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Meet Kelsey Reddicks

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kelsey Reddicks.

Kelsey, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
U BEAUTIFUL SOUL was founded during a major transition in my life when I left my high-stress career as a Producer in 2016. What started as a health and wellness blog for myself and friends turned into a growing community of women seeking a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Offering private training services, group workouts, wellness events, and more, our mission is to empower women to live a life full of confidence and self-love through health and fitness. We believe there is nothing more powerful than connecting mind, body, and soul- all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds are beautiful and each and every one of us has a unique essence to contribute to society. We invest in the empowerment of women to improve the world around us.

Rewind to 2016, I was in Argentina producing and developing multiple projects. After not sleeping for four days to meet deadlines and a missed delivery to a client, I collapsed into a physical and emotional breakdown. I found myself walking the streets of Buenos Aires sobbing, breathless, exhausted and realizing this is not what I want out of my life. I was working non-stop 70-100 hour weeks including weekends and holidays, and submitting to unhealthy practices to survive and cope with the stress. I was working internationally which meant calls and emails from 6 am to 2 am, sleeping on average 3-4 hours a night.

Traveling regularly to Europe, South America, Russia, and throughout the United States, left me little time at home. I was straining all my close relationships by canceling plans and not showing up for those I love. I thought I had it all: high paying salary, great benefits, a new car, and I was running multi-million dollar accounts across many platforms.

Producing projects and developing cutting edge experiences with top brands like Adidas, Nike, and FX with cultural influencers like Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Rae Sremmurd and more. What seemed like an amazing and glamorous career was slowly crushing my soul and I knew I needed to make a major shift. I quit my job and began pursuing a health and wellness driven lifestyle that was fulfilling, purposeful, and that empowered women.

After leaving production, I began my journey of soul searching to heal and recover from the stress. I knew the one constant that always remained during my career was my passion for fitness- running, strength training, yoga and even setting up workouts and nutrition tracking with my coworkers. I found a fitness studio that I connected with, auditioned, trained, and began teaching group classes. THIS MOMENT CHANGED MY LIFE.

I realized that bringing positivity, light, and motivation to women was my drug. I learned that helping others achieve their goals, not just within fitness but in life, provided an indescribable feeling of inspiration and purpose. I started U BEAUTIFUL SOUL, continued my education at the American Fitness and Nutrition School in Pasadena and began growing my private training clientele.

I strongly believe that when you’re on the right path incredible opportunities will begin to open up and align with your goals. The need to provide a space of self-love and empowerment began to drive all my decisions in growing my business. Melinda Gates said “investing and empowering women and girls will change the world” and this is the essence of my core beliefs.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Transitioning out of my career came with many difficulties, but most of all, an overwhelming feeling of failure. I was not only leaving behind financial security, health insurance, good benefits, and a 401k but the countless years and hours to reach this level of success. It was really scary to hit the restart button on the life I had built. At the time, it felt like I was letting down my family and friends, especially my parents who sacrificed so much to support me.

Being a woman in a mostly male-driven profession, I also felt like I was disappointing my fellow sisters climbing the corporate ladder. My identity was my career. It was woven so tight that it’s taken years to slowly undo the threads to explore who I am and what I want. I didn’t fully realize the toll that stress and lack of sleep had played on my body and I’m still recovering to this day.

My production career aside, starting a business, especially one that is rooted in self-improvement, has been extremely tough and vulnerable. Every piece of U BEAUTIFUL SOUL holds parts of me which can be difficult to put on display to the world. It felt easier to hide behind a computer screen working away at projects for other brands. When you’re solely driving the ship, a lot of fear accumulates and it’s taken a lot of pep talks and affirmations to get through each milestone as the business has grown. Fear will always linger but it’s about breathing through the difficult decisions and moving forward that provides momentum.

U BEAUTIFUL SOUL was not built overnight, it has taken years of hard work, dedication, and not giving up on the mission I believe so deeply in. I still have moments of paralyzing doubt but I’ve slowly started accumulating a toolbox of ways to break through the negative self talk to keep pursuing my dreams. Although it has not been an easy road, I am very grateful for the opportunities in my life and wouldn’t be where I am today if my journey was any different.

We’d love to hear more about your work.
U BEAUTIFUL SOUL is a community empowering women to live a life full of confidence and self-love through health and fitness. Founded by celebrity trainer, Kelsey Reddicks, we provide at-home private training services, group fitness, and wellness events within the Los Angeles area and are currently expanding to other cities and countries. We believe exercise is not only an activity for physical health but mental health, emphasizing the importance of the mind, body, soul connection.

Utilizing fitness and mindfulness as a space to freely express ourselves and connect, provides a positive platform for those seeking to uplevel their lives. A U BEAUTIFUL SOUL workout is not only exercise but is rooted in intention, mindfulness, meditation and soul connection. We work with women to build strength and develop personal growth to ultimately achieve their goals within their career, relationships, and life.

What sets us apart is our belief that the aesthetic of fitness is just the cherry on top. Health and fitness goes beyond the “bikini body” or “shredded 6-pack abs,” it’s about our general health, longevity of life, mood, and confidence which all begins within you. We want you to feel good on the inside and outside through a healthy lifestyle, versus trend-focused workouts and diet culture. It’s a community that provides a shared wealth of knowledge and education. Whether through private clients, online contributors, or women at our events, we are constantly learning and growing through their wisdom and life experience. U BEAUTIFUL SOUL facilitates a community that is rooted in health and fitness but also explores how we can utilize the benefits of a healthy life to pursue our dreams.

What were you like growing up?
I grew up in Portland, Oregon in a family of three brothers, a rose amongst thorns my teachers would say. I was the second oldest but from a young age took on a mature role as my parents dealt with my older brother going in and out of rehabilitation and hospitals. My desire to balance his chaos made me an overachiever, hustler, and committed to success. By age 15, I held a part-time job, managed almost perfect grades in advanced courses at school, was actively involved in clubs, leadership, and was often the lead in the school plays- theatre nerd alert.

This same involvement carried into college where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, Advertising and Communications from the University of Oregon. I still maintained to work part-time, hold presidency in my sorority and was very involved in philanthropy and internships. My daily routines throughout my life were a reflection of my production career. Work, work, work, sleep, repeat. However, this lifestyle was always balanced through my love of fitness, specifically running- my favorite form of meditation.

It was my dad who showed me that fitness and health were top priorities. He always calendared challenges to complete throughout the year: triathlons, marathons, relay races and more. That was the model that I observed in terms of motivation, dedication, and the importance of health. In order to show up for others, you have to put yourself first. In terms of my innate drive to succeed, I know I got that from my mom who modeled the importance of financial independence, education, and perseverance. I feel blessed to have such a strong parents who showed me the meaning of love, family, and dedication to purpose.

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