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Meet Kyle Perrin

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kyle Perrin.

Kyle, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I started playing guitar as a kid, and always knew my life would include music somehow. I never had a plan or a defined goal early on, I just knew all I wanted was to play and be involved with music. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, moved to Texas as a teenager, and eventually made my way to LA. I started touring and doing sessions in my late teens, traveling hundreds of days a year. I worked as a hired-gun guitarist, musical director, playback and audio engineer for over a decade in the pop, country, and rock industries, and have played on records spanning just about every genre and style. Over the years, I worked to develop more skills to keep myself relevant as I grew, and the industry evolved. I began audio engineering, mixing, sound designing, and scoring as a way of getting extra work between tours. I built a studio in my house in Burbank, and use that as my home-base for any contract or freelance work that comes my way. I still do sessions, and the occasional fly-dates or one-off show, but my days are mostly spent in Pro Tools, helping others achieve their creative goals in many other ways than on stage. I’m 30, married to my favorite person, and have a sweet soon-to-be three year old son. And two bratty dogs, Corey and Topanga. I love my career, and will always work to keep being someone of value to those in and outside of the industry, no matter what it may be.

Has it been a smooth road?
It’s easy to think things have always gone smoothly when you’re doing what you love, but if you think back to all the different turns, forks, bends, splits, and blocks in the road along the way, you’ll find that’s usually not the case. I didn’t realize it at the time, but one of the biggest challenges early in my career was knowing how to value myself. I’d often be afraid to charge what I was worth, usually resulting in accepting gigs and tours for far less than what I deserved. It can be scary to attach a price tag to your passion, but if you want to have a career worth fighting for, it becomes necessary. Obstacles come in many ways, but some of mine were in the form of finances, where I lived, and how I networked. Everyone knows how expensive LA is, but coming here without a workable plan can be very difficult. I chose to leave Texas once I realized there was a glass ceiling to the industry I wanted to be involved with. That was removing barrier number one. Networking is essential to almost every professional, regardless of what industry, and to do it well usually means to be humble, make space for others to speak into your path, and be willing to accept what you might not want to hear. Some of the best advice often comes when we start to listen, instead of assuming we know how to navigate where we’ve never been before. So many people likely answer this question with something more tangible, but I believe most of the barriers we experience as creatives, and ultimately as people, can be solved through working on ourselves first.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
I am a contract creative professional. I have made a living for over ten years playing guitar on tour and in studios, mixing, making records, podcasts, sound designing, scoring, and eating tacos. Okay, I’ve never actually made any money on that last one, but I’m certainly not unhappy about what I’ve spent, either… For so long, I specialized in being a guitar player. I still love doing sessions and touring occasionally, but my focus has primarily shifted to studio sessions and engineering. I’m proud of what I’ve learned, and how I’m always learning to apply it in context. I love problem solving and finding the best way to get from point A to point B. I think the biggest thing that sets me apart is my ability to adapt to any situation and remain flexible in almost any environment. So many times I’ve been able to keep gigs, tours, records, and studio work due to my skills as a well-rounded professional with the ability to adjust on-the-fly based on what is happening around me.

I currently work doing a lot of creative sound design and scoring for podcasts. A few titles include engineering, sound design, and score for Another Kingdom, Cold War: What We Saw, and an upcoming Sci-Fi audiobook which I can’t quite mention yet. These can be found anywhere you can get podcasts, so be sure to check them out! I also produce “normal” podcasts as well. A few of these include Quarter Life Crisis, It’s Okay To Be Loud, and Nerds On Coffee. Being in the podcast space has been super enjoyable, and I’m loving getting to be creative in an area of the industry that’s still fairly new and constantly growing.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
I’d love to think I’ve had more good luck than bad, even though some of the bad luck closed doors that needed to be closed. I’ve given several masterclasses and workshops over the years, and one thing I always tell people is you have to plan for luck. One day, you’re going to meet someone who’s willing to give you a break, open a door, or simply pass your name along to the right person – and if you aren’t ready to fulfill that or accept it, you might just lose out. Nevertheless, luck has been a big part of my career. Whether it be meeting the right artist for coffee or getting info passed along about a potential gig, luck has opened doors I otherwise would have probably had to wait much longer to open. I’ve been immensely lucky to find a great place to live in the city that I can afford, have a supportive wife, and have space to grow with whatever gear I may need for any kind of gig (that’s a big one). The most luck I’ve ever had though is with my community. Knowing supportive people who want to see their friends succeed has been more helpful than almost anything. Plus, you know, I still have my hearing which is great.


  • Day rates fluctuate from $150-$500/day depending on the project, length, complexity, and turnaround.

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  • Instagram: @kyleblaine

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