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Meet Kegan Antone

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kegan Antone.

Kegan, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up, I was really academically oriented. I did well in school, went to college, and decided to take the LSAT because it was the next logical step. I was in advanced art, band, and drama all throughout high school. In college, every single class where it was possible I was making a short film and acting in it. I even modeled a bit. My brother and I would always put on personas, do impressions, create and act out scenes together. It was all we did. I always was artistically and creatively inclined, but I was taught that it was recreation. I just kind of fell into this perfect path, and I really wanted to make my family and everyone around me proud. I did really well and got into quite a few of the top 10 law schools and decided to take an internship in DC with an immigration lawyer.

At some point during the internship, I realized that I was absolutely miserable. I enjoyed the people I worked with and working towards making a positive impact in their lives, and advocating for people who couldn’t do so themselves and still wanted to do so, but doing that way wasn’t for me. I was just doing it because its what I thought was right, go to school be a doctor or lawyer and that equals success. I had a strong desire to move to LA. From a young age, I dreamed of being an actor. I just never saw it as a feasible or reasonable possibility in the career aspect. I really just sat and reflected for a while. I am an older brother and I have always enjoyed serving as a mentor. I felt like I couldn’t be a good example to anyone if I wasn’t showing them to forge the paths that they wanted and to pursue their dreams. If I were settling and miserable, what advice could I give anyone? I thought about it for a bit. Eventually, I went home and I decided to pack my bags and move to LA. From there, I started hustling. I got into class, started networking, and started working my way into the industry.

Has it been a smooth road?
I don’t think the path that I’ve chosen has been smooth by any means. One of the first struggles for me was making the choice to pursue acting and accepting all that I had walked away from. It took me a while to own the path that I had chosen because of my background. I was afraid I’d let everyone down, but I just wasn’t happy. I had a conversation with a friend and we were talking about owning your dreams. It really stuck with me. Not too long after, I decided to start saying it, when people asked me what I did, who I was… I’d say it. I’m an actor. I’m a creative. I’m an entrepreneur. My friends, my teachers, my family all respected the courage it took to pursue what I wanted. Things got so much better and I never went back. When you speak things, you believe them and you start doing everything to make things happen. There’s real power in owning your dreams.

I think the hardest thing about entertainment is that there is no set path. Most people don’t realize that in this industry, in addition to being devoted to the craft and a lover of the arts, you are a business. You kind of just have to do your research, cross your fingers and just start doing whatever it is you’re pursuing. An entrepreneurial spirit helps. You have to grind, you have to promote and invest in yourself, you have to do a lot. While you’re doing that, you have to survive. I’ve had all sorts of side hustles, just so that I could have complete control of my schedule. You have to figure out what skills you have and how they can help you. I’ve always loved photography, for instance. I started doing that on the side for some extra income.

At the end of every day, I ask myself what have I done to advance my career today. That could be anything from going to class, watching a tv show, reading a script, writing, networking; the list goes on. I try to have an answer to that every day, and that helps keep me on track. It’s also really healthy because this industry moves slowly and it can be easy to get down and feel like you’re not progressing. If you’re doing this every day and you have an answer, thats a step you’re taking in the right direction. You have to celebrate the little wins too!

I lost my mother at the beginning of my sophomore year in college. She was a great parent, my best friend, and just an amazing example of a person. She really believed in me and invested everything she had in me and my younger brother so that we could have the best lives possible. She was selfless and full of integrity. She always taught me to always give and advance my best and to make my dreams happen. Everyday I give my best to make her proud.

I have a younger brother and two younger cousins. I know they support and really look up to me. I go hard to show them, and people that came from where we did, to be an example of what they can accomplish when they want to.

The community of creatives in Los Angeles is amazing. It’s great to have that support and ability to cross-network and create amongst each other.

My family is really supportive; my aunts, my grandma, and my dad. On the business side of things, I have an amazing team. Aside from that, I have really great friends. Whenever I’ve been down, gotten into a crazy situation, or just want to talk, I can generally say I’ve had a friend to call upon. I’m really grateful for that.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
I’m an actor. I model and shoot as well. I think in order to be a great storyteller, you need to experience life. You need to listen to people, to be curious about the world, you need to read. In order to be a great storyteller, you need to experience all the stories you can. I’ve always liked a good story.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
Los Angeles is amazing. The weather is near-perfect. There are beaches and hikes. The vegan food here is amazing. There’s so much to do and experience in Los Angeles for everyone. You also meet the most interesting people here.

My least favorite part about LA? The traffic, hands down.

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