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Meet Lauren Lusardi of Plasmic

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lauren Lusardi.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Music has always been my escape from reality. I would steal my parent’s old cassettes and CD’s, dissecting the melodies of Devo and The GoGo’s until they were engraved in my mind. I was always singing; when I turned seven we inherited my great Grandma’s old out-of-tune piano which I would pound on until my parents lost their minds. A few years later I fell in love with the 80’s sound and as I grew older fell in love with synthesizers and new wave/experimental music. Artists like Laurie Anderson and Wendy Carlos proved to me I didn’t need an army to make the sound I wanted. I constantly searched a site called Gearslutz and found out what gear people were using; from then on, I started recording my own music, using keyboards and vocal melodies to craft the songs in my head. I published my first song “Ironica” on SoundCloud when I was 16 and knew that what I created was more cathartic than therapy could ever be.

Detonating infectious 80’s synth bombs behind lyrics full of femme rage.

The one-woman dervish Plasmic is your abused Barbie doll from childhood back for revenge. Pink from head to toe, she storms the stage, shooting terse keytar melodies whilst furiously smashing beats. Crooning, pleading and screaming songs of murdering rapists, swimming in dejection and punching against depression, she seals it all in a hazy, lo-fi blur that every so often gives glimpses of a gentler side underneath the mayhem

Has it been a smooth road?
There has always been a dark cloud of misogyny over the music industry. From booking shows to getting people to take me seriously, it’s hard to navigate. Almost Every time someone sees me live they tell me they weren’t expecting that. people are intimidated by women in power and control. people tend to be very biased towards most “solo acts” as well.

I am a one-woman band and do not plan on changing that anytime soon especially in this political climate. I know that people would take me more seriously if I had some men on that stage, but I am up for the challenge. Once people see my live show everything negative they thought of me fades.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
What I strive to do as Plasmic is create audible art for people who share my struggles. I can only hope the songs are as therapeutic for you as they are for me. From derailing the patriarchy to finding ways to stab depression, I will sing till my lungs bleed every show.

I am always proud to break the rules of audio engineering. My favorite artist Mark Mothersbaugh is known for doing things his own way and creating a sound all his own. I enjoy recording unconventional things like Ukulele or chimes and mixing them to sound like something completely different. I’ve even made a drum beat from my interfaces input jack distorting. You can go to school and learn all the rights and wrongs like I did, but making all the wrongs sound good is what I love.

I’m proud of my new Self Titled EP. It’s on Spotify iTunes and everywhere else. To an artist that started out just posting stuff on Soundcloud, it feels good to see people stream and hear what I have to say on those big platforms.

My proudest moment was writing revenge, a song about killing rapists. Writing that song was the most fun and cathartic time of my life.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
I’ve met the most incredible artists in LA. We’ve got Lethal Amounts, Belly Belt, Ghost noise, and so much more. It’s a great place to be inspired and collaborate with folks but anyone will tell you that it’s over saturation is large hurdle. But if you’re different and talented there’s always a place for you.

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