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Meet Kyyah Abdul of Career Savage

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kyyah Abdul.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Kyyah. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I grew up in a predominately Caucasian community. I attended schools in a school district that provides some of the best education in the country. My parents, Nigerian immigrants, were business owners who made sure myself and my siblings had everything we ever wanted and needed. That being said, people don’t believe me when I say growing up with that kind of privilege comes at an expense…but it does. Life will really teach you lessons and you will grow immensely if you allow it. Throughout the time I spent in my community I experienced a lot. In the eyes of many those experiences, a few of which I will not speak about were both good and bad. I say they were all good, regardless of past traumas, because I am who I am today.

I was diagnosed with a learning disability and was always playing catch up with my peers. Although, I never subscribed to having a learning disability because there was and is nothing wrong with learning differently. On top of being ridiculed for reading a little slower, I experienced daily racism and a great deal of harassment. As a result, I entered high school encapsulated with anger. I hated school and everyone around me. It’s no coincidence that around the same time this anger took over was the same year my father moved back to Nigeria with no notice.

After my anger simmered I realized I wanted more for my life then than ever. This was mainly because for the first time in my life I needed things my father could no longer provide. This goes back to what I said earlier about life teaching you lessons if you allow it to. I learned that the only person who can maintain the stability and comfortability I want in life is myself. From that realization alone, I was reborn.

I worked three jobs in high school: a special education tutor, nanny & executive assistant to a CAO and CFO of a renown real estate company. I took what I learned from those jobs and built my career of it. In college, I had three jobs again: CVS pharmacy technician, Charlotte Russe associate & Macys shoe sales associate. Immediately after college, I worked two well-paying jobs: Milford Hospital pharmacy technician & Pfizer Lead Regulatory Associate. Post-college, I worked for Fortune 500 companies, smaller companies, started my own business and received my Masters. I even recall being so dedicated to success I commuted 3 hours one way in LA traffic just to get to work and I would follow up with that commute by going to evening lectures for 3 hours. I just kept leveling up during each year of my life. Making sacrifices I never thought I would have to.

What’s crazy is people always assume my life is all vacations and relaxation. “Not all that shines is glitter and gold”. During those years, life still happened. I lost my father in 2013, my family struggled a bit then we rebalanced out, other relatives passed, relationships suffered and depression was always in an earshot but I remained resilient. I still remain resilient. If you ask anyone close to me to describe me in 2009 and to describe me now, you would think they were describing two totally different people.

Without a doubt, my story is still being written and I grateful for the previous chapters I have continued to build off of.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
I don’t think any road to success is smooth. I have experienced obstacles and I briefly touched on some already but no the road has not been smooth. That being said, I appreciate bumps in the road. I tell my friends and family that I don’t mind struggling temporarily because with every climb there is a mountain top.

In trying to elevate in my professional career, I have without a doubt experienced discrimination and racism. I know racism is a subject no one likes to delve deep into but it’s the reality. Being a young Black woman in the science industry, pharmaceutical to be exact is hard! If people aren’t doubting my age, they are doubting my ability to make sound decisions because I am a woman. If it is not that it is people assuming I am intern or an assistant undermining my intelligence and growth potential. There are far less African Americans in my industry and position than any other race. I have learned to ignore microaggressions and ignorant commentary but that is definitely and challenge.

To clarify, my personal business is Career Savage but my academic and educational career are deep-rooted in STEM. I am a Public Health & Regulatory Affairs Professional with a Masters in Public Health concentrated in Urban Health Care disparities.

I would say an additional obstacle is being a working professional and a business owner where 100% of the success of your business relies on you! It is also a true testament to my organization and time management skills. Sometimes I am able to maintain it all and other times I just can’t. For example, during my Master’s program, something had to give and I knew it was not going to be school, work or my business and so my personal relationships suffered.

All in all, the obstacles I have experienced in life I don’t dwell on. The only obstacles and challenges I think are important are the ones I can actually do something about. Like, I cannot bring my father back but I can take a stand when I feel discriminated against or at the very least inform youth and other professionals what to do in those instances.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Career Savage story. Tell us more about your work.
The name of my business is Career Savage! I officially created Career Savage in 2017, a few months before going back to school. It was created to help youth & adults maximize their potential and find a career they desire. Career Savage stresses the importance of liking your job or career because life is too short to do anything you don’t love! From Resume re-do’s to year-long advisement, there is something offered for everyone. Career Savage specializes in helping college students prepare for life after graduation, giving them all the information some college advisers fail to in order for students to land relevant jobs. High School students are also welcomed to the Career Savage platform where guidance during their college admissions process is offered.

Honestly, this was a business long before it became a real business. I have been offering career advice from the time I became an executive assistant at 17. With every experience I had, I gained an abundance of knowledge and knew sharing it would help so many people. I use to help people strategize their life plans in college! I mean, I was the resume savant and never charged a single person. I did it simply because I felt it was the right of every student and person to get sound career advice for a bigger and brighter future. I would sit with colleagues and urge them to go back to school or to study for a technical license. I genuinely wanted to motivate and encourage people to tap into their potential.

I am most proud of the growth of my company. I had the idea for so many years and people assumed it wouldn’t work or I wouldn’t be able to make it all happen but here I am! Career Savage is different from any regular Career Coach, College Advisor and/or Mentor. Career Savage is all of that built into one. I have clients who ask me for everything from financial to personal development advice and I always take time to give that advice because, why not? Career Savage is an all in one business where any information I have, I will absolutely give.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
(Chuckles), I don’t believe in luck. I do believe my faith in God has played a heavy role in my success. That in combination with hard work and persistence. My life has seen all types of turns and my business has too. The ups and downs will continue and as they do I will continue to pray God watches over me through the process.


  • Resume ReDo – $50
  • By the Hour – $100
  • Career Cover Letter – $50
  • 3 Month Plan – $250
  • 12 Month Plan – $1000

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