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Meet Lynne Lisa

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lynne Lisa.

Lynne, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
You know that saying, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans?”

If you have children, you might laugh at this, but in college, I thought it would be easy to just get a great job and raise a couple of kids. Easy! I didn’t know exactly what career I wanted, but I always knew I wanted to have kids and be a mom. I just also thought I’d build an amazing career in law, or teaching, or nutrition at the same time.

Having children did not turn out to be the easy part, either. When my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, I was broken-hearted. It took me a few weeks to even want to leave the house to see people. But I decided then to pursue teaching, so I could spend time with my future children if I would be lucky enough to have them. I switched my major to teaching and was fortunate enough to discover shortly after that I was pregnant again with a healthy baby girl! She was amenable enough to be born during winter break. I became ninja scheduler/structure, Mom, after she was born: finish paper for class, take baby to pediatrician. The baby, however, had other plans. She had her own agenda, and that was to cry. A lot. And definitely never sleep. I was sleep-deprived, stressed, and shortly after found out I had suffered yet another miscarriage.

As a student, I was used to keeping a tight agenda in order to get my work done. As a mom, I tried to squeeze my unique daughter who had her own needs and ideas into a schedule that did not suit her. When my second child, then third, then fourth, came along, each unique and obstinate in their own ways, my husband and I decided I would stay home and teach my own children.

Again, I thought it would be so easy! And again I hear you laughing. But I don’t blame you. I would laugh too. I was pushing and fighting and raising my voice to get my kids to do what I wanted. My sweet children got so tired of me “teaching to the teachable moments” in the supermarket, car, and library that my daughter finally just told me to stop teaching already! And that was the day I realized that I was not here to teach my children anything, but to learn from them. That’s not to say I didn’t teach them, I did. But I realized that they already came whole and knew how and what to learn. So I got out of the way.

And that’s what I began sharing with other parents who were struggling with structures that did not work in their homes, like homework struggles or food issues. There is no math problem, no science experiment, no reading level worth destroying the relationship in a family. So when parents came to me, I’d help them find real-life solutions that would preserve the relationship and create harmony in their homes.

Today, I invite stressed, overwhelmed mommas of children who have been told they are too busy, too active, or just too much to work with me to preserve their happy relationships, have more fun, and remember why they had children in the first place! As a result of working with me or coming on my retreats, stressed mommas create a harmonious home and beautiful, lifelong family memories.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
The road has not been smooth, in fact, it hasn’t even been a road.

It was more like an overgrown trail on a rarely-hiked mountain. I experience so much doubt! What if my child with dyslexia never really masters reading? What if my three years old never potty trains and goes to college in diapers? How will I explain my son’s climbing trees and rooftops all over town?

Parenting constantly exposed me to new challenges. I was over my head a lot. As many unique ways I had of speaking peacefully and gently with my kids, I sometimes just lost it and screamed. And just when I felt confident that I knew how to handle everything one of my kids could throw at me, the next kid would concoct something brand new! It took all my energy and time to figure out how to get out of their way enough while still guiding them to a healthy, happy adulthood.

Because of all the skinned knees and bruises (mostly mine), I discovered techniques that I now share with other moms.

We’d love to hear more about your work.
Today, I help overwhelmed mommas who are struggling with their kids to find more ease, more fun, more connection and more happiness in the family and their homes in order to preserve their precious family relationships while building beautiful lifelong memories.

I am proud that I have helped families refocus their energies on what is most important to them, giving moms back some time and energy,

Moms who worry about their kids not being competitive enough in school, not working hard enough, not having enough friends, being too loud or too active, discover techniques that build confidence and trust. They enjoy family time more and enjoy closer relationships with their children through my coaching. In late 2020, I will be hosting my first multi-day retreat for moms to build confidence, plan more fun activities, and create peace in the home. I also am publishing some of my techniques in my upcoming book, Chill Pill Mom, due out early January 2020.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
I absolutely learned everything I know from others, which is why I’m so committed to sharing it widely with other moms who may not have access to my amazing support system.

My mother, father, and her mother were unwaveringly supportive of me, even when I made parenting choices they did not understand. My husband’s trust in me was imperative. I had a strong momtourage of brave friends and neighbors who listened and offered advice.

I read multitudes of books by John Holt, Grace Llewellyn, Jean Piaget, and other child development experts.

But mostly, I learned how to be the best parent I could be from my four amazing, brilliant, beautiful, difficult, ornery children who patiently put up with me until I got it right.

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  1. Judi Green

    December 5, 2019 at 22:05

    Hi I meet you at your Mom and Dad’s. They are part of our Village Family who we love very much. We were the group that took your Dad on a car which he fell out of car. Won’t do that again!!!! I myself had 2 children and they are parents them selves. My favorite saying to them and even now is YOU DID NOT COME OUT WITH A HOW TO DO BOOK. I did the best I knew and they are the best kid’s now. Keep up your good work, but kid’s these day’s are very hard to raise.

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