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Meet Kat Trimarco

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kat Trimarco.

Kat, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
The journey to creating my own business started almost 5 years ago, after I had been abusing drugs and alcohol for over a decade. I had a pivotal moment, waking up and realizing how much pain I was putting my body and myself though. How inauthentic to my soul I was living. It was a major wake up call, a call to transformation.

I made a complete transformation in my life, got sober, and embarked on a spiritual journey and a journey home to my own soul and authentic self-expression. I was so inspired and lit up by the discoveries I was having within myself that I wanted to help other people. I felt like, “Why did no one teach us this stuff in school? Why did no one teach me how to understand myself and life?”

I always knew intuitively that there was something more to life than what I saw people around me living. I knew there was more than going through the motions.

During my wake up and personal transformation, I wrote and published my first book, Self-Approved – A guide to accepting, loving and expressing the person you truly are, where I share my memoir and journey into sobriety and spiritually awakening.

After publishing my book and beginning my spiritually based coaching business, I went back to school to receive a certificate in Spiritual Psychology to deepen my own awakening and understanding of Earth life, how we create in this dimension and to have deeper transformation practices to bring to my clients.

Most people are only living a fraction of what’s actually possible for them and only a fraction of what they DESIRE to be living. My job as a coach is to assist them in using energetic laws and principles to create the life they desire on demand. Over and over again.

The portion of my business that is centered around sex coaching and education transpired when, time and time again, I would run into the same challenges and difficulties in my relationships and sexual interactions. Again, I found myself asking “HOW COME NO ONE TAUGHT ME THIS STUFF?!”

Sex Ed in school was little more than an understanding of how our reproductive organs work and how to have safe sex. There was no education around the actual act of sex, communication and being intimate with another person. I felt as though sex was something we weren’t supposed to talk about openly, but that when it came time to actually have it, we’re supposed to magically know what we’re doing as well as how to communicate needs, desires and boundaries.

My frustration combined with my deep desire to understand myself sexually, led me on a beautiful and adventurous journey of learning about sex! About the energetics of sex, the physicality and technique as well as the emotional, mental, and and spiritual aspects of sex. What I found is that in order to understand ourselves as sexual beings, we need to understand our sex from all aspects.

My own personal exploration and journey led me to becoming a certified sex coach. I now coach and teach others to empower themselves sexually, to know their sex, their desires, their boundaries, and how to create expansion in their relationships and pleasure.

I’m so incredibly passionate about teaching and talking about this!

While parts of my business might not make sense to someone from the outside, spirituality and sexuality, they are, in fact, directly related. Sexual energy is life force energy. It’s the energy that each and every one of us made out transition from the spiritual world into the physical world.

For me and my clients, it’s about experiencing turn-on in all areas of life. I believe and know that we can’t be living a dried up sex life, whether solo or in partnership, and an all-around juicy life simultaneously.

Creating turn-on and pleasure in all areas of life is the name of the game!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
No! Haha!

I created a lot of resistance for myself along the way. The most challenging piece for me was coming up against my own inner doubt and disbelief. I literally spent years not understanding how I was going to bring my dreams to life.

I could feel them inside of me. The vision was there. The desire and the passion was there, but I had lots of limiting beliefs standing in my way, stories I told myself about why I couldn’t do it and about how I wasn’t ready yet.

In a sense, I believe that I experienced a lot of internal resistance so that I can better help other people who are creating a life of their dreams navigate around the doubts, fears and disbeliefs that arise inside. We see most people creating their businesses and lives and all we see is the external results of what they create. We see their journey and manifestations from the outside perspective only, without fully understanding the inner navigation required.

Our external experiences are really a projection of our internal reality and so I believe that I experienced early failures trying to create from the place of external action alone, so that I could learn how to tap into my inner creative powers of energy, thoughts and emotion.

The truth is, that this is the place that all of reality is created from. Doing things that action only way didn’t work for me which caused me to seek the truth behind creation and manifestation. This made it extremely challenging in the beginning, but now I’m grateful for what I’ve learned and the understanding and implementation of energetic and Universal Laws to create my physical world reality instead of relying on action and effort.

This is, after all, the way of the new world.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Kat Trimarco – what should we know?
I consider myself an employer of the Universe. I basically live my life, coming to deeper understandings about how to create in the physical world reality. As I experience challenges and things that I grow and transform through, I teach and help other people who are experiencing similar questions about life and reality.

On the outside this manifests as me being a spiritual life coach, sex coach, author, and workshop/retreat facilitator.

I am most known for empowering women to create a self-approved sex life, to know themselves sexually, their desires, their pleasure, and their bodies, and how to communicate this within relationship. It’s all about dismantling societal and family conditioning to allow a person’s true desires to come forward. I help women create deeper intimacy and connection with themselves, their genitals as well as deeper intimacy and connection within relationships. The connection with self really is the building block to the connection within relationships.

It’s this same empowering of desires and pleasures in the bedroom that transfers to a woman living her best life externally. To owning and claiming her true desires and pleasures in life, creating on her own terms instead of someone else’s idea about who she should or even who she’s decided she should be.

Dismantling the gap between desires and beliefs to create a desired reality.

I am most proud of writing and publishing my book, Self-Approved as well as my appearance at Wanderlust Mount Tremblant 2017.

What sets me apart from others in my unapologetic form of expressing myself and my work in the world. I’m unconventional. I swear. I do Facebook lives with no makeup on. I show up in all of my glory and in all of my forms of expression.

Further, my bridging and connecting spirituality with sexuality. Taking sex beyond physicality and having it be as a way that we live our lives.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
Resiliency and my eagerness to learn.

An understanding that I have to give up who I think I am in any given moment in order to expand and up level into the person that I’m becoming.


  • Book an initial one-on-one coaching session for $197
  • Women’s Self Approved Sex Group Coaching starts Sept 1 – $1147
  • Self Approved book on Amazon, starting at $6.99

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Getting in touch: VoyageLA is built on recommendations from the community; it’s how we uncover hidden gems, so if you know someone who deserves recognition please let us know here.

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