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Meet Linda Villines of keep kilter

Today we’d like to introduce you to Linda Villines.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Linda. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
My family immigrated to America from Southeast Asia when I was one-year-old. My childhood was difficult. My parents struggled to conform to American culture and struggled to raise us in it. Performance and art were always my escape. I spent the majority of my youth training to be an actor, singer, and dancer. After college, I moved to new york city, where my artistic endeavors broadened. Then, when the sunshine called, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. I spent years hustling as an actor and then after much internal debate, I decided to pursue music, another easy career path. (sarcasm)

I met my late husband, Matt, through mutual friends in Los Angeles. He was a director, so we both shared a love for the arts. We dated for nearly 6 years before we both very casually decided one morning to get married. Two weeks later we did. In our living room with two friends, one to administer the ceremony and one to witness. That is, as they say, how we rolled.

In my early 30’s I experienced a rapid descent of health, all starting with my gut. I suffered from stubborn constipation, food intolerance, gas, bloating, stomach cramps, and spasms. Then my symptoms became widespread. Chronic fatigue set in. My muscles were weak despite exercising and stretching. I became constantly irritable. My menstrual cycle stopped for four months. I was unable to sweat and developed acne. It was seemingly endless.

Taking to the internet, I researched my laundry list of symptoms until my eyes hurt, reading forums, threads, and medical papers. I cut out all foods that might irritate my gut, became grain free, stopped eating sugar, started exercising 6 days a week. I did the FODMAP diet. the Paleo diet. the Whole30. I started following the GAPS, making bone broth and experienced some relief, but the relief was short-lived…

In the summer of 2014, a couple of months after Matt and I married, he was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer at the age of 37. On the same day of his diagnosis, our doctor also informed us I had mono and had caught scarlet fever on our recent vacation to Mexico.

Knees failed. Worlds crumbled.

It was a disastrous summer. After matt’s diagnosis, new symptoms started spiraling out of control. I unwillingly gained 30 pounds in three months, developed carpal tunnel, and brain fog. My digestive problems worsened. My energy level was non-existent. there was no relief from being unwell. After matt’s nephrectomy, juicing, sprouting, raw veganism, and hours upon hours of research, summer came to an end and we felt we had a soft handle on cancer (despite my carousel of dis-ease). I saw matt’s new holistic doctor. After going over the results of the comprehensive blood work she ordered, she revealed I was hypothyroid and wrote me a prescription for replacement hormones.

It took a year of thyroid medication before I started to feel remotely close to normal. Meanwhile, my husband’s cancer was spreading despite rigorous adherence to his treatment protocol from both his western and holistic team of doctors. amidst all of that, I was diagnosed with SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), which explained some of my lingering digestive symptoms. I developed de Quervain’s tenosynovitis, tendonitis between your thumb and wrist, not on one, but both my hands. I saw a rheumatologist because of enigmatic widespread tendonitis, joint pain, and terrible morning stiffness and was told I had fibromyalgia.

After trying all the fixes – antibiotics, tenosynovitis surgery, steroids, acupuncture, physical therapy, detoxing, textbook adherence to the GAPS diet – you name it – I finally felt better, but not great. why not great? I was doing everything right. In fact, I had been doing everything right from the beginning. I made great strides in ridding our home of toxins, regular detoxing, maintaining the cleanest of diets, and exercising daily… but I never got 100%.

Slowly but surely a subconscious, inner awareness became lucid to me, the factors in my life I always struggled with – my long-standing relationship with stress, detachment from my true self, and attachment to negativity. In my youth, I spent years in a miserable emotional and psychological state. I was always a worrier, always an overachiever, and always felt alienated from my peers.

Living on my own after college and some independence did a great deal for my overall well-being, but in the grand scheme of things, my entire existence had in fact been filled with overwhelming stress, avoidance, and illusion. A super clean diet, therapy, and exercise helped, but what if it wasn’t enough? What if the reason I wasn’t getting completely better AND the reason I was unwell in the first place was all of this self-inflicted, unrelenting stress, illusion, and detachment from my true self?

All in a rush of clarity, I decided to let it – EVERYTHING – go, rediscover myself, and balance all that was off-kilter. At the end of Matt’s fight with cancer, I healed. by myself.

