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Meet Jose Elvira of Vossy in Long Beach

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jose Elvira.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Jose. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I started taking music seriously in 2010 as a DJ. Music wasn’t just an item or something to listen to anymore, it became a daily necessity of my everyday life. I was ten years old when I knew I wanted a career with music, I was very passionate and even at a young age, I knew there was so much for me to learn throughout the years including knowledge, experiences, and creativity. There came a point where I didn’t want to just play other’s music though, I began to do my research on how to make my own music during the summer before I started my freshman year of high school. Six years of music production and song-writing later, I’ve grown and developed my own character through music but yet, I still don’t know everything and I think that’s why I fell in love with music. The pursuit, the endless possibilities, the concept of being able to tie a certain song to a specific moment in your life makes me want to explore even more. I still have tons of learning to do and that’s what keeps me motivated everyday. Progress is a factor in music that everyone is able to notice, and I do my best to give every current, active, and new listener a good impression on every new song I make.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
It definitely hasn’t been a smooth road. Creativity can’t be taught in my opinion, I feel like you’re more creative when you go through bad experiences. I went through doubts, denial, and rejection with music. It took many self-development sessions and reflecting on what I’m doing wrong and how I can fix my issues. I was still a kid while trying to take music seriously so I was still developing as a human while developing my craft. Therefore, any bad experience I’d have growing up would definitely affect my creativity and my drive for music. Many people told me, “No.” That my “music wasn’t good enough,” or that “I wasn’t that creative,” or that I’d “need to focus on a real job rather than a hobby.” Words like that came from acquaintances, friends, and even a few family members. Jealousy, envy, and selfishness was huge on the road to becoming who I am today.

Growing up, I didn’t come from a musical background, none of my family members were heavy on music as I was, so learning how to make my own music was definitely a challenge I faced when trying to use fundamentals. I was even denied an entry at my current school’s music program because to them, “I didn’t have the same classical or jazz experience and training as the other students did.” I had to reflect on where my priorities were and who I was sharing my craft with, so it became a little nerve-wrecking when close people to me would listen to my music. My anxiety would be going through the roof because of how nervous I’d be. My confidence was never all the way there until I realized who I was becoming, and I struggled with my confidence because of the negative responses I’d receive growing up. With the continuous support of my loved ones, they’ve helped me learn to adapt to the negativity and use it as a stepping stone to showcase exactly what I’m able to do with music.

Can you give our readers some background on your music?
I am a music producer, songwriter, artist, audio engineer, and most of all, a creative. I produce my own music for all of my songs and I do all of the songwriting, recording, and mixing. I’ve learned to record with different microphones, tones, and environments to help shape a certain sound that I’m trying to achieve. My main priority with music is being able to connect with the listener, make them feel like I’m telling them a one-on-one story. Through lyrics, chords, and harmony, I’m able to give the listener an experience they wouldn’t expect. I want people to be able to listen to my music and understand the passion I have. The genuine appreciation I have for music is endless and I want to be able to share that same experience with my listeners. Music is therapeutic for whatever mood you may be in, and I specialize in being creative and consistent with every release. I do my best to stand out from others through sound-selection, rhythms, and lyricism. I admire conceptual music and I’m able to showcase that to my listeners. Everyday I do my best to grow from the last song I made, the moment I finish a new song, my job is to top that and give the listener brand new and exciting content to listen to.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
The proudest moment of my career so far has been seeing the response and growth after releasing my debut album, “Selfish.” Growing up with music, I never really saw big results from my releases. I’d even be excited when I’d reach more than 20 plays on SoundCloud. The fan base was never really all the way there a few years back, but when I released my album on all streaming services, the audience grew in such a great amount. I still think about that night to this day. I think about how happy I was reading all of the feedback and responses I’d be getting from people. The endless love I was receiving that night was inspiring. There were people who I’ve never even had a conversation with before sending me messages to congratulate me. There were messages saying that they found my album because someone else told them about it.

The album was spreading like crazy and I fell in love with that feeling, seeing everyone react so genuine to my music. An album that I had worked so hard on, an album where I was extremely vulnerable and put myself out there to the world, it all paid off. The responses made everything worth it, every bad moment I had with music growing up was worth it, every connection and friend I lost was worth it, every night I couldn’t sleep because I was overthinking every detail was worth it. That night of my release date made everything worth it, and it inspired me to keep working my absolute hardest to show everyone that I have so much more music for them.

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