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Meet Kismet Salem of Kismet Wellness and Kismetation in Venice

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kismet Salem.

Kismet, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
MMMhhhhh where do I start, well… I was always aware of energy, seeing it, hearing it, feeling it and tasting it. I was one of those kids that some people thought of as either odd or angelic. Adults loved to sit next to me and they would just pour their heart out, telling me what was going on with them, problems or difficulties they faced and they always felt better afterwards.

In other words, I can “SEE” people.

I learned however fairly quick to hide a lot of these attributes due to some people not taking so kindly to the likes of a seer or dare I say “Psychic” (giggle) – not understanding or being afraid of the unseen.

Because of this, I hid my ability. I had a lot of different successful careers in my live and never thought I would actually use my “psychichness” and ability to heal as a career.

For fun, I went to Massage School. I love learning and having fun exploring new things, at the time I was a professional sculptor and painter and I was the Director of Accounting at a very successful Web Development Company.

I had negotiated a three day work week for me and the rest of the time, I painted and sculpted and tended to my artist career.

Back to Massage School – I always loved touching people and I have the ability of Psychometry, which means to touch and know the history of an object or live body.

I picked a school which encompasses Body, Mind East meets West, medical meets alternative.

I took to it like “Fish to Water” I was in my element I had so much fun. Learning and understanding muscles and organs (different than from a painters perspective). When I would work on people magical things would happen, emotions would start to flow, I could see the disruptions in people and the discourse and timelines and blockages.

I was hooked and I wanted more.

Still not thinking this is my career… (funny right) So I took more and more training, classes workshops. I started to work as a volunteer to practice what I had learned and to come to my own conclusions. Then I took a little side job as a Massage Therapist which was fun and kept on learning.

Finally, I made the switch and quit everything else and fully started my Healing Arts Career. I became a Trauma Resolution Therapist, Cranial Sacral Therapist as well as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and the list goes on and on. I Managed an amazing Health and Wellness Spa and had a flourishing career as a Bodyworker Therapist. I also worked on animals in Africa on Elephants and Rhinos, Boars in New Zealand and here with Cats and dogs and horses.

Still, something was missing…

I then was introduced to a psychic school which teaches you about energy your own and others and how to know the difference and how to make separation and how to heal yourself.

A little side note psychic just means “of the soul” and everybody has one, and also the ability to sense.

For me, it was the holy grail that I had been missing. Everything started to click. My work skyrocketed to a level where I could actually really assist people in their healing journey to help people activate their own innate healing vibration and have a true understanding of Body, Mind, Spirit integration and the Healing journey as well as Healing itself. I can bring you to your healing waters but drink you must yourself.

Today I have my own Health and Wellness Clinic and a School for Intuitive Living, where I teach tools that you immediately can integrate into your life. Everybody is a psychic. You can learn what to do with it, protect yourself, and have fun with it. Plus you can heal yourself while having fun. I teach with a lot of amusement since it is one of the highest vibrations as well as a playful “Kindergarten” environment, when it is fun and light you learn much easier and can access your information and grow.

At the clinic I work with people from all walks of life as well as all kinds of ailments or support with staying healthy. If it is of Physical nature like bodily injuries, or emotional, trauma or otherwise. I prepare people for surgery and can work post op as well.

I work with the physical aspect, which is a depiction of your energetic make up in denser form and bioenergetic medicine as well as the conscious technology of energy medicine.

I love what I do immensely.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Smooth Sailing – I am laughing out loud. I have had challenges personally, with associates, colleagues, clients and and and.

If I would have not allowed myself to get challenged by these experiences, I would have not really grown.

My challenges were more along the lines of – doing it my way. Meaning staying true to the course. Having my goals and moving towards them. With most of my live, I never had idols. I admire a lot of people and can see and acknowledge the amazing things they have done or created, but an idol = putting somebody else in front of you, to mold yourself after? When you do that, you lose yourself and that is too high a price to pay.

Trusting to take my steps and when I fall getting up, dusting off and keep on going with the new “experience” in my pocket, making changes and onwards.

As Churchill said from one failure to another and that is success.

In my experience, it is the most amazing and fun way to be. You are basically playing and when you acknowledge your failures and validate them it is like a life elixir. Nobody can take that from you and I started more and more to really trust myself – not what everybody around me wanted to do or thought appropriate for me. Which is in itself an invalidation.

For example: A client asked me for a “sexual favor”. I kept a straight face I informed the client I needed a moment and stepped out of the room.

Ahhhhhhhhhh (freaking out internally) was my first response – judgment, then wait a second realization, this has nothing to do with me!

I calmed myself (with the tools I know how) and got pretty excited, this was super therapist game time. I stepped back into the room and suggested to work on what is going on with his life and where that was coming from, he agreed. WHOW! We had a mega amazing session. He stepped into a healing vortex so to speak and due to my conduct (nonjudgmental) was able to transcend a lot of shame and move through some pretty intense pain. He came out on the other side and is a flourishing amazing human being, having healed some intense childhood issues.