From the inside out. Spirit first. Accomplishing in months what I had been attempting for years with diets and programs. When death is so close, in order to survive, you have to choose life and choosing life really means choosing love. I chose to love and trust myself more than stress, negativity, and attachments. In the new loving and positive environment I created for my body, it healed on its own. As it was designed to do.

Matt passed two, arduous years after his diagnosis. even though I spent two years with his cancer and two years with the possibility of his death, it was still devastating when he took his last breath. but he never left. His body did, but his spirit was and will forever be with me. A couple of months after Matt passed, he came to me and my spiritual awakening and transformation have rapidly been evolving ever since. Our love allows us to transcend dimensions and frequencies and I am grateful to him for giving me the universe and its magic.

Matt and I fought our sicknesses and despite his death, we both won. We lived and loved more deeply than either of us ever imagined. We were driven by hope and determination that life is a blessing, our spirits are invincible, and love truly does conquer all. Today, I have never felt healthier, more balanced, and more at peace. I have lived through relentless sicknesses, death, and now grief. The gift of it is all is having irrefutable knowledge that even in the darkest of times – love, light, and hope will always transcend and give life.

Has it been a smooth road?
Moving on with life as a widow and starting my own business in a niche market has been incredibly challenging, but my drive to help others and make a positive difference in people’s lives keeps me motivated and hopeful despite the uphill battle. Getting a business off the ground after what I’ve been through requires enormous will and determination as I’m constantly diving into my story as a living testament of my work and message.

I’m also writing a memoir about my healing journey and Matt and I’s battle with his cancer so I don’t get a lot of reprieve from the weight of my past. Right now I’m doing everything myself which is also tedious. The delicate balance of hard work and self-care can be tough but I try to take time off for sanity and my overall well-being. I know all too well how chronic stress damages the body.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
I’m an intuitive wellness and grief coach and speaker certified as a holistic health coach and certified as an Ayurveda counselor. As a lifelong artist, I combine my creative sensibilities with my passion and talent for the healing arts. I use my intuitive and metaphysical abilities to creatively bridge the gap between spirit and earth as well as the ancient and modern holistic healing arts to help people pave their path towards ultimate health, happiness, and peace. I spent the majority of my life under the weight of chronic dis-ease. Then 2 months after I married my late husband, he was diagnosed with late-stage cancer.

I became his caretaker and health and wellness became the center of my life. After decades of struggling with various diseases and years trying to overcome them, I was finally able to heal myself by myself at the end of my husband’s battle with cancer.

Shortly after he passed, I was blessed with a spiritual awakening that allows me to connect with the universal support and love we all have surrounding us. I combine this talent with her formal education and depth of experience to facilitate a unique and fully integrated healing experience. I offer one-on-one wellness and grief coaching, tarot guidance, and medical intuitive readings.

What sets me apart from other wellness coaches is my integration of spirit and mystic healing arts. I created a medical intuitive healing deck based on the work of Louise Hay, a pioneer in the holistic healing arts. My custom deck consists of 90 cards. Each card lists a specific ailment or condition as well as its emotional and psychological affiliation or root cause. This gives people an opportunity to not only experience the magic of universe first hand, but also gives them a mini-coaching session with me.

I’m proud to be a unique presence with a powerful personal story in the wellness field. health and wellness has become pretty saturated in the last 5 years, particularly in metropolitan cities. I hope to de-mystify the mystic stigma and bring a truly authentic brand and message to the industry and empower people struggling with health and happiness to live and heal genuinely. I am anti-quick fixes and I approach health and happiness with a spiritual and completely holistic mindset. Intuitive coaching is a complete approach to healing and transformation.

We truly do heal from the spirit first and the mind and body follow. In fact, when you align your spirit in the healing process, the mental and physical challenges of renewal become easier, more accessible, and the whole process becomes way more enjoyable. This is because the health, happiness, clarity, and truth people gain from intuitive, holistic coaching lasts for a lifetime.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Los Angeles is the perfect city for me to start my business. It’s a very open-minded, diverse, and wellness-oriented town and people. I do have a virtual office so I can work with anyone in the United States, but L.A. is my home base. I do lectures and workshops here to reach my community and build the brand locally.

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