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Meet Julie Moret of in West LA

Today we’d like to introduce you to Julie Moret.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Julie. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I became an inspirational speaker and author with the Agape International Spiritual Center founded by Michael Bernard Beckwith because of bad weather! I was living in New York City several years ago and fled for the west coast during a particularly brutal winter. Since I knew nothing about LA, I asked several of my NY friends what to do on the west coast. Surprisingly, most of them said, ‘Go to Agape!’ I didn’t know what an ‘Agape’ was, but decided to find out.

The first day I walked into one of Agape’s transdenominational (inclusive of all religions) services, I began crying involuntarily, not the cute cry — the ugly, snot dripping, heaving cry! I sobbed from start to finish and knew I had found my tribe and ultimately, my life’s calling. Michael Beckwith was on stage speaking – I had never seen anyone so free before. His brand of deep mysticism, humor and joy were tremendously inspiring to me and though at the time, I never fathomed I would stand on that stage one day, something inside my soul woke from a deep slumber. So, a bad snow storm in NY blew me straight into my life’s calling and now I have the honor of sharing universal principles wrapped in (Vegan😊) Chicken Soup for the Soul-type stories that hopefully bring an ounce of inspiration to thousands of listeners and streamers all around the world via talks, books, and audio downloads.

Has it been a smooth road?
Smooth doesn’t mean easy. The road has been smooth in that each time the next step in my evolution presented itself, it usually came knocking at my door. For example, all the major speaking events, film & TV interviews, and other compelling opportunities I have been fortunate enough to receive have come to me. I did not pursue them. This is a lesson about grace. The things that are right for us show up when we are ready. Our work is to be prepared, both in skill-set and consciousness, to meet opportunity when she comes knocking.

What I’ve learned about challenges is that they are purposeful. The struggles I faced were not detours away from my path, they were hidden stepping stones masterfully walking me straight into my life’s purpose. Each challenge helped me identify my gifts, appreciate them as gifts that I am meant to share in the world and especially important as an entrepreneur – monetize them.

My main challenge in the beginning was figuring out my purpose. That led me on a massive hunt to learn tools, strategies and practices to identify my calling and get back on track when I wander off course. I studied and became licensed in many diverse fields like hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, psychology, energy healing, prayer treatment and past life regression. I also read about the strategies most successful business people, athletes and artists use and found that almost all of them have an active body/mind/spirit component. Once I had all this data, I wrote everything down as a reference guide for MYSELF. Only after experiencing how well the strategies worked did I realize, I had compiled a book about how to be self-inspiring and get back on track when life’s challenges seem too much to bear. What’s Your What, How to Ignite Your Unique Brand of Inspiration is now in its second printing and has been shared with thousands of people around the world.

My professional success (writing books, audio downloads, speaking engagements) was hidden inside the challenge (not knowing who I am or what I have to offer.) I had to peel away the challenge to get to the gift inside and I did that by getting curious and asking useful questions: What is the hidden good in this situation? How is this circumstance helping me become more of who I really am? What must I become in consciousness to move through this time with ease and grace? We are all on a treasure hunt and each up-leveling question leads us closer to home.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the story. Tell us more about the business.
I am an inspirational speaker, author and teacher. I travel extensively providing Chicken Soup for the Soul-type talks: humorous, authentic, touching, fierce stories filled with universal principles and life lessons. Whether key-noting a corporate event, speaking at a spiritual center, TEDx or on camera interview, the intention is always the same. I hope to be so open and available that the listener has an experience of their best self, reflected back at them and feels the courage to discover and unleash their own gifts.

A favorite part of my practice is creating personalized audio downloads for clients all around the world. We speak for about 20-30 minutes so I have a clear sense of what they are ready to welcome into their life- greater health, prosperity, career, love, etc. and then, I record an audio tool for them to listen to every day for at least three weeks. The audio begins with breath work and physical relaxation to create a receptive state and then follows with tools and strategies to help clarify and activate the intentions. The purpose of frequently listening to the download is to create a new groove in consciousness- new habits, new thinking, new behaviors which in turn create new, desirable results. Clients love the audio downloads and I love making them because I go into a deep, altered state of consciousness while recording. It’s an opportunity for my inner mystic to run free!

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
More connection. More authenticity. More transformation. More activation! Human’s are evolving rapidly. We’ve got all the toys, all the stuff. The new frontier is interior. Becoming more conscious. More generative. More inclusive and supportive. The motivation/inspirational fields are here to remind people of the sparkle in life. We’re here to remind everyone to shine along the way and let your radiance be a healing, beneficial presence on the planet.


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  1. Chele Eades

    April 25, 2018 at 05:19

    so pleased you featured Julie Moret, she is a radiant joyful woman! An abundance of inspiration for being your best. Her book “What’s your What” is a must read, on everyone’s journey of self discovery.

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