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Meet Joshua Mesnik: Flow-State Coach

Today we’d like to introduce you to Joshua Mesnik.

Joshua, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
When people ask me “What do you do in LA?” it feels like a high-stakes jeopardy question that I am throwing my best answer at, hoping I hear a nice bell sound after I speak. I am like a cat that asks to be pet but then trots away once you approach. I love talking about my life, and I am simply tortured by the painfully pleasurable task. But since you asked… I am on a QUEST, following my highest excitement to the best of my ability, taking it as far as I can without any expectations on what the outcome may be (on a good day).

Along my quest, I have lived in the Amazon Rainforest with an indigenous community, taught inner-city high school students the beautiful power of their disruptive nature (then presented a TED talk about my experience), stumbled my way in heels through a drag show, led meditation workshops while wearing a leopard onesie, sang with a Jazz Band in a empty church, threatened the lead protagonist in a horror movie before being devoured by a mutant alien, skinny-dipped at a music festival with people who I met thirty minutes prior, taught improv to a group of lawyers in Topanga, journeyed across America with my parents in a RV, co-lead a primitive camping trip for 7-12 yr olds in Yosemite National Park and MC’d a Wedding in India. Since moving to LA 2 years ago, the stakes of my quest have raised, and it is becoming more and more exciting to watch.

My life experience is the foundation of my optimism. I have no doubt that I am always where I need to be, when I need to be there, alongside those who I need to be there with. It is from this space that I treat my life as a big improv scene where nothing is scripted.

My job is to face forward, follow the flow of my excitement, make bold choices, commit to them, support those around me, receive the support they give in return, and acknowledge the mysterious possibility that I really can’t f**k this thing up, no matter how hard I try.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
In an ocean with no surface, a dolphin in search for air will drive himself mad. In some moments, I am that dolphin, and while I swim in the ocean of my life which contains my body, my friends/family, my history, my dreams and the circumstances of my reality, I yearn to fly in a field beyond all of it.

Sometimes I literally feel claustrophobic in this ocean, and this sensation of wanting to “get out” has been a source of great frustration, depression, and pain in my life.

If you valued that metaphor, check this one out:
While on my QUEST in LA, I have a vision of a mountaintop I am journeying towards. It is still in the distance, hidden behind the trees. I am drawing my map while I walk as I discover the land and see the topography for the first time. I have only an intuitive sense of how to get to this mountain, and there is no preexisting trail to follow.

When my path takes me to a riverbed at the bottom of a deep basin, when my gut tells me to do a u-turn in the opposite direction, when I meet someone who invites me to their treehouse to stay for a while or when I am too tired to go any further, I question whether or not I am on the right path.

I question if the mountain even exists or if it is just in my imagination. I question if I should just leave the trail and go home. It is hard to be on a trail that’s never been walked, heading to a land that has never been seen, and yearning for a feeling that I have never felt. What is harder yet is knowing that many have attempted to reach this mountain, and most of them have failed.

Flow-State Coach – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
My success depends on how I respond to challenges. When I respond with focused openness, flexibility and lightheartedness, I am acting from my most empowered state, which I call Flow-State.

This tangible state of relaxed, creative confidence has enlivened me as a performer, entrepreneur, and adventurer. It is the elixir I bring to my clients as a Flow-State Coach.

What is Flow State?
First of all, it feels good. My body feels relaxed and open, my mind is fluid. The weight of time lightens, an hour can feel like 15 minutes. In this context, flow can be described as health, balance, and vitality. Another way to understand flow is by understanding how the flow is blocked.

Flowing water is blocked by a dam. When the water stops moving, it stagnates, and life struggles to thrive in the water. Flowing creativity is blocked when we hold back our expression (usually because of self-doubt). When the flow of creativity is blocked, we experience boredom.

When we are bored, our mind and body turn into a stagnant lake, and our thoughts repeat, we become frustrated, neurotic and worried. We see in this illustration that flow is an inherent quality of water, and flow is an inherent quality of our creative energy. If there is no dam, the water flows freely. If there is no self-doubt, our creative energy flows through us.

In this way, we don’t have to work to develop flow skill or force ourselves into a flow state. Instead, we simply have to allow the barriers that block flow to fall away as we allow the flow of our creativity to move through the opening we have created. My job as a coach is helping dissolve the blocks to your flow so your flowing brilliance can emerge.

I believe that flow state is accessible to anyone, and through my unique coaching program and workshops, I help clients and teams to practice and embody Flow-State, working with them to integrate this state into their current projects, health goals, creative expressions, intimate relationships, and more.

What sets me apart as a coach is that I teach from experience, and I bring in a holistic approach to helping my clients reach their specific goals.

I recently worked with a client who was preparing a keynote speech for a tech conference. My job was to help her boil down the message of her speech (leveraging Flow-State) so that it aligns with her highest vision, while also preparing her to find confidence on the stage so she can deliver her best performance.

My approach was to have her perform her speech multiple times without looking at her notes (totally improvised) so to have it be delivered in Flow-State. This way the wisdom from her creative inspiration took the wheel, and she brought forward great content, seemingly from nowhere.

I also guided her through gentle meditations to allow her to feel her own relaxed, supportive presence so she can use this as a grounding anchor when she is on stage. I guided her through simple yoga exercises to help open her chest and bring blood flow to the brain (I am a certified yoga teacher), had her do vocal warmup and training exercises, and more.

I am proud of how my work has expanded into uncharted territories as I allow the flow of expansion to guide me to new opportunities and audiences.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
Recently, I was invited to lead Improvised Flow Workshops, and DLP (Deep Loving Presence) guided meditations at an incredible event hosted by a company named “Feminine Intelligence.” I was given my own private space at the event for multiple hours, and they trusted me with free reign to take attendees through my signature experiences.

It was an incredible success as I felt the pure joy of having my highest excitement received by a group of amazing entrepreneurs and impact catalysts.


  • One-on-One “Flow Activation Session” $195 (2 hr)
  • Admittance into my 6-Week, One-on-One “Improvised Flow Training Program” $3300

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  1. Zenka

    March 1, 2019 at 07:41

    He is right, flow is the nectar of life. I have been in his meditations and was blown away by his uncanny ability to tell powerful stories and to sense the energy and flow of an entire group of people. Having him define it, helped us feel how to get into and maintain this state where creativity, learning and intuition are noticeably elevated.

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