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Meet Illustration Artist: Amy Jun

Today we’d like to introduce you to Amy Jun.

Amy, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I graduated with a BFA at Art Center College of Design in 2013, focusing on editorial illustration. I finished my degree, unsatisfied with my major for the last two years of school. A month after graduating, I decided to switch my career path and have been working as a background layout artist. In my free time, typically on the weekends, I teach digital character design and background painting for high school students who are seeking to build a solid portfolio for college. I am very happy with where I am heading in terms of achieving my goals in life. I aspire to one day become a matte painter for films and reach greater heights.

Has it been a smooth road?
It was a very tough journey for me to be where I am today especially because I didn’t have enough confidence in myself when I made the decision to change my career path. I’ve had more people telling me it would be very difficult than those who told me it’d be possible. I had a stable job at the time as an editorial illustrator so it was a big risk for me to leave what I had and take a year and half break to prepare a new portfolio. I was very scared but at the same time excited to finally be able to do what I enjoy and love. It was the best decision I’ve made.

Who, or what, deserves a lot of credit for where you are today?
People say “family is forever” and they truly are. As cliche as it sounds, I don’t know if I could’ve done all of this with the confident I have now without the support of my parents and siblings. They believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. They are my biggest cheerleaders and that’s really all I need.

Do you have a favorite type of client or project?
I’ve been working on character designs for a mobile game coming soon, created by my very talented artist/programmer friends and me. This has to be the most exciting part of my career so far. In the past I worked on backgrounds for a television show called “party legends” and it was pretty interesting because it’s in a style I normally wouldn’t draw. I love exploring different techniques so it was fun.

What have been some of the most important lessons you’ve learned over the course of your career?
I don’t really look back on life and wonder what I could’ve done differently or what would’ve happened “if”. I don’t regret a lot of decisions I make because so far whatever I did brought me here today and I’m happy. But if my life started over against my will, I would believe in myself more, take chances earlier and most importantly work harder.

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