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Meet Makeup Artist & Hairstylist: Reyna Khalil

Today we’d like to introduce you to Reyna Khalil.

Reyna, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I’m a freelance Makeup Artist & Hairstylist based in Los Angeles, born & raised in Nicaragua.  I moved to California a few years ago. Having a strong background in Professional Designer I decided to pursue my passion for makeup, I’m an artist by nature, love to create, so the beginning of my career as s freelance wasn’t easy, but I never gave up, I remember most of the work I did was for free, in order to build my portfolio. I remember reading an article about how is this.industry in LA when you give something it will be back to you ten times more. Is been almost four years of hard work. Now I feel stronger than ever as an artist, and so bless with my last project been a celebrity makeup artist in a TV show!

Has it been a smooth road?
I’ll comment on financial problems. Sometimes when you star this career, people want to take advantage of you as an artist, I had bad experiences trusting people, and not getting paid, now I am really careful.

Any predictions for the industry over the next few years?
I see big changes coming for freelancers, the beauty industry is getting more respect for us.

What would you say has been the biggest challenge for you over the course of your career?
I can say being a successful freelancer, building my name and prestigious in this industry is been my biggest challenge!

What advice do you wish to give to those thinking about pursuing a path similar to yours?
Yes, don’t ever give up, dream big! Do what you love.and you never feel that you have to go to work.

Contact Info:

  • Website:
  • Phone: (562)3164192
  • Email:
  • Instagram: @makeup_byqueen


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