiration. Anything I seen, If it resonated, I snap a photo. No matter what it is. There’s a strange magic in taking accidental pictures. You’ll notice later than those pictures are sometimes the best things you could’ve created. Currently, I have 8,705 and 1,206 videos on my phone. Before LA, it was more like 2,000 and 700 approx. I’m trying to inhale and absorb as much as possible at any given moment. There’s magic waiting to be discovered everywhere.

The idea started with wanting improve how humans communicated to one another. I believe it’s time we upgrade our vernacular that we use to one another. Make it more loving, filled with kindness, compassion. The old paradigm of words just doesn’t cut it anymore. If I ask you, “How are you?” And your response is “Good.” or “Good!” or “Great!!” That’s whack.

Even YOU, as the reader of these words. You felt nothing. Now if you ask, “Malcolm, how are you?” I say “Extraordinary, how are you?” Boom. You felt that light that just jumped out of your heart? That’s what I want to perpetuate. When we are all of children of the Light, love and truth. I don’t like the spreading of darkness.

Keep your negativity (cynicism, self-deprecation, bullshit, lies, self-victimization, pity parties, false realities, porjections) to fucking self. It isn’t beneficial to the human collective nor the greater good.

Try it for a day. Choose to be extraordinary, and see the reactions you get from the world.

Then around August, I visited by green scarab beetle. I took that as a sign from the Cosmos. (if you look up the meaning of being visited by a scarab beetle. You’ll understand) the moment felt like magic.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
Nothing. Why? This particular path I’ve chosen has revealed the lessons that has brought us to this point. All the failures, all the mistakes, all the risk, all the love, all the hate, the good, bad, ugly and everything in between. It has compounded into practical wisdom, revealed a pure mind within myself. And revealed the true colors of others. Which helped understand human nature in extremes. This all led to a divine awareness.


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