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Meet Jules Davis of Chef Fatz “The Voice That Brings Amazing Food” in Inglewood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jules Davis.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Born eight to last among my siblings has been no cakewalk. My mother suffered a stressful pregnancy with me since struggling to stay afloat her 25 plus years of employment with LAPD. More so, she fainted flat on her face in the lobby of former LAPD headquarters, Park Center, after being scolded by her supervisor. Rushed to the hospital by ambulance, I was prematurely born that evening, October 12, 1990, with respiratory issues and other complications that lasts way into my adult years. As a school-age child, I endured the trauma of having a learning disability. Reading and writing was my real life boogie monster that taunted me into depression. I was in special education classes feeling shamed and less worthy than my peers. Darkness and pain we’re riding my back heavy. I begin to overeat and sleep and eat some more in search of comfort. I isolated myself and drove into a cave of confusion. But in that cave was a streak of light that pierced through and struck my voice.

Then, I begin to sing. In my senior year of high school, I joined the school choir, and to my surprise unwrapped my gift of soulful singing. I’d always idolized the legendary, Aretha Franklin, naming her my Auntie so that every time I grabbed the mic her profound talent and spirit was present with me. Since having the opportunity to sing with some of my other idols, Abraham Mcdonald, Deitrick Haddon, I’ve stepped plenty of feet towards the light in the cave that once consumed me. Holding tight to my singing relent, even after being rejected during the American Idol and The Voice auditions, I thought to store it in my treasure chest while I explored my love for food. Inspired by my late grandfather and master chef of Lawry’s The Prime Rid, Lee Davis, I decided to pursue a career in culinary arts. After attending a few semesters of community college, I begin to slip back into the cave because of failing, again, with trying to comprehend books and write term papers. I dropped out. Turning in circles, confused as hell, I walked back towards the light and started experimenting with various recipes standing alongside my father and mother who both really good cooks.

From there, I begin to master the art of cooking soul food crafting the best macaroni and cheese on the planet. Selling dinners out my front door soon landed my pots and pans on the grounds of catering gigs across South LA. Chiseling away the rocks of this so-called cave that once darkened my singing and cooking talents, I started a business called Chef Fatz -That Singing Chef! To further market my passion for cooking and love touching people’s souls with the sound of voice. Currently, I’m seeking for a way to just completely into the light of good life by casting a net of hope into the fashion industry. Having struggled with my weight for all 29years of my life, I made a grounded decision to get my weight loss surgery. Having lost more than 100lbs with healthy eating and exercise, I’ve now stepped beyond the cave of doubt to showcase a new clothing line, Collection One By JD, to bestow an image of gory for men across the world. Collection One will represent the epitome of their being only one me Who is worthy of all things good independent of my shortcomings.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Born prematurely with of high level of stress and respiratory complications ignited a rough, life journey for me to live. It didn’t help that my mother was also stressed and suffering from bipolar disorder. I was faced with a mountain of adversities including a learning disability, morbid obesity and depression. This brought about a boulder of challenges for me to overcome. Failing in school, stigmatized from being in special education classes all of my life, dropping out of junior college, and being rejected by larger society because of my weight. My confidence plummeted and my future seemed dim and hopeless. Being the youngest of eight, I was often overlooked and discounted. My parents grew older and weak posing additional stress on my life since our home life was turned upside down with clutter, daily arguments, and financial hardships. In attempt to recover from these adversities, I was also denied a chance to showcase my signing talents on American Idol and the Voice. I’ve been screaming for an open door to defy my deficits- somewhere, somehow, someone will hear my scream.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
My business is called Chef Fatz “The Voice That Brings Amazing Food” with a mantra, That Singing Chef! I coupled my talents of cooking and signing to touch the depth of people’s souls. There’s no macaroni and cheese on the earth like the one l make! Using recipes from my late grandfather and founding chef of Lawry’s Prime Rib and my parents, I specialize in creole cuisine and soul food of all kind. I’ve catered for small and large events, and even and served as a personal chef from time to time. Each time my food hit a plate and my voice land on people’s ears, they’re is joy all around! Im known for setting a light and fluffy tone on any occasion. It’s not very often that you can get a good ol’ soulful meal and hear a soulful voice all in the same setting! I’m most proud that my business is set to ignite a spirit of happiness in people.

Fatz Catering provides:
• Private chef/ private dinners
• Catering for large parties

Singer for all occasions:
• Weddings
• Birthday events
• Festivals
• Church
• Celebrations

Collection ONE by Jules Davis
• Fall collection dropping this November.

What were you like growing up?
Growing up in Inglewood, California as the youngest of 8 children was like riding the biggest roller coaster in the world. On one hand, my life was full of play and spiritual practices. On the other hand, I felt down, confused, and lost. My fondest childhood memory is cerebrating Christmas. My mother decorated two Christmas trees every year, one for the children and another for the adults. I found the most joy singing Christmas music the night before Christmas and all Christmas Day. The smell of sweet potato pies, macaroni and cheese, and honey baked ham kept me prancing and dancing. I found internet signing in my high school choir and cooking meals every holiday, selling dinners out of the front door of my parents house. I suffered from obesity and a learning disability which made me feel like I was pinned under a rock on most days. Had it not been for my graceful personality and humor, then I’d be stuck in a lonely place. My fair and loyal spirit helped me to build quality relationships with people from all over.

Growing up is something I will always remember. Being the youngest out of my siblings, I had a lot of love and support and a course was very spoiled. With my loving heart and bright spirit and personality during my childhood, I attracted people to be very close to me which lead me to be very popular in school and also my neighborhood city of Inglewood. As a young child I always had interest in cooking, singing and helping others in anyway possible and that’s what made me who I am today.


  • Catering $15+ per person

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