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Meet Makeup Artist Katie Grigg

Today we’d like to introduce you to Katie Grigg.

Katie, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I first was interested in makeup when I was in high school, I would play around with smokey eyes on weekends and I was so determined not to look like a raccoon that I kept practicing. Then I got hooked and wanted more because I had three sisters and a mom who gave me their old makeup and I finally thought to myself one day “There have to be more options out there with makeup.” I would eventually gather all my friends together after school and practice new makeup on them, and pluck their eyebrows for fun. Then in college, I had friends who were photographers, hair enthusiasts, and budding models. We would do photo shoots for class projects and I just had so much fun being creative. I never thought it could lead to a career until my oldest sister sat me down and told me that this was an option I should seriously consider. I looked into makeup schools and found one nearby me in Burbank that looked amazing, so I enrolled. I loved, it gave me confidence, friends, and the push I needed to start my career. I actually went to school not realizing how many areas of makeup there were, but eventually I found that I loved film and television.

Has it been a smooth road?
I went to college out in Utah when I was 18 for about three semesters and I did get to do some amateur photoshoots but I was very unhappy. I couldn’t find my place in school because there was nothing for me there. I felt like I was wasting everyone’s time and effort when I wasn’t trying my hardest to do well. I finally dropped out and then I discovered makeup school and have been very happy with my decision ever since!

When you look back, what are you most proud of?
The proudest moment in my career has been creating fake slime for a short film for the first time. I had so much fun creating it, coloring it, and finishing it to make it look like alien guts. It was then I thought “wow this is my job and I’m good at it!”

Every story has ups and downs. What were some of the downs others might not be aware of?
The struggles I’ve had have mostly been from dealing with people who hire me for the jobs. Sometimes when I’m not comfortable with the situation or job I have to stand with my convictions and say no, which isn’t a fun thing to do.

What’s your outlook for the industry in our city?
I love working in LA, I have done the majority of my jobs here and there are so many different places and areas that you can work in. Even if you travel a little out of the area it still has a lot to offer. There are so many people to work with creatively that it’s perfect for artists.


  • Short Films (depending on how many actors) kit fee $150, $250-300 a day
  • Weddings $200-250

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