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Meet Kevin Garner

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kevin Garner.

Kevin, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
When I was young, about six or seven years old, I was always very inclined to the idea of music. I loved to feel the emotions that music put in my heart and it made me very drawn to express it, yet I was always extremely shy as a kid when it came to my musical abilities. I wanted to keep to myself most of the time, and I was especially embarrassed to sing in front of my family.

I started off in a church choir, where my instructor pulled me upfront to sing and find my vocal range. When she played the piano and asked me to sing with it, I remember I was so shy because my sister was near me listening and I sang so quietly where the instructor told me to sing louder because I was barely making a sound. I’m not exactly sure why I was embarrassed, but eventually that carried out throughout my life. From there, I was very inspired to play the drums. I didn’t have my own drum set but I was so inspired to play that when my family and I played Guitar Hero in the living room, I gathered together a bunch of different household items that created a unique sound- such as different notebooks, cooking pans, water bottles, boxes, and I got my own drum sticks. I remember the excitement I had when I discovered this, it was like my own little toy drum set in my house.

As I grew older, I continued to play the drums in my church choir, as well as attending arts schools. In the seventh grade, I was taking a percussion class at school when my band teacher called me to the side to do some sort of test. He played a note on the piano and asked me what note it was— I counted with my fingers and told him exactly what note it was. This is when I discovered that I had the gift of perfect pitch, which is the ability to classify a note without any given reference. Having discovered this, my band teacher decided to transfer me out of band class and put me into an orchestra class to learn the violin to train this ability. The violin came very natural to me, and to this day it still is one of my favorites to play. After fully learning and mastering the violin, I decided to become a musical theatre major in high school where I did many productions at my performing arts school alongside studying dancing.

A few years into high school, I discovered my true passion which was writing music, producing, and performing. I was always very intrigued with the creation of songs, and I was very adventurous with different styles of music. I then looked into teaching myself new instruments, as many as I could learn and exploring with all the different instrument sounds. Eventually, I decided I wanted to pursue it and go to school to study songwriting in Los Angeles. There I honed my skills, as I encountered many people who shared the same passion. Later I was signed by a talent manager who believed in me and wanted to bring me up in the acting industry and before I knew it, I also grew a passion for acting. Over the years in my life, I have been filled with countless blessings. Every opportunity I get to do what I love is a gift, and I am thankful and constantly motivated by the people who support me in my endeavors.

Has it been a smooth road?
Life for me hasn’t always been a smooth road. I actually think nobody really has a smooth road, it’s just that some people might be more skilled than others at blurring out the noise keeping the drive and focusing on achieving goals, but life isn’t at all perfect. For me, I’ve always been highly dedicated in achieving my goals and pursuing my passion where no matter what doubt from others may come, I was always sure of what I wanted to do in my life. My passion for the arts has always been secure because I knew that to become successful is to not necessarily be famous but to be happy, and I find myself happy in everything that I do. But along the way, I did encounter a few doubts. I faced physical insecurities, which my acting career has helped me overcome it, as well as facing some financial doubt. I am also very reliant on faith so God is my main source of reassurance, and I have always been so grateful that everything I’ve asked of if in his will, has been given to me and tenfold. I find full faith and security knowing that no matter what struggle or circumstance may arise and whatever fails me, God’s love never fails and it is assured that my life has great value and there is a bigger purpose for it in this world.

Love also plays a big role in my life in facing many of my struggles. When you find someone to take on life with, to love you so much and care for your well being, to share your greatest memories, to share an infinite happiness with, life kinda just flourishes to the max. I grew so much more passionate about everything, and all that I do in life has had so much more meaning, joy, and excitement for everything to come. This is my treasure, and I am forever grateful to have this luxury. I love you Ashley!

Can you give our readers some background on your music?
I am a singer/songwriter, producer, actor, and performer. It’s a lot more meaning when you sing your own song and tell your story as opposed to singing a cover, although I love to make cover videos on social media! I am primarily a recording artist where I would write songs, produce them, and eventually perform them! I also love to play music on different instruments, and over the past years, I’ve learned to play 20-30 different instruments. On the other hand, acting is another passion of mine. I have been very fortunate to have been signed with an agent and manager, and they are always working hard for me and supporting me very much along the way. I love being on set- I love the environment, the creativity, the passion in every job position, and all the people I meet! I think what sets me apart from others is my wide personality, versatility, and I care very much about everyone and what I do.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
I think for me personally, I will be more involved with the industry- I plan on releasing albums, EPs, doing major collabs, and raising my platform on social media. I’m sure social media will look very much different in 5-10 years, but with the growth rate of technology, I wouldn’t be surprised! I would also love to give back and use my gifts for people in need, collaborate with charities, and helping make the world a better place starting with music (:

Contact Info:

  • Instagram: @kevingarnerofficial

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