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Meet Kiara Thomas of Kiara The Voice

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kiara Thomas.

Kiara, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I am a New York City native, raised in Harlem and that statement has always made me proud. My parents are both artist and entrepreneurs and now I truly understand the level of focus, passion, courage, love, patients and dedication that required while raising a family. I am driven by all of that energy. When I was nine, my mother took a job offer in Boston the Boston Arts Academy; and the family moved the Dorchester. During this part of my life, I expressed a lot of resistance. I remember how unfair I felt about the situation, and how helpless I was being a child, I had no say in the matter. In high school, I began to discover myself. I attended the Boston Arts Academy, not for dance, for theatre and I feel in love.

All of my life, I was called “story teller” because I would always tell stories with such detail, becoming everyone in the story; and it was at BAA in the theatre department that I learned how to connect with my emotions in order to activate my true self. Through Meditation and one full year of ensemble building activities such as toe to toe eye to eye, I began to find peace within. For College, I attended Pace University in NYC. Ever since I was nine, I was trying to figure out a way to get back to the city, College was the ticket.

During this time, my mind was refocused on money and creating a way for me to begin to live on my own. I studied Business and Marketing Management focusing on entertainment, and I was also a part of the school Programming and campus and Events Board from freshman year until senior year, where I was the president. During this time, I began to develop an understanding for my true Caring nature while being able to experience what you can create and share with others with the right budget. There is simply no limitation to what can become manifest when the bank account is right (my early thoughts) LOL.

Now I know that there is no limit to what can manifest regardless of the bank account, one must first have the belief that it can be done and the patience to see it through. Throughout college, I was working at Apple and working on my career in the entertainment industry at siriusXM as a Promotions assistant and Talent assistant.

I moved to California on January 1, 2015 is when me, my cousin, and my God sister completed our cross country drive for me to begin my new life. Such an epic five years it has been. I told everyone I was going to pursue my Career in Voice over and learn how to have patients LOL. I was fortunate to be able to transfer to Apple Stores where I connected with some key individuals in my life one of which was Mike Wallz. Mike Wallz my twin as I call him began the process with me of mindfulness and mind expansion. We began a Podcast that connected us to the premier producers of the music industry 1500 or Nothing where we began shadowing Larrance ‘Rance’ Dopson and James Faunt Leroy as the 1500 Sound Academy was born.

During this time, I reconnected deeply to my meditation practice, developing a morning routine which I honored five days a week. Rising at 6AM working out by 6:15AM Home Journaling by 7:30AM reading 8AM-9AM then fueling the body with breakfast. In 2016, I began my YouTube channel let go to grow… where I would dive deeply into topics like my parent’s divorce, moving across the country, cutting off my Locs,

I was learning how to fearlessly press myself and at the same time going through a deep cleansing of my spirit of my energy. I began to connect with so many spiritual leaders, I learned reiki, I began leading meditations all around Los Angeles and I started a series called happy Sunday where I share my download for the week, encouraging growth in others. At the same time, I was moving a lot, never really comfortable in my home until last year, where I began to find my balance again.

Now I am leaning into fear or rather using fear as fuel to drive me forward in the direction of my dreams. I have released four songs that make me so proud, most recently Plant Based Pu$$Y which I released on the 1st in the mid of the Quarantine and I couldn’t feel more fulfilled. Watching my friends play the song live while doing to all of their followers, talking about the track and just really showing love by sharing the message and embracing my growth. I am truly grateful for where I am today.

Has it been a smooth road?
Its been the most amazing roller coaster rides. From not knowing how I was going to afford to live in Los Angeles with my changing career paths. Being let go from an amazing corporate cannabis job and being driven to start my own mobile wellness service called a Vibe Enhancement.

Starting your own business and really leaping into entrepreneurship takes faith, trust and an unbelievable amount of passion and dedication in order to receive the reward.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
I have created a mobile wellness service called a Vibe enhancement.

Each VIBE ENHANCEMENT begins with a foot soak in a blend of Epsom salt and Kiara The Voice homemade reiki infused oil WATER #9. Smudging your body and home with Sage and Copal Kiara begins guiding you to focus to your breath. Massaging the feet and calves creating circulation in the blood while releasing tension in the mind body and spirit. She then places a warm compress on your head and proceeds to play the ocean drum dissipating any remaining tension in the mind body and spirit.

We then move to the table for a reiki infused full body massage with Hemp derived CBD oil From Soji Health followed by a sound bath with crystal and brass singing bowls, chimes and the ocean drum. Signing of the balancing prayer of MAAT breathing and coming back to center, we begin to ground you into the energy of peace we have created in your space. Duration : 1.5-2 hours

I have a few regular clients That I work with and I also work alongside Royal Treatments Wellness at many event in Los Angeles County.

When I am not holding space for peace in people’s homes, I am creating content to share my art, through music, dance, acting, hosting and attending some of the greatest across the country.

In my mind, it is possible to be omnipresent and that’s what I strive for my energy to be in all spaces.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
I believe That Los Angeles is truly magical. I tell all my friends and family is like a portal is here where anything can happen. Your mind has to be tuned in and locked into that thing because just like anywhere else, there are so many distractions that can slow your process on your way to achieving your goal.

Surround yourself with people who know more than you, and make sure you are in your receptive mode. Soak it all up and ask questions so you can be directed as to where you can unlock the answers. There are so many books that I was referred to throughout these last five years and I am grateful for each one, For they have granted me with the passage to deep understanding.

Start where you can learn the most, and then go or stay where you can apply those lessons to maximize your success.

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