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Meet Kristina Karim of Reiki and Roll in Los Feliz

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kristina Karim.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, graduated from Oklahoma State University, and moved to LA seven years ago in pursuit of the artist’s life and a career in acting. I’ve enjoyed the acting successes I’ve had while being here. Throughout my journey here, my connectedness to healing myself became more and more of a priority.

I’ve known about Reiki for a while now, and getting attuned in Reiki felt liberating and important. After I was attuned, I was prompted to look into my family’s history regarding Reiki, though I never heard of anyone in my family doing it. My grandfather and great grandfather were Eastern Orthodox Priests, yet my dad had other ambitions instead of continuing that on, and that was all I knew.

After doing more research and contacting family in New York, I learned the priesthood lineage in my family actually goes back at least 300 years that we know of, and that there were a few nuns sprinkled in there, and a few Reiki practitioners, too! Now as a Reiki Master it feels wonderful to connect to and honor that part of my family’s lineage and give myself as much Reiki as I need, when I need it. Sharing that with people across the US through Reiki & Roll has been expansive and beautiful.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I will say I don’t think any path anyone takes is easy! I think of struggles more as lessons. While processing things, I’ll think to myself, “Okay, what is it I’m supposed to learn right now?” Three key lessons I’ve had to work on in my life are how to heal myself, self-love, and trust. 

There are certain moments that change the trajectory of our lives. I like to refer to my challenges as my sacred wounds because they crack the heart open and serve as a catalyst. Everyone can relate to grief at some point in their life. Not long after I graduated college a close friend passed away. I’m not sure I would’ve moved out here if that hadn’t happened. I felt lost and was in a re-evaluation phase in my life, but I remember life slowly coming back to me. I remember the beautiful dreams that provided closure. I remember the first time I sang in the shower three months after, and I remember the first time I was able to walk upright instead of hunched over six months after. I knew I needed a creative outlet, so I got back into an acting class in Oklahoma. A few months later I was cast in a Nick Cassavetes film and a couple of other acting-related things happened in a one week span. That same week I remember sitting down and talking with my mom. She asked why I had tears in my eyes and I said, “Because I think I’m going to LA.” I wasn’t sure how that would happen, but I already knew. Later that year I did move. I felt great. For many years, I felt what I was doing was enough. I didn’t realize until a couple of years ago that maybe I have more healing to do. So yoga and therapy became a part of my life, and that’s when I learned more about Reiki. I had the idea of Reiki and Roll pretty soon after I was attuned, I just didn’t know where to start or even if this was something I could create. But it was something my intuition was telling me to pursue. Eventually, I created the product, did all of the business work, and launched the website. But I was terrified! I waited three months after I launched the website to announce what I was doing. My fear was I’d be thought of as weird or that people wouldn’t accept it. I realize now those thoughts were only a projection of how I actually felt about myself. One day someone I greatly admire said to me, “Kristina, I think it’s time you let people see who you really are.” So the next day, standing in total vulnerability and sweating, honestly wondering if people would talk to me again, I announced Reiki and Roll to everyone. Within 24 hours, my inventory sold out. Less than a year later, Reiki and Roll is in over 40 locations around the US, and I am so beyond grateful for that. Running Reiki & Roll by myself, I’m learning to trust myself and the Universe. It has been amazing because there are so many angels putting stepping stones in front of me to further my path with this and are teaching me things I didn’t know before. I still have so much to learn. Friends, family, and strangers help me and give me advice.

Please tell us about Reiki and Roll.
I wanted to create something that nurtures love, connection, and positive energy— something that can go into every home with a sense of peace and comfort. I also wanted it to be something that was fun and that makes connecting with your higher-self something palatable and attainable. The name Reiki and Roll was inspired by these concepts.

Sound advice I received during the creation process was to focus my energy on one thing at a time and then creatively expand. The Reiki Infused Meditation Kits were my first focus, while teaching and attuning Reiki at all levels unfolded as the next phase. An attunement is an incredibly moving experience when the Reiki Master opens the energetic pathways to allow the Reiki energy to flow through the student’s body. A kit is a bundle of Palo Santo, Selenite, and a rose. The Palo Santo Holy Wood is sourced from Ecuador, and historically, the ancient Incas used Palo Santo when the Shamans would perform ceremonies to bless a home, and used for medicinal purposes to heal from illness. When lit, it calms the nervous system while encouraging a premeditative state. The Selenite is from Morocco and it’s known for assisting in grounding, centering, and emotional balancing. This is all Reiki infused by me.

I love teaching Reiki so much! The in-depth curriculum provides a safe and loving space for students to expand and grow. The attunement process is so mind-blowingly awesome. There are truly no words.

What I am the most proud of involve the decision-making process. Decision making is spiritual in itself because you have to listen to your intuition on what’s best.

I’m excited to see how R&R will expand, how it will touch people, and how it will change. A wise man once said to me, “Think of yourself as a flower. The more you learn about yourself, change, and grow, it’s like a flower blooming, petal by petal. With each new thing you learn there’s a little present, a gift, inside each petal. Something you didn’t know you had before, and that will always be a part of you.” I think of R&R as an extension of myself, so I look forward to watching it change and grow. I have so many ideas of what I want to do with it.

What were you like growing up? Personality wise, interest wise, etc.
Oh, I was a good kid. A little rebellious in the best way. I had my own thoughts and if I deemed something unnecessary or ridiculous I would do the opposite of what everyone else was doing. Still, am this way! I consider it a strength and has been a key of surviving in LA because living outside of the box is what sets you apart and makes you shine with your authentic self! I was close with my teachers and at the same time, I’d be getting in trouble. I was definitely a daydreamer, yet focused and grounded. I started professionally acting at 15. I stopped once I graduated high school because I wanted a normal college experience. I never could’ve imagined then that Reiki & Roll would be in my life now… It’s pretty incredible what people are capable of when they give themselves the permission and safe space to blossom and evolve.


  • Reiki Roll $19
  • Classes/Workshops: dependent on level and location 

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