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Meet Kyle Waller

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kyle Waller.

Kyle, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
My story begins with this interview almost never having the opportunity to exist. Why? Mental Health, thirteen years old, and a knife dancing way too close to my throat, trying to cut a smile. It was 2009, and I was incapable of seeing happiness or color in anything. I was bullied on a daily basis. My brain convinced itself the world was always conspiring against me to bring me down.

I believed I was unworthy of having a life-partner that I was too awkward or weird to deserve to be around people. I came to understand the definition of human loneliness on a level I hope no one reading this article ever has to understand.

I had come to the first Fork in the Road in my life, and I was starting to walk down the path that leads to a premature end. Right before I crossed the point of no return, a woman, we’ll call her J, called out to me. She hadn’t realized the blessing she just bestowed, she still doesn’t, but she is the sole reason I am here today. That was the moment I realized there were two wolves inside me, the light and the dark. I also realized that I’d been stuffing the dark wolf like a glutton. That was the moment my transformation began.

Now, from an artist’s perspective, how does my backstory tie into my art? I’m an author of dystopian, cybercrime, (and soon supernatural horror) books. Each of my main characters has Mental Health concerns they must battle and overcome while trying to overcome the harsh reality of their situation. I’ve been blessed by God with the gift of words, I intend to use this gift to bring Mental Health to the forefront of everyone’s attention through the unorthodox lens of vivid and engaging fiction.

Has it been a smooth road?
Judging by the opening story, no, my journey thus far has been the farthest from a smooth road as it possibly could be. And yet, I don’t regret this one bit. Why you may ask? It’s made me into a human that cannot be stopped. My willpower, respect for myself, and my Faith have become so powerful and determined to see Mental Health in human society solved that I know I will succeed. There isn’t anything that can stop me now.

I’ve had to fight myself, every hour of every day, for years. The biggest enemy isn’t the strangers or demons in the world, it’s the demons you create in your own mind. I trashed and disrespected my mind, thereby complicating the road to recovery. I’ve battled (and am winning the war) against my Depression and Anxiety and feelings of self-worthlessness. There have even been times when elements of my own family have aggressively fought against me and tried to dissuade me from following my passions. They haven’t succeeded.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
I’m an award-winning author who specializes in writing Dystopian, Cybercrime, and soon, Supernatural Horror Fiction. I write for one simple reason: I do not have a choice. I’ve had occasions where I’ll wake up at 3 AM and have an entire chapter downloaded into my brain. I can forget going back to sleep until I’m able to write all that stuff out – that’s how fanatically devoted I am to what I do. If I go too long without writing, my brain and body start getting antsy and it’s sincerely all I can think about.

With how I craft my stories, I am to do so in a way where I don’t have to convince you to stay, you convince yourself. I create entire worlds and vivid scenes in my mind, then translate them onto the paper in such a way where you can see what I see without effort. I make it so you’re able to relate to the everyday human in my characters. You can clearly witness their suffering or joy. You’re able to envision the harsh world in which the characters live and want to follow along as you never know the twists I’m going to lead you on.

What sets me apart? I know this is my purpose in life, and therefore, I channel all my energy and passion into crafting pieces of literature that not only grip your imagination but also make you think. I’ve come to Los Angeles to solve a problem, and that’s precisely what I intend to do.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
I’ve been writing for ten years. If you’d asked me this question back then, I’d answer it as I’m going to answer it now. I see my novels being made into Web Series on Netflix, or ideally, picked up by HBO or AMC and turned into a television series.

People today are starving for original content that challenges the norms and everyday trends of our society. People want content that’s relatable and can teach them a lesson. Within the next 5-10 years (probably less), we’re going to see a major shift towards Indie Content that’s going to finally have the platform and means to take centerstage and get in front of millions of eager viewers.


  • Ward (Paperback) $9.99
  • Ward (Ebook) $2.99
  • Hacker’s Remorse (Ebook) $2.99

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