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Meet Julen Murguia of Julen the Human in Beachwood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Julen Murguia.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Julen. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I’m an interdisciplinary artist with a background in film production, directing, editing and songwriting/music-making. However, what I really am is… well, I’m this very complex configuration of atoms that have become aware of their own existence and inevitable decay through the process of entropy, and would really like to know how to go about it.

By virtue of random, cosmic causality, I had the incredible fortune to have been born into an extraordinarily loving family of artists, who gave me the time and space to explore and expand my creativity from early on. I’ve always had a fascination with storytelling and a sort of addiction to really engaging and connecting with an audience. I taught myself how to film and edit as well as how to play a variety of musical instruments at a young age. Besides my obsession with the creative process, I’ve always had this incredible zeal and undeniable inquisitiveness about the nature of reality, of mind, life, meaning, consciousness, the fundamental layers of reality, the universe and our place in it.

Over the course of my young-adult life, I’d been looking for ways to unify my passions into a coherent whole. At times, trying to choose one over the other, to no avail. After graduating from film school, I set out to experiment with different video techniques, making content for myself and for clients. At the same time, I began to take songwriting and performing more seriously, playing at local venues and recording music — all with the unrelenting, ever-present backdrop of my insatiable curiosity for life’s big questions.

After the completion of an outstandingly ambitious project that came about in the quest to unify my passions, I found myself in Los Angeles, California. Away from home (Mexico City), from my friends and my team. The mindless inertia that had been driving me around for years came to an abrupt halt, launching me into a cathartic time period of convoluted emotions, deep introspection and a profound search for meaning/purpose behind what I was doing.

I eventually washed up on the red and white shores of YouTube, where I found a place where I could upload my “multifaceted” content under one banner, my personal brand; “Julen the Human”. Which seeks to understand how to be human through creative expression and self-knowledge. Openly inquiring about life’s big questions and their relationship to us, using music to bypass the intellect, and exploring topics through storytelling with a sense of humor. My mission is to share perspective, rekindle curiosity, unclog creative potential and increase global compassion.

Although it’s still very much a blooming project, I’m happy to say that there is now much greater coherence in the path ahead and a clear, precise message that I feel unequivocally compelled to share.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Well, not exactly. I began work on an ambitious project that would showcase the multiplicity of my interests in the form of a cinematic music video which I consequently wrote, directed and edited for one of my songs. Near the completion of this project I, somewhat unexpectedly, ended up coming to LA. Separated from my friends and team members, I hit a wall. I’d been going on this impulsive chase after an idea of who I thought I should be, without really stopping to question it. I had developed a love/hate relationship with my music and severe creative blockages. Obsessively overthinking every step of the way. As things sort of came to a stop, it forced me to step back and reassess my path.

In my search for answers, I dove deeper into topics related to philosophy, science, natural history, etc. Steadily descending into an existential whirlwind littered with cosmic nihilism and fluctuating anxiety. It’s around this time that I fortunately stumbled upon meditation, which provided a clear window through which I peered at the overwhelming amount of noise in my head, and provided an invaluable tool with which to begin untangling the mess — a practice I continue to do every single day. Although unpleasant and turbulent at the time, this existential storm was crucial to really start getting at the core of things. It caused the right amount of discomfort for me to dig deeper and move beyond the constrictive binds of the intellect and begin to find purpose. I’d like to say that I’ve found my footing, but there really isn’t any solid ground to speak of — so I guess it’s more a matter of learning how to fall more or less graciously hahahaha

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
No one really teaches us how to be human. Our popular education systems completely neglect emotional Intelligence, and most of society’s standards have managed to creatively constipate the majority of the population.

So I’m dedicated to making entertaining, educational (infotainment) and inspirational content related to Creativity and Self Knowledge. Seeking to share some Perspective, Rekindle Curiosity, Unclog Creative Potential and Increase Global Compassion — I guess you could say I’m publicly learning how to be human through creative expression and self-awareness.

You can think of my content as being in a “Show and Tell” format (which was, coincidentally, my favorite class when I was a wee lad). The “Tell” aspect involves actually talking about and openly exploring big questions/complex topics. I share my observations/insights on human nature, reality, self-transcendence, creativity and more — overcoming creative hurdles, disclosing my process, and sharing what I learn along the way. In regards to the “Show” side of things; when words reach their limit (as they often do), that’s where music and storytelling come in.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?
I don’t really think I have a proudest moment. There isn’t any specific piece of content or achievement that I’m particularly proud of. I mean, there have been invaluable lessons, opportunities and collaborations for which I am incredibly grateful. I guess, if anything, I can say that what has made me happiest is whenever anyone, be it ten or just one person, lets me know that something I’ve made has added value to their life — it fuels my determination to keep going and find more ways to generate greater value!

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