In my circles when I would tell this story I was meet with a lot of you should have …. the suggestions where rather harsh and all they would have done is leave both parties in disarray and no resolution would have been the outcome.

Another example I was told a lot to make everything more digestible ??? What does that even mean, well diluting my content or making it palpable for mass consumption. I struggled and doubted and once I moved through that I realized that did not work for me. I think it is very important to be true to who you are, as a person, in your life as well as in business.

It is very beautiful when everybody can be who they really are. Hence I created my school for people to come in learn tools and truly be who they are without judgment or interference. A place where people can grow and unfold on their own terms.

So, challenges yes plenty and I am sure there is more to come and that is the fun, the adventure and I am enjoying the journey.

Kismet Wellness and Kismetation – what should we know? What do you do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
There are two parts to my Business/Company I have a Health and Wellness clinic and I have a School for Intuitive Living.

A Clinic and a school that brings Health and Wellness to all aspects of life.

I help people to move into the direction of wellbeing and to get well. This can be from a physical standpoint, body, mentally, mind, and spiritually, I help people to integrate this triune. When you are integrated, you can much easier heal yourself and create a life you would like to have. Think of being whole.

Every Dis-ease started with a small indicator when you start bringing those forth you can step into a Healing Vortex, your nervous system starts to recalibrate and new neuropathways are formed and your blueprint starts to become a fertile ground you can grow from.

I do not treat symptoms I treat the whole being for example:

I had a client who had severe Periodontitis and TMJ Syndrome. Her Dentist wanted to pull some teeth out His reasoning “this will help to eliminate the inflammation”. She did not want to do that and was desperate for help. As we started to work, it became very clear that growing up her environment was not conducive to expressing herself nor finding her own voice. As we worked on these unreconciled parts of her youth, we could administer Ayurvedic herbs as well as homeopathic tinctures and FSM treatments (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) with the emotional and energetic stressors reducing her inflammation, the irritation started to reduce as well. In the course of six months, she completely turned her Health around and can report healthy gums and teeth as well as her way of communicating with herself and the world. Yes, she found her voice and healed her gums and teeth.

If there is the need for an operation, we will work on resolving any fear issues or anything else that might be in the way off a successful surgery. Everything will be set towards healing. We create a Healing Meditation that is just for you, to set the nervous system up for this event and again towards healing. All of this helps with the surgery not so much blood during the incision process, recovery is faster and that helps the whole healing process overall.

There is also the maintenance part I have clients who see me on a regular basis every two weeks or 1 x month. Some do combinations of Bodywork – combined with the spiritual/energy work.

There is also a pampering part as well. To just drop in and let the stress melt off and allow yourself to come back to your senses. A recalibration so to speak.

The Clinic it is by appointment only, people come in with an ailment physical or emotional or spiritual pain, and we address that – except for Spiritual Happy Hour on Thursdays between 4-6pm the clinic is open to the public. You can drop in and get a healing or FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) treatment, or a bioenergetic remedy, Spiritual Happy Hour is by donation.

I work with Ayurvedic herbs as well as FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent), Bodywork, oils and I make Bio Energetic Remedies, of course there is the pure energetic component to it as well.

Spiritual Counseling Sessions. You are unique you have your own vibration so to speak and with that you can heal yourself, make choices and start to create a life that is of your own choosing.

The School part is where somebody can come and learn tools to be integrated immediately into your life. You will learn about your Spiritual Anatomy, how to let go of energy that is not yours, and how to fill up with your own energy. You learn to heal yourself and others and have fun while you are doing it. I teach a lot with amusement which is key. Seriousness stops the flow of energy and it is easy to get stuck – so Amusement helps to release things.

Once a Month we have a Healing Clinic where people can come in on a Sat. from 2-4pm and get Healings and Readings from my students. It is a really fun and healing event.

As a new student, you start by learning Meditation 1/Spiritual Anatomy. This is a six weeks course and then you can move on from there if you wish and do other things. The first class is free so you can see if you like it and if it is for you.

Healing is multidimensional just like a Human. At the Clinic, you can address health and wellness concerns from all angles. Work on Life Issues, trauma and at the School you can learn to energetically heal yourself.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
I don’t think I have one moment alone. As a “whole” Journey (and it is still going,) I would have to say “my Journey”. I absolutely love what I do and not being deterred by roadblocks or disturbances, reinventing and shaping myself and when I make mistakes learning from them and moving on. It is so easy to get sidetracked and or start to lose your goals when you have challenges. I would say I am proud that I kept the course no matter how hard or stormy it got. Taking care of myself while building a Clinic and a school that brings Health and Wellness to all aspects of Life.


  • 1/2 Hour $ 75
  • 1 Hour $ 120
  • 1 Hour 1/2 $ 180
  • 2 Hour Combo $ 240
  • Workshops $ 50

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