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Meet Kailin Scott

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kailin Scott.  Kailin was introduced to us by the brilliant and talented Whitley Porter.

Kailin, we’d love to learn more about you, both personally and professionally.  Before we dive into specific questions about your consulting company, perhaps you can tell us a little bit of the backstory and how you got to where you are today?
As a young girl, I was exposed to the pain of injustice and felt a sense of responsibility to help combat it. My first experience was in elementary school when I was asked by my 1st grade teacher to share about my hair, I had box braids.  I lived in a city where there was only 15% black and brown people at this point in time of the 90’s.  When I told my mother she immediately contacted the school to address the issue, there was no action taken on my behalf.  After a series of similar events, I began to unintentionally view myself as less than because no one other than my mother was speaking on my behalf.  During high school, I began to involve myself with clubs and organizations which taught me to value my skin and mind with pragmatic approaches to improve the world around me.  This energized me, and started me on my journey of civil rights and community improvement work.    Never having  a clear path on exactly where my career would go.  I would typically take the  “let’s see where this road leads” approach. This mindset was both a blessing and a curse; blessing me with new and exciting experience but cursing me with the long way around. During my undergrad as well as after  I worked for a number of different nonprofit organizations mainly because those were the places I could be in very close proximity to the people I desired so much to help. They ranged from climate change, social services, drug rehabilitation, performing arts, to  juvenile halls with teens and young adults teaching life and coping skills. These experience were so fueling.  They each spoke to a part of myself and helped mold the women I am today.  After 5 years in the workforce I felt I’d hit somewhat of a plateau in my professional career so I decided to pursue a masters degree.  After much soul searching I decided to pursue a Masters degree in Business Administration MBA, when I would be in the community helping people it was difficult because many of the organizations I worked with were forced to work with very little resources because they chose to be selfless in their ambitions.  I saw this as unfair; so rather than becoming a counselor or support for the people in need I chose to become the support for the companies that help the people.  I truly believe it takes money to save lives, it also take access, impact and influence.  Most of the time the individuals who hold all those things are not in circles or at tables the CEO’s I work with.  I see myself as a bridge.. Building bridges of access, impact and resources.

Can you tell us more about the consulting company?  What sets your company apart from others?  Is there a particular service or type of client that you specialize in working with?  Any client success stories you can share? What else should our readers know about you and your services?
My consulting company KTS consulting focuses on strategic planning, marketing/ branding and organizational leadership. We specialize in business who want to make the world better.  Some are nonprofit and others are for profit organizations.  Our primary goal as a company is supporting our clients, some of which want to make major impact we steer them with strategy and structure that will help them become efficient and profitable.  My client that I mostly enjoyed working with has been Whitley Porter, we’ve partnered on a number of projects but her willingness to take risk in her marketing and branding strategies has been a joy and so fun because I am able to true bring my creativity to the table and at the table with whitley no idea is bad, it just needs fine tuning. I’d love for the Voyage LA readers to know at KTS we are truly here to support our clients in every way.  We understand there might be many pieces to a puzzle in order for the full picture to be completed.  And at KTS consulting our goals is to help our clients put together the pieces to their puzzle.

In addition to my consulting company, KTS consulting, I have been in the development stages of building a brand for millennial moms, called Sonny Days.  Inspired and named after my daughter Karson Day, Sonny Days will be a place for the working mother to feel supported in every way.  Focusing specifically on black single mothers, like myself I have found there to be a stigma attached to the term single mother.  The goal at Sonny Days, will be to create a new narrative surrounding terms like single mother, co-parenting and working mom through content, products and services.  Sonny Days wants to become the sunshine in our moms cloudy day!

As you know, we’re big fans of Whitley Porter and we know you’ve worked with her quite a bit as well. We’d love to hear about your experience working with Whitley.  What types of clients would benefit most by working with her and what kind of experience and value/benefits/etc can they expect when working with Whitley?
I love Whitley Porter! I’ve worked with her in so many capacities; as a life coach, with her production company and most recently she has solicited my consulting to help with the marketing on a current project.   In the capacity of life coach,  I see her as a literal coach rooting you on during your journey of ups and downs. In your ear fueling you when you are on empty and calming you down when you bubbling over.  Helping you understand the vision you set and giving practical approaches to execute them.  In terms of her production company, for one of my clients her team was able to provide such a high quality body of work that they were in much need of.  From emotion evoking promotional videos to photography that captures the essence the company in one shot.  Her ability to take the words you say and turn them into a visual masterpieces is a talent I have not witnessed personally until working with her.  She made me feel like I was her only client in each experience I’ve had with her and her team. In this particular project, our main goals was to reintroduce the company to the world.  Whitley sat with me at every stage helping myself and my team include keep focus with also giving clarity and insight to what would and would not work.  Our results are undeniable,  now the customers I serve have a clear message and visual of how we can serve them.

Looking back, what’s been the most under-appreciated factor to your success? 
I would have to say the most under-appreciated factor to my success is my daughter and role as a single mother. I have to stay right now I am killing it as a parent. And sometimes it’s hard to pat yourself on the back for a job that can seem like a requirement but i am coming to terms with what my version of motherhood and womanhood look like for me.  I had my daughter when I was halfway through my masters program and I contemplated quitting, thinking of all the way it would hard and all the things I would miss. However, with encouragement from my support system I went all the way.  So, now as I have began my journey of entrepreneurship, I have had to go through a similar assessment of my life and the challenges we as a family would have to face.  And I choose the challenge, I’d rather fight for my dreams and goals than to sit and be comfortable in a nightmare.  This is what people see when I come into a meeting with passion and vision, it’s the fact that I have no plan B for me and my baby.  ANd when she looks at me in 15 years, I want to be here role model for determination, focus and getting the most out of life.

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