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Meet Joynier Lockett of Lockdown Athletics in West Los Angeles

Today we’d like to introduce you to Joynier Lockett.

Joynier, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I’m a Los Angeles native that moved from Culver City to the San Fernando Valley as a child where I played a multitude of different sports and activities, including football, track & field, BMX racing, and skateboarding. During high school, I was introduced to weightlifting as part of our strength & conditioning for football and track & field, but it was in college that I developed an interest in health as a potential degree course. However, like many young undergrads, I changed degrees from Health Education to Business Administration with no real idea of what I wanted to do as a career.

After returning home from college I began working in broadcast media advertising, which is very high-stress and requires long hours. To combat that stress, exercise and playing recreational sports was my main stress reliever. I would go to the gym early in the morning or during lunch if my day wasn’t too crazy at work, and a few of my peers would always ask me how I found the time to stay in shape, and I would tell them that I just make the time. As a result, they began asking me to write programs for them, so to understand what I was doing I went out and earned my certification as a personal trainer and began training friends on the side of my main career in media.

When the economy tanked in 2009, the media sales firm that I worked for at the time was closing its doors and at the same time, I was diving headfirst into sports performance training methods and CrossFit as alternative ways to train myself because I was no longer interested in the bodybuilding methods that I had been doing. So I became a CrossFit coach at a good friend’s gym who had recently opened its doors in Woodland Hills, CA. That window was really when I began learning about health optimization and performance. I stayed on with the gym for a couple of years before media came calling me back and I took a job at FOX.

Even though I went back into media, I was still taking on clients remotely to write programming and coach them through their journey, and that’s how Lockdown Athletics started. I knew that helping busy adults create easy to follow programming customized for them was a real need, and it happened to be a passion of mine due to the health issues that my parents developed as they aged. Stress, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise were the root cause of heart-related issues for my family, and I saw plenty of these same issues with my former work peers.

What ultimately drove me to go fulltime into my business as a trainer and performance coach was my father suddenly passing away from a heart attack, and my daughter being hospitalized due to depression & anxiety. I left media and began coaching at a physical therapy clinic where I helped people transition out of physical therapy rehabilitation to return to activity and sport. The big eyeopener for me was the number of kids that were coming in with injuries from their sport. Many of which were non-contact related and were caused by overuse due to year-round competition in one sport.

I started a strength & conditioning program specifically for youth athletes because I was once just like them, often injured and not understanding why my body, lower back specifically, was betraying me as a teenager. My mission now is to help busy adults take care of their body both at home and on the road with individual custom programming that meets them where they are and to teach young athletes how to become stronger, faster, quicker, and more injury resistance through strength & movement fundamentals using a long-term athletic development model so that coaches and parents have a healthier and better-performing athlete.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Not at all! I have been taken the long way to get to this point by navigating a busy career, putting the time in to gain experience working with different populations of people, and doing it while married and raising kids. Learning how to find the right mentors, invest in the right education, and build the infrastructure of a business takes time and plenty of mistakes to learn from. I spent money on useless seminars, missed plenty of family events, and had plenty of nights with less than three-hours of sleep over the years, but seeing it grow the hard work grow into a brand while positively impacting people around me has been well worth the struggles.

We’d love to hear more about your work.
I service a couple of different populations with Lockdown Athletics. We help busy adults with nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coaching so that they can become physically stronger, leaner, and more energetic in their everyday lives. What makes what I do a bit different than others is meeting them wherever they are in their journey through different coaching protocols that include online, in-person, or hybrid (both online & in-person) delivering their customized program based on their goals.

I set it up this way because I was that busy person for almost 20-years while working in media, so I understand their challenge of “not having enough time or energy.” So many of my clients live out of a suitcase due to crazy travel schedules, so I have the ability for them to take me with them if that’s the case because of my digital delivery systems. I know how busy they are so I can speak their language and adjust their programs accordingly.

The other groups that I serve are young athletes or just young people in general that need to move more and move better. We’re living in the age of early sports specialization, so kids are gravitating toward one sport that they enjoy while at the same time schools are not emphasizing physical education. The result is having large numbers of kids not getting enough physical activity because they don’t just play outside anymore, and they aren’t climbing, crawling, jumping, pushing, or pulling because their training is sport-specific instead of moving in multiple directions.

I’m most proud of the messages I receive when a client achieves a milestone, whether it’s weight loss, running their first 5K or triathlon, scoring the game-winner, or obtaining a college scholarship in their primary sport.

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
The next plan is to work with small businesses and provide corporate wellness programming in an effort to help businesses create a healthier workplace that supports healthier employees. Healthier and happier employees are more productive employees. For the youngsters, we’re looking to work with local club teams and schools with limited resources or facilities to coach their students on movement fundamentals. It’s bigger than just sports alone, but teaching kids how to move and stabilize their bodies is how we will create a healthy and strong future generation.

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