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Meet LaRhonda Lafluer Lane

Today we’d like to introduce you to LaRhonda Lafluer Lane.

LaRhonda, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I am literally walking by faith, not by sight! I had a spiritual awakening on Aug. 21, 2017, which happened to be on the anniversary of my mother, Euela Overton Lane’s passing. It was also the day the eclipse happened. It was a different Monday for me. My life has not been the same since that day. I have been signing my entire life.

Growing up in a Baptist church-Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor EV Hill Sr. was my pastor. Being raised by your grandmother has a major impact on your life. You never forget your roots. Gospel, R&B and Hip-Hop, Classical, Jazz are all major influences in my life. I always had the talent but did not always have the confidence. My insecurities caused me “UNNECESSARY STRESS.” You can be told a million times how good you sound or how pretty you look and it means nothing if you don’t believe it. I have written music for myself as well as other artists.

I have performed in front of music legends but never gave myself 100 percent effort to fight for what I felt deep in my soul. I sang with Danny Boy (Deathrow Records – Tupac “I ain’t mad at cha.”) in 2005-2006. We worked on a project and also performed with him at major Valentine show. In attendance, that night was Suge Knight. At that time Mr. Knight’s rep was not on the best of terms, however, his faith in my voice and words of encouragement meant the world to me that night. The problem I had was not being 100 % focused on the music.

The opportunities were there at my reach, but I didn’t value them or myself. So I avoided giving my all so In case I failed I had an excuse. I have been blessed to travel, been a nanny for a major music mogul. (No name dropping) I have pretty much held any other position you can think of. Along the way, I sang a little when I could, and I acted in this thing called life. I read, and I learned. I auditioned for local shows. Constantly working on me. I learned a lot, saw a lot and grew tremendously.

I experienced hurt in relationships and friendships. God was getting me prepared, and I didn’t even realize it. I literally wandered through the “wilderness” the last 10 years. My life was great. (So I thought) I was going to retire in Dallas Texas and hopefully be the best Customer Service Rep I could be. I was wrong. I know now that God was seeing my humility, sincere and plain. My heart and my mind were open to receive the blessings that had already been assigned to me.

Losing my mother on August 21, 2013, was the worst day of my life and it continued to cause me great pain until my epiphany with God. He spoke to me on the anniversary of her death, and it was loud and clear. I was going to move to LA and finish what I started. I recently have written music geared towards the “The Black Lives Matter “movement, and the feedback was amazing. I was hearing God tell me you will sing and you will be a working actress. Shocked and scared I fought it.

I acted like I didn’t hear this powerful voice for a week. If you know God then you know he will make you listen. I was in a relationship that was not going to turn out well. I was involved in things that were not going to fulfill me. I was on hamster wheel existing and God was about do something amazing. I won’t go into detail, but I will say. I was given two options. Leave and step out on faith. Away from family and my great job and go to where I had no safety net and attempt to be the best me I can be.

2nd option was to stay and be continue just to exist and allow the devil to continue to be in my life. I chose greatness. I packed my car and left my job and brought my dog on this journey. His name is King, and he is my soulmate. (LOL) I need him like he needs me. I drove back to LA with a friend that I loved and thought loved me. On this journey, God will show you things you may not be ready for. I have lost some friends and gained some angels. I am blessed. I am on a path of success ordered by God.

I have a 7 song album in the works. I am also working on a “podcast” that will start Oct. 1st. This will feature me and 2 other amazing human beings that are hilarious. We will touch on all that is going on in the world, relationships, love, money and of course the entertainment business. It will be a chance to see how funny I am as well as what’s going on in my mind as an artist. I am so excited about this journey, and once the contracts are worked out, I can speak freely. Stay tuned.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I have been in LA for 7 months, and it has been an interesting, eye-opening journey. I was able to find a great job, and since the day I have been back I have been working on my goals. I have recorded a few songs, taking “free acting classes” and have made myself available to any project or meeting that will assist me in my goals. I am sleeping on a friends couch, and I am very appreciative to them. If not who knows???? The road I chose is not easy, and it has been rocky, but I would not change any of it.

Failure is not an option. LA is an expensive place, and I am figuring it all out. God was clear on his promise, and I live and breathe this every day. I will succeed. There is no one on this earth that can deter me from that. I learned that there are people around to see failures. I learned that people will lie to make themselves look good. I also learned to let the higher power handle the negative energy. He has a way of making your enemies your footstools.

Psalm 110:1 – I am here to make my mark in Hollywood. The girl from Texas that decided to take control of her life and LIVE in her purpose. I am a mixture of all the greats, Donny Hathaway, Sam Cooke, Whitney, MJ, etc. All of the gospel greats. I want my EP to be full of soul and deep emotion. I want to take you on a journey through my soul with each song.

I will do the impossible and show others it is possible. My goal is to land an acting role to help finance my music project. I am open to any other projects that will assist me financially. God has been faithful, and there is no reason to doubt him. 2019 is going to be a great year. These past few months have allowed me to put all the pieces together and get organized. I have a great vision and will see it through. I am already a winner because I obeyed my higher power. No looking back!!! Stay tuned.

We’d love to hear more about what you do.
I am an R&B/Gospel/Hip-Hop Artist. I have the spirits of all the greats inside of me. I am raw and rough. My voice is not pretty. It’s real. This album will show my transparency and that I don’t follow the rules. I am Ronnie Lane the next one up.

I want my music to touch you. Make you cry, make you desire to do your best. We all hurt the difference is how you heal.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
When doing what I love translates into financial stability. I am successful because I get up every day and fight.

Success is in the mind. Successful folks eat, sleep and breathe their goals and desires. I will not stop until I reach greatness.

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  1. Trameka

    October 19, 2018 at 13:57

    I’m so proud of you Sis!

  2. Kareem

    October 22, 2018 at 01:40

    Go get ’em Ronnie Lane! Los Angeles is the City of Angels, right? May they bless and guide you on your way. Love you!

    • LaRhonda Lane

      November 9, 2018 at 20:36

      Thank you love!!!

  3. Peter Poole

    September 20, 2019 at 15:38

    Wow good luck to you! What a fantastic read. LA can be tough and failure is not an option, you got this!

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