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Meet Lynda Nguyen of The Magic of Psalm Nonprofit in West Side

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lynda Nguyen.

Lynda, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
Growing up an immigrant, a woman, and also from a religious family, I carried a lot of limiting beliefs about ownership, empowerment, and the acceptable roles of a woman in our world. Generational programming and inhibitions passed down from a war torn lineage and a conservative family, I was not given the adequate models and skills to know my own boundaries and share my truth. After decades of anxiety, people pleasing, a confusing adolescents trying to navigate my human body (and a date rape), I decided in my late 20’s that I would no longer struggle to live up to a ‘norm’ that was empty, I dived into practices as Kundalini, Tantra, trained Yoga in India, and received my Masters in Medical Hypnotherapy, NLP, and also became a motivational Firewalking Instructor. With close to a decade of work as a Leadership and Confidence Coach (working with CEOs, teams, and Executives), training individuals the powers of mindset shift, building resiliency, and managing their energy via Yoga and breath-work, I have worked with hundreds of men and women to lead in more conscious, congruent, and connected ways. In the light of the #metoo movement, The Magic of Psalm Nonprofit was formed in CA. Based primarily in Los Angeles County, and having reached close to 400 students during our Pilot 2017/2018 year. The Magic of Psalm is an organization that delivers Comprehensive Sex Ed and Empowerment Training to schools, students, anonymous survivors, and all those that will benefit from clear, unbiased, and informed curriculum. The Magic of Psalm offers all-inclusive conversations that are medically accurate, addresses LGBQT communities, focuses on personal agency and boundaries, in addition to providing emotional intelligence training.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Learning to lean into vulnerability, to speak your truth, and to lead firmly (but compassionately), takes a lot of self-awareness, and a lifetime committed to continual learning and growing. There can be a lot of backlash when you’re sharing messages that are bold, raw, and sometimes uncomfortable. Building a business, and developing a nonprofit requires a gritty confidence, accompanied by pure surrender and humility. To remember that with enough courage, anything is possible, and that you (like anyone else) have all the resources within you to create what you want to see in the world. All the while, understanding that your power also lies in your ability to confidently ask for help, to let go, and allow things to happen as they will.

Most noble truths in life are quite paradoxical. Once understood, we free ourselves from any defined ideas, constructs, or limiting beliefs that no longer serve us.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
A leadership and confidence coach the last decade, I am known for supporting teams, CEOs, leaders, etc., build more resiliency, emotional freedom, and clarity in their work and their life. Extensively trained in multiple modalities, I have the ability to tap in, and meet clients where they’re at — to help them shift their mindset, free themselves from limiting beliefs, and reframe their narratives (to reach goals and successes). Leveraging my skills, as a professional coach, I’ve been focusing on Women’s Empowerment the last few years, and recently I formed the nonprofit The Magic of Psalm. Understanding sexual trauma and women’s work, I am one of the leading members of The Women of SexTech and also a strong voice creating solutions for the #timesup and #metoo movement. Essentially, my work revolves around supporting people towards freedom and clarity.

What were you like growing up?
Sitting in front of a Christian pre-school, my Father comes to the car and expresses that we must change my name to something Americanized (as my Vietnamese name could not be pronounced). Sitting in the car for an over a half an hour, I declared that I shall be called “Wonder Woman” (my idol and favorite TV show). My parents and I negotiated and agreed on Lynda (with a Y), after the great actress “Lynda Carter”, the star of the 80’s show. Growing up I was quite a lot of times — keenly aware of the family’s struggles, my own cellular memories of being a refugee boat child at 18 months, my mother’s anxieties in America, while also extremely bold and wild most of the time. Sensitive, and therefore constantly challenging myself out of those fears and into a sense of “Freedom”, by doing everything I was afraid to do. I led all the hand ball and dodge ball games, I ran for class President in the 5th grade (and lost miserably), and I did it all while feeling every bit of the fear. I enjoyed big groups of friends, while also requiring a lot of wandering alone time. I was a great inventor of space ship chairs (that would set me free and take me to the stars), held moving live Ted like talks (to my one cousin), and was known for my humble but inspiring Oscar acceptance speeches… in the shower everyday.

